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Reaching Potential: fighting Radicalisation

ACAA aims to enhance its Saturday supplementary school which assists pupils with limited access to educational support and refugee backgrounds to improve their self-esteem and capacity to contribute in UK society, providing them with an understanding of their identity and preventing radicalisation

September 2016 - September 2017

Charity information: Afghanistan & Central Asian Association

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  • Need


    Having a high number of Afghan or Central Asian children in Lewisham’ local schools, a recent assessment by the Lewisham Refugee and Migrant Network revealed that over 50% of respondents expressed interest in supplementary education. Schools also revealed the need for Pashto or Farsi programs to help with communication with families, which the supplementary school aims to facilitate. Nevertheless, our current resources do not allow us to fully engage with these children and their families.


    Our Saturday supplementary school program assists pupils with limited access to educational support at home due to the families' low level of literacy and/or the inability to read or write English, with significant advances from the start to the end of the course, contributing to improvements in self-esteem and capacity to contribute in UK society. Our project aims to guarantee and enhance a sustainable environment in order to deliver a positive and successful service to the community.

  • Aims

    Aim 1

    Providing support, teaching on core academic subjects and language classes in Farsi/Dari/Pashto


    » Supplementary school service run by volunteer teachers that ACAA provide in the local community since 2001

    What success will look like

    Evaluative sessions will be conducted after classes to monitor learning progress, enhance the impact of sessions and deepen the engagement of children

    Aim 2

    Increasing pupils’ confidence, academic aspirations, attitude and improve attendance at school


    » Working closely and collaborating with parents and teachers from state schools in order to provide total support for pupils

    What success will look like

    Monitor pupils performance periodically by six key indicators identified with teachers (Reading, Conversation, Writing, Numeracy, Confidence and Social Skills)

    Aim 3

    Lead to more effective and productive classroom engagement between teachers and pupils


    » Strengthening teachers’ awareness of the complex issues affecting children from refugee backgrounds

    What success will look like

    Monitor pupils performance periodically by six key indicators identified with teachers (Reading, Conversation, Writing, Numeracy, Confidence and Social Skills)

    Aim 4

    Increase integration into British society, promoting anti-radicalisation, reduce isolation


    » Providing children with a better understanding and knowledge of their identity and heritage
    » Contributing to improvements in self-esteem in a familiar environment

    What success will look like

    Children and families can access the services they need, reducing isolation, and are involved in a wider range of activities, helping them to integrate into the new society

  • Impact


    To empower individuals through educational activities, mentoring and developing vital life skills, to advance the quality of life of all within the community, overcome poverty by bringing different communities together, reducing social isolation and helping all to become confident, successful and proud UK citizens. We will demonstrate this by independent yearly evaluations of pupils, maintaining relationships with them and through continue engagement with members of their community.


    The growing success of our supplementary school program demonstrates that the service is positive and desired from the target community. With an average of 60-70 children per week, which is increasing every year, the risk is that our resources will not allow us to guarantee a sustainable environment in order to continue delivering a successful and positive service. So far we have dealt with this risk thanks to the commitment and dedication of our volunteers and teachers.


    We report to donors and all ACAA stakeholders through our monthly newsletter (which include all the projects of the organization and their progresses) and through our yearly specific evaluation.

  • Budget

    Budget - Project Cost: £10,350

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      Amount Heading Description
      £2,000 Teaching expenses £25 x 40 sessions x 2 teachers
      £3,200 Coordinator £10 x 8 hours per week x 40 weeks
      £1,000 Volunteer expenses £5 per session x 40 sessions x 5 volunteers
      £3,600 Hire of Rooms 2 rooms x £45 per session x 40 weeks
      £550 Other materials and activities Refreshments, CDs, DVDs, flashcards
  • Background


    Lewisham is one of the most deprived boroughs in London. In the recent English Indices of Deprivation (2015) conducted by the Department for Communities and Local Government it was ranked as the 19th local authority district with the highest proportions of children and older people in income deprivation. From mid 2013 to mid 2014 3,234 refugees, asylum seekers and migrants claimed indefinite leave to remain in Lewisham, up by 74% from the previous year, and the flow of refugee is set to increase


    According to our last Evaluation Report (Winter 2016), in the 3 years under review the charity has 178 children on record as having enrolled for the supplementary school, although as registration is not compulsory, the real number of users is higher. Our beneficiaries are on average 60-70 children each week, throughout the whole year, aged 4 to 18. Male to Female ratio is exactly 1:1, and 13 nationalities were given, primarily Afghan (47%), followed by British and Tajik (15%), and Pakistani (9%)

  • Why Us?

    Why Us?

    ACAA has a long standing tradition of promoting community cohesion, in Lewisham and surroundings, and there are no other organisations able to give the one-to-one services that children with refugees backgrounds from Afghanistan and neighbouring countries need in Farsi/Dari/Pashto. Over the last three years, children from 48 different schools attended our supplementary school on Saturdays, coming not also from the Lewisham area but also as far away as Croydon and Ilford.

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    Dr. Nooralhaq Nasimi

    Dr. Nasimi is the Founder and Director of the organization, inspired by his own experience as a refugee and the difficulties he faced in integrating.