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Cheerios! will ensure that all children have access to a healthy and satisfying breakfast. No child should have to learn in the company of a grumbling engine. We aim to fuel little motors so that they content,relaxed and able to learn.

April 2017 - April 2018

Charity information: Talmud Torah Torah Veyirah D'satmar London Limited

Talmud Torah Torah Veyirah D'satmar London Limited
  • Need


    Child poverty adversely affects 58.4% of Hackney`s children.Lack of sufficient healthy food is a prevalent problem affecting many of our users. Aside for effecting children`s wellbeing it influence their academic, social and behaviour output in school.
    The Learning Trust revealed that over 40% of Hackney`s children are eligible for free school meals.The problem however is that these children arrive to school hungry-w/o adequate meal, and can`t focus obediently,never mind learn until lunch time.


    We will offer a breakfast club during school term and school holidays for students at the school and all children in the area. In this respect ALL children will have access to breakfast EVERY day regardless of poverty or school/community affiliation.

    We will serve a full nutritious breakfast incorporating all nutrients required for a balance diet. We will serve bread, cereals(cheerios!)spreads, tuna, egg, fruit &veg, and milk. We also focus on whole foods and foods rich in fibre as brain-food.

  • Aims

    Aim 1

    Every child should have access to a nutritious breakfast together with their families regardless.


    » Daily breakfast club for families during school term national holidays for 300 people.

    What success will look like

    Regular attendance and no left overs will show us that children are benefitting from consistent meals. We will interview parents & teachers,kids about improvements they identify .

  • Impact


    Children will enjoy increased levels of health and wellbeing. Less susceptibility to illness: Links have been found between
    eating breakfast and reducing both mortality and susceptibility to physical illness, including the common cold. Our school nurse will meet with each child and report improvements.
    Breakfast helps improve mental performance and concentration during morning activities. Particularly in areas of mathematical and creative learning. Teachers/parent and children`s survey .


    To mitigate health and safety risks we are training all staff and volunteers. We have also taken precautionary measures when dealing with sharp knives, hot and heavy tools, hygiene and storing of foods.
    Another risk, since we are open to all people we can not know exactly how much to prepare daily. First we sent application forms to all people who qualify our for our support.We recorded this information and will experiment amount; we will keep spare bread and non perishables available in case.


    We will update all donors via letter and social media.
    We are open to reporting to donors in any mean of their choice.

  • Budget

    Budget - Project Cost: £95,000

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      Amount Heading Description
      £8,000 Serving supplies Cutlery, plates,cups chopping boards, bowls peelers...
      £13,000 Project Manager Co-ordinating project,onsite supervision, recruitment of volunteers
      £10,800 Kitchen Chief 2 hours daily at £15 per hour*360 days
      £49,200 Food Daily supplies of Bread, cerals, fruit, veg, tuna, egg, milk for 220-300 users daily
      £14,000 cooking/storing equipment Large fridge and freezer, mixer, toaster,oven, cabinet and other equipment
  • Background


    Obesity in Hackney is over proportionally represented. Over 41% of year 6 pupils Hackney schools were overweight or obese.79% of these kids do not eat breakfast(Profile of Hackney)Childhood obesity is a national health emergency but one that is more pressing in Hackney than any other part of the country. (Hackney child obesity report (HCOR). Health professional's have linked this to Hackneys socio-economic state, where 58.5% of children are affected by severe child poverty. (Meyhew Hackney)


    Our project beneficiaries are nursery and primary school children and their parents in hackney with a priority for those who are eligible for free school meals due to financial deprivation and those overweight and obese.

  • Why Us?

    Why Us?

    Talmud Torah is closely linked and located
    in a school centrally located and close to 6 other schools. It has agreed to allow us to use their premises as many of their students benefit from our work. Moreover we have easy access volunteers-sixth form students who are eager to come to school 45min early to help prepare, serve and smile.

    Additionally we have great expertise in delivering breakfast clubs; for 5 years we served the needs of students at the school and feel confident to expand.

    Read more about the Charity running this project.


    Mrs T Sclesinger

    A dietician volunteering her services free at our breakfast club. She will evaluate children consistently, advise which foods to be prepared and how.