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Project information

Promoting Kenyan youth engagement in agribusiness

The project will pilot a Youth Innovation Hub (YIH), a youth- led platform aimed at providing sustainable business and employment opportunities for young people in rural Nandi Hills, Kenya; thus keeping rural youth engaged and empowered within rural agricultural communities

January 2017 - December 2017

Charity information: Cafedirect Producers' Foundation

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  • Need


    75% of all Kenyans are involved in some form of agriculture, therefore sustainable production is vital to their livelihood. However farmers are constrained by productivity growth, limited access to markets and climate changes, limiting their livelihood. For smallholder farmers to improve productivity, it is vital for them to incorporate technological and innovative practices to agriculture, however many smallholder farmers are ageing and are uninterested in adopting new technical innovation.


    Young people possess the technical skills and entrepreneurial spirit critical to the agricultural sector’s future. The Youth Innovation Hub aims to utilise local youth’s innovative thinking and technology abilities to find innovative solutions to smallholder farming. Once trained, the Hub will provide job opportunities to set the youth as experts where local farmers and will refer to them for assistance on their farm activities and also support youth groups in setting up agriculture enterprises.

  • Aims

    Aim 1

    Business Development:Equip youth with knowledge in entrepreneurship, environment & data collection.


    » Provide courses in entrepreneurship and environment and data collection
    » Facilitate knowledge sharing among youth farmers and established farmers
    » Supporting *50 young groups with start- up loans to start up agribusiness *(Min. of 40 youths per group supported financially by each youth group)
    » Have a team of young farmers providing consulting services on good agricultural practices

    What success will look like

    Increased job security for 2000 rural youth in Nandi Hills involved with YIH, and for the young people offered consulting opportunities to support local farmers and cooperatives.

    Aim 2

    Market Access: Promote trade and productivity by linking youth in rural areas with urban areas


    » Support youth farmers with producing goods for economies of scale
    » Identify agriculture opportunities in which young farmers can create rural - urban linkage for their produce
    » Provide support in transaction management i.e record keeping, cash management

    What success will look like

    Productivity increased by promoting new markets opportunities and production of good at economies of scale

    Aim 3

    Promoting Farmer innovation: Support the use of technology to promote youth innovations


    » Mobilise teams to track and document innovations among farmers within Nandi Area
    » Share key innovation with local and regional farmers
    » Support in the adoption of innovative solutions by local and youth farmers
    » Monitor and evaluate the innovation and the impact on productivity

    What success will look like

    Hub involved in researching over 6000 innovative solutions and sharing them with farmers with the aim to increase food security, climate change resilience, and decrease hunger.

    Aim 4

    Farmer-led data collection:Test new data collection methods using youth-led systems to generate data


    » Youth involved in collecting data on innovation and challenges faced by farmers
    » Trained youths are tasked with training local farmers in data collection

    What success will look like

    Useful innovations are found to help solve current challenges. Youth farmer are offered consulting opportunities to support locals with data collecting tasks

    Aim 5

    Sharing: Facilitate knowledge sharing opportunity among farmers on agriculture challenges &solutions


    » Facilitate a forum where to share new knowledge, ideas and innovations with peers.
    » Facilitate an innovation marketplace promoting key innovations to farmers

    What success will look like

    Local youth are empowered to be leaders in agriculture as they engage in solving challenges and implementing innovative solutions for agriculture practices in Nandi Hills

  • Impact


    The YIH will seek revenue generating capabilities through training youth as experts and offering consulting services to local ,regional farmers and producer organizations. We anticipate for the pilot project to run for a period of year with the intention to scale the model as a revenue generating enterprise across Africa and Latin America. Once at scale, YIHs will invest and empower young people in agriculture - an industry that has been identified as key to lifting billions out of poverty.


    Risk :Lack of interest from rural youths- We have held consultations over the past several year with farmers in the region, and we have a key understanding of farmers needs and priorities
    Risk : Youth not considered important to farming - YIH supported by a key Cooperative in Nandi County
    Risk:local farmers lack resources to trial innovation found - this will be tackled by offering micro-grants where possible or supporting partnership with other farmers, either young or established


    Donors will receive an expenditure report and impact report detailing the progress of the project on a 6 months basis.

  • Budget

    Budget - Project Cost: £30,000

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      Amount Heading Description
      £2,000 Project Activities Cost of regional/ local project planning meetings and trial of YIH business activities
      £2,000 Project Activities Coordination of local and regional outreach programme
      £5,000 Project Activities Setting up the demonstration farms with farming equipment, seed financing to support young farmers t
      £4,000 Project Activities Youth training opportunities including data collection, micro-enterprise development training, and
      £5,000 Project Activities Access to technology equipment i.e. laptops, internet modems and internet airtime and cost of market
      £5,000 Core cost Leasing of office space in which to hold the YIH& Cost towards 2local youth coordinating activities
      £3,000 Project Activities Supporting 50 youth groups in agribusiness with start-up loans
      £4,000 Operational cost Overseas & domestic support of YIH management and financial management of project budget
  • Background


    The project will be located in rural part of Kenya called Nandi Hills in Nandi County, Kenya. Nandi County is a poor rural area with a poverty rate of 47.4 %. Nandi Hills is a tea rich area with a population of 752,965 , of which many are involved in tea production. Although Nandi Hills is a tea rich area, young people are often not involved in farming practises, and as such youth unemployment is high coupled with the fact that only 10% of inhabitants of Nandi County hold secondary education


    Youth - The project will support local youth by training them to be innovative farmers and entrepreneurs, giving them the opportunities to increase their economic opportunities and livelihood.
    Smallholder farming communities - The project will support both young and established farmers exchange knowledge on agricultural practises, innovative solutions to current challenges such as climate change

  • Why Us?

    Why Us?

    We work with ~280,000 smallholder producers across 12 countries in Africa and Latin America, where we work with them in finding innovative solutions to current challenges. Our core programming focuses on improving livelihoods through supporting micro-enterprise, climate change adaptation and mitigation interventions and product yield. Through our work with farming communities we have identified a need to involve young people in agriculture and in solving challenges faced by smallholder farmers.

    Read more about the Charity running this project.


    Claire Rhodes

    General Manager -She has over 15 years experience supporting community-led initiatives to jointly achieve biodiversity and livelihood goals.

    Sylvia Ng'eno

    Africa Programme Manager- She works with producer partners in Africa to manage and deliver programmes that change livelihoods sustainably

    Sam Webb

    Fundraising and Communication Manager- He has over 5 years experience in training and community-led development interventions.

    Valerie Anemba

    Africa Programme Assistant-She works closely with the Africa programme manager, African producer partners to deliver,sustain and monitor programmes