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City Deal Advocacy Fund

Greater Cambridge City Deal is a unique opportunity to secure £1 billion in investment for Cambridge. A key focus for this investment is transport. We are advocating for cycling to benefit from this opportunity to increase rates of active travel and improve safety in the UK’s leading cycling city.

November 2016 - November 2017

Charity information: Camcycle (Cambridge Cycling Campaign)

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  • Need


    Cycling can play a key role in healthy lifestyles, well-being & family life across UK. Cycling infrastructure that makes it safe for people of all ages and abilities to cycle is critical to increase the number of people who chose active travel for leisure or regular travel to school and work.

    The City Deal is a once in a generation opportunity to secure investment in cycling infrastructure. This opportunity will increase the workload of our charity and we need to increase our capacity.


    With increased capacity we can maximize the benefit of the City Deal by advocating for proposals and implementations that provide world-class infrastructure that will increase rates and benefits of cycling in Greater Cambridge.
    We will:
    > Increase employee time dedicated to advocacy, communications and policy development
    > Develop design guides and policies to influence proposals
    > Produce, distribute materials to residents and stakeholders to inform of City Deal impacts and opportunities

  • Aims

    Aim 1

    City Deal cycling projects that meet world-class cycling infrastructure standards


    » Liaise with the City Deal representatives and attend public meetings to advocate for cycling and guide early stages of project design
    » Work with stakeholder groups to make the case for cycling and increase understanding of required standards for safe cycling infrastructure

    At end of City Deal first tranche increased miles of cycling infrastructure of standard comparable to world-class. Increased rates of cycling on these routes.

    Aim 2

    Publish aspirational design guide to guide City Deal projects in Cambridge context


    » Development of our publication “Making Space for Cycling” to specifically fit the Cambridge context
    » Development of key policies and designs to show how world-class infrastructure can be included on key City Deal routes

    At end of City Deal first tranche increased miles of cycling infrastructure utilising world-class designs as recommended. Increased rates of cycling on these routes.

    Aim 3

    Inform community of City Deal projects and impacts on cycling to encourage involvement in process


    » Increase distribution of our newsletter to community centres, schools and businesses
    » Produce additional communications materials to share with members, supporters and community
    » Increase membership of our Charity and get more people actively involved in the City Deal process
    » Introduce additional mailing lists for various stakeholder groups such as local councillors and businesses

    More people involved in the City Deal process and making the case for cycling infrastructure resulting in increased miles and quality of implementation.

  • Impact


    More quality cycling infrastructure and increased rates of cycling which will reduce congestion, improve air quality, improve well-being, encourage healthy lifestyles through active travel.

    We will see more people cycling, more often and see that more ‘vulnerable’ people and children have taken up cycling. More families will choose cycling as a safe and social activity to do together.

    Local authority analysis, census, workplace, school travel surveys will reveal increase in cycling.


    There is a risk that City Deal funding will be cut or reduced.

    If this should happen we would direct the funds to other investment streams and infrastructure projects to ensure that improvements to cycling infrastructure continue to be made.


    Donors will be added to our weekly updates to keep informed of our activities. They will also be sent our bimonthly newsletter and can attend our monthly meetings. As part of our annual report we will produce an in-depth report about this project which will report on our activities and progress.

  • Budget

    Budget - Project Cost: £5,000

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      Amount Heading Description
      £2,500 Employee costs Dedicated time for City Deal activities
      £1,000 Communications Printing, distribution and minimal professional design work
      £1,500 Design Guide Printing and professional assistance
  • Background


    The Greater Cambridge City covers the combined local authority areas of Cambridge City Council, Cambridgeshire County Council and South Cambridgeshire District Council. Our charity is based in Cambridge City and focuses on the area in and around Cambridge.

    Cambridge is the Cycling Capital of the UK where 30% of people cycle to work every day. Cycling is very much a part of the Cambridge culture, however the infrastructure to support these high rates of cycling is still very much lacking.


    The 50% of Cambridge residents who cycle will benefit from a safer environment.

    Those who do not yet cycle or who may never cycle will benefit from reduction in congestion, improvements to air quality and improvements to health of their local community. Employers will benefit from more productive employees.

    A recent study by the Centre for Diet and Activity Research has shown that the new Cambridge Busway cycleway led to significant increases in cycling and physical activity.

  • Why Us?

    Why Us?

    Camcycle represents 1,200 individuals through our paid memberships. We are the only cycling charity focused solely on the Cambridge (and beyond) region and we are well known and respected for our knowledge and expertise on cycling and transport issues. We have been advocating and advising for 20 years, and we have access to wide variety of skills, experience and contacts built up over that time.

    Read more about the Charity running this project.


    Roxanne De Beaux (Officer)

    Roxanne is responsible for facilitating activities of our volunteers. She will manage this project and draw on her management consulting experience.

    Robin Heydon (Trustee - Chair)

    Robin one of the authors for Making Space for Cycling, Chair of Camcycle, also Chair of CycleNation, and regular columnist for a local newspaper.

    Martin Lucas-Smith (Trustee)

    Martin is a trustee of Camcycle, co-author of Making Space for Cycling and developer behind Cyclestreets and Cyclescape.