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Raising the Roof - Housing Street Children

We are building a permanent rehabilitation centre for Rwanda's homeless street children and youth. We want to be able to help more of this vulnerable population through housing, access to education, providing larger drop-ins and working in the communities by completing the purpose built centre.

The length of the project is funding dependant, but we have already completed the annex buildings as well as the foundations, first and second floors of the main building.

Charity information: Ubaka U Rwanda

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  • Need


    Our charity works exclusively with street children and vulnerable youth in Rwanda. The most obvious need of street children is a safe & loving place to live in, with their fundamental needs of emotional support, health, nutritional food & education met. We provide this alongside family services, substance abuse support and general guidance. The house will enable us to expand the work we already do, and increase our preventative capacity by working with at-risk children in the community.


    One of our largest annual costs is rent, so building this home will increase our sustainability and will provide those we help with better support and quality of life in a purpose built environment. It will also expand our work as we can provide drop-ins for larger numbers of the local street children, vital for keeping them safe and beginning the process of reintegration back into society. More space means we can also expand our important preventive work in the local at-risk community.

  • Aims

    Aim 1

    To build the roof for the building project.


    » Raise the required amount of funding

    We will provide photos of the completed roof, as well as documentation in the form of full reports and receipts to independent auditors, major donors and trustees.

  • Impact


    The most long term change is happy, healthy, fully rehabilitated former street children being active participants of the local community, in full-time gainful employment as a result of access to higher education that we have provided. That they will be able to fully take care of themselves and never have to return to homelessness, like those who have already graduated from our program.


    The risk regarding the build would be to not secure enough funding. We have minimalised the risk by having a clear, staged building project. We do not commence the next part until funding for completion of that stage has been secured, it also gives donors confidence to see the work already completed & to have clear funding goals.


    We maintain a presence on social media for most frequent updating but we also send out email newsletters and communicate with donors directly via email and skype. This includes reports, bank statements, receipts and photographs of the work.

  • Budget

    Budget - Project Cost: £8,275

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      Amount Heading Description
      £528 Metal rods 60 by 60 Larger metal rods for building of roof
      £2,083 Metal rods 40 by 40 metal rods for building of roof
      £667 Metal rods 30 by 30 metal rods for building of roof
      £152 basic Building Materials Roof tiling nails, mastique, sand paper, soldering metal and metal blades
      £400 Guttering Guttering materials
      £3,178 Roof Tiles Roof tiles
      £156 Roof Edges Special tiles for the edges of roof
      £1,111 Labour Costs Total cost of hired workers
  • Background


    Geographical location - Nyamirambo in Kigali, Rwanda. Nyamirambo is considered a 'trouble-spot' locally as the poorest area of the city and with higher rates of crime, high numbers of street children, prostitution and substance abuse. Nyamirambo translates as 'place of death' in the local language. However we believe it is vital to be located in the same place as the people we are helping, and that communities can only see real transformation from within them.


    Primarily the local street children, but also their families after reconciliation has occurred (where possible). The local community and police benefit as they no longer have to deal with the crime, anti-social behaviour and substance abuse that comes with most street children but instead have positive members of the community contributing to the benefit of society. Those at-risk of ending up on the streets also benefit from our community outreach work, hopeful prevented from street life.

  • Why Us?

    Why Us?

    The charity was established from a local outreach project started by a local former street child. His personal experiences places him in a unique position to help the children through the rehabilitation process. His wife is a British qualified psychologist & the two of them live with the children 24/7. This provides the youth with the stability and constant care they require for successful transformation back into society. Ubaka has helped 22 YPs to live independently & enter the world of work.

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    Evode Usabyamahoro

    Centre Manager and President of local NGO. He oversees the day to day running of the centre including finances.

    Rebecca Usabyamahoro

    Assists in the day to day running, provides educational support and maintains contact/admin for UK and US registered charities.


Will buy the basic building materials for the roof

My dream is to build a home where all street children and young people are welcome and can feel good about themselves. Where they can be loved and get food, clothes, wash, study and learn they are important.

Evode, former street youth, charity co-founder and Centre Manager