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Project information

Bikes for Mombasa: Wheels Helping Street Children

This project will help Re~Cycle source, collect, quality check and then pack 500 quality bikes destined for our project partners Glad's House, in Mombasa, Kenya. This project will get affordable good quality bikes into Mombasa and raise funds, from bikes sales, for the care of street children.

February 2017 - February 2018

Charity information: Re~Cycle

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  • Need


    A bicycle radically reduces the time spent walking to school and work, and transporting goods. It also enables people to travel further in search of trade and employment. The number of children and young people living on the streets of Mombasa is unknown and estimates vary hugely but it is certainly in the thousands. The ‘street’ is where these children live their lives: hustling, sleeping, working, and eating. They lose their chance of childhood the minute they arrive on the street.


    We want to provide a shipment of bikes and spare parts to our partners, Glad’s House. These will be sourced from across the UK. We want to fund Re~Cycle’s costs to source, collect, store and provide 500 bikes. The bikes will be sold at the Glad’s House bike enterprise and the income will support the costs of helping nearly 2,000 vulnerable children and young people. The project also offers locals in Mombasa access to affordable bikes

  • Aims

    Aim 1

    Make affordable and sustainable transport available in Magongo, Mombasa


    » Source, collect, quality check and pack about 500 bikes and spare parts in a shipping container rady for transit to Kenya

    What success will look like

    Successful shipping of a container of bikes and spare parts. We will ask Glad's House for feebdack on the quality of the bikes we send and their suitability for the local market

    Aim 2

    Support the Glad’s House bike social enterprise by providing them with bikes for free


    » Re~Cycle will provide these bikes for free to our partners Glad's House.

    What success will look like

    We will ask Glad's House how well the bikes sold

    Aim 3

    Support the Glad’s House team to generate an income from bikes sales


    » We will work with Glad's House to understand how the bikes sales income has been spent to help the children and young people supported by the team

    What success will look like

    We will ask what the income from bikes sales achieved: i.e. paying for foster care support costs or the provision of hot meals for the children

  • Impact


    Ultimately this project helps thousands of people save money, time and energy through bike ownership. It will also support a thriving bike enterprise, helping it grow to not only generate an income to help Glad's House pay for the care they give the children but also to provide an ongoing community bike resource. This is somewhere many locals buy a good bike and somewhere for people to get their bikes repaired - helping to keep the local community cycling.


    Problems with exporting bikes - problems at the port. We have already been working to ensure smooth importation to Kenya and we feel we have everything in place to make this work


    We will provide updates on when the bikes have arrived and after. We will provide case studies of new bike owers. We will also provide detail about the services and support provided by Glad's House for the children and young people they help, as a result of the bikes

  • Budget

    Budget - Project Cost: £15,040

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      Amount Heading Description
      £9,862 Staff All of our staff costs in the UK
      £2,219 Project support Project support costs: collection of spare parts & bikes; workshops tools and consumables
      £1,328 Premises Rent and repairs
      £1,631 Admin Accountancy, stationary
  • Background


    Re~Cycle is based in Colchester in the UK and the bikes we collect come from all over the UK. Glad’s House is based in Magongo, a sprawling fringe community in the Changamwe district of Mombasa. Magongo has a lack of sanitation and other infrastructure and is a poor community. However the street connected children that Glad's House help and the bike purchasers travel from across Mombasa


    Street children and young people will benefit from the wide range of services that Glad’s House provides to support them, some of which is funded by the income from their bike sales.

    Our bikes are bought and used by a variety of people although most often they are youths and young adults commuting to work.

  • Why Us?

    Why Us?

    Re~Cycle has been sending bikes to Africa since 1997 and in 2016 we will have seen our 80,000th be rescued for a new life in Africa. So far we’ve reached nearly half a million people.

    We’ve learnt a lot about which bikes work well and serve communities best. We also train mechanics so that our project partners grow local repairs resources meaning that the bikes we send will last as long as possible. We also send spare parts and tailor each shipment to the needs of our partners.

    Read more about the Charity running this project.


    Jason Finch

    He is Re~Cycle's African Programmes Manager and will ensure the bikes are well used. He will visit the project and co-ordinate gathering of stories

    Derek Balcombe

    Derek will soure and collect the bikes and spare parts as well as arrange their transit

    Vicky Ferguson

    Vicky is the CEO at Glad's House and she will ensure the bikes are sold at the project and that they income is used wisely