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Primary Healthcare Clinic, Mbale District Uganda

To create community-based primary healthcare services incl maternity, child health, disease prevention + treatment. It builds on the Village Health Team (VHT) program of 250 members who promote health + wellbeing, each member engaging directly with 10-15 households. The program is in its 5th year.

February 2017 - June 2017

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  • Need


    The 30,000 population of Bukasakya sub-county has no easily accessible primary healthcare services at present. It is an area of largely settled refugees, and suffers from great poverty, poor nutrition, limited education and medical knowledge. Serious cases are treated at the overstretched Mbale Regional Hospital officially serving over 2.7m people; because of the lack of alternative facilities in the region unofficial informed estimates of the catchment population range from 4m – 6m.


    Working with the local health authority, the Clinic will provide vitally needed medical help in the area and reduce the pressure on the main hospital The well-established VHTs who represent a broad cross-section of age, gender, tribe and religion will support and promote the Clinic. Its promotion, coming from members of the community will ensure that any misunderstandings or cultural concerns can be addressed sensitively. It will make trained medical professionals accessible to the people.

  • Aims

    Aim 1

    To construct a medical clinic and address specific medical needs in a community


    » • Design and equip a medical clinic to provide a service appropriate to the population
    » • Reduce child mortality (Millennium Development Goal 4)
    » • Improve maternal care (MDG 5) and combat HIV/AIDS, malaria and other diseases (MDG 6)
    » • Provide paid employment for some VHT members

    What success will look like

    Construction and availability of the Clinic; # of people assisted/treated; continual monitoring of medical statistics in the community in accordance with government guidelines

    Aim 2

    To educate the community in the knowledge of good health care


    » • Promote the Clinic and good health care through our well-established VHTs
    » • Be the hub for VHTs enabling them to pool ideas and information and share experience
    » • Provide VHTs with clinical guidance and leadership from attending physicians, nurses and midwives
    » • Ensure the right messages are given about the Clinic by consulting with our VHTs

    What success will look like

    Records will be maintained at the clinic of literature and education given; our VHT’s will monitor impact in the villages

  • Impact


    The long term changes will be many as the Clinic will provide medical care to a community which currently has no provision. It will reduce the strain on the overstretched main hospital. It will reduce infant mortality, combat HIV/AIDS, malaria, cholera and other diseases and improve maternal care to ensure that pregnant women receive both ante and post natal care to reduce both mother and baby mortality in the area. We shall monitor carefully relevant statistics on the impact of the clinic.


    1) Insufficient funds/ cost over-runs: we will construct in phases monitored by our Uganda Executive Director
    2) Slippage in project timescales (delays in materials, adverse weather): Allow contingency in project plan.
    3) Clinic overwhelmed with demand: institute best practice in triage + outpatient management
    4) Lack of trained staff + medication: MOU to be signed with District Health Authority to provide staff in line with national policy


    Donors will receive regular email updates reports covering progress on the construction of the Clinic as well as ongoing reports once it opens in order to demonstrate the vital role it is playing for the local community and to keep our donors engaged with its progress.

  • Budget

    Budget - Project Cost: £10,000

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      Amount Heading Description
      £1,000 Foundations Building the foundation base for the building
      £4,800 Building Construction of the clinic building
      £2,500 Internal fittings power, plumbing and painting
      £1,700 Labour Wages to construction workers

    Current Funding / Pledges

    Source Amount
    Andrew Mayo £1,250 Guaranteed
    Caroline Swanson £1,250 Guaranteed
  • Background


    We work in the slum and rural communities of Bukasakya sub county, Mbale, Eastern Uganda. The area suffers from high mortality, no meaningful primary healthcare provision, lack of clean water and little opportunity for employment. Many families have been ravaged by war, malaria, and HIV/AIDS and have escaped from conflicts to settle in marginal land outside the town with limited access to public services.


    The entire population of the Bukasakya sub-county of ca. 30,000, especially women and children through the project focus on community-driven health awareness, sexual health, antenatal care, delivery, Mother/Child HIV transmission prevention and treatment, vaccination, and prevention and treatment of tropical diseases such as malaria, cholera and diarrhoea which disproportionally affect children and women.

  • Why Us?

    Why Us?

    Spotlight was recognised as an implementing partner in a UN sponsored report on VHTs in Uganda dated March 2015. We have 10 years’ experience of development work with the Bukasakya sub-county in Mbale District. We have very strong links with the community leaders, government officers and other NGOs in the area. We have been running a highly successful integrated programme - through providing primary education, clean water boreholes, economic development projects, and our VHT program.

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    Andrew Mayo

    Chairman of HSoA, and a Director of Spotlight on Africa Uganda Foundation. he will oversee the expenduiture of funds

    Dr Peter Olupot-Olupot, MB.Ch.B, MPH, PhD

    Head of Paediatrics at Mbale Regional Hospital; Assistant Dean, Busitema University Faculty of Health Sciences - will advise on technical matters

    Richard Okotel, Executive Director Of Spotlight On Arica, Uganda

    Project management on the ground

    Dr Wonyai, Mbale District Health Officer

    Provide Government Partnership with Spotlight on the project