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Teens Triumphs

To engage developmentally delayed, special needs,and vulnerable young adults ages 14-30 in fun and skills building after school club which focuses on empowering users to live independent and equal lives; whilst simultaneously providing respite to their families.

March 2017 - March 2018

Charity information: Ability North London

Ability North London
  • Need


    There are 35,709 disabled people in Hackney (Shared Evidence Base 2016), considering this and the fact that


    Teens Triumphs aims to service people struggling with multiple disabilities;Regardless of users` challenges they have equal chances for social & domestic independence.
    Our after school club will unite disabled adolescents and caring volunteers of similar ages. Users will have a chance to build relationships and volunteers will model appropriate etiquette.
    Our fun activities are orientated to teach life & work skills e.g cookery, typing,nutrition,hygiene ...
    Families enjoy peaceful supper-time.

  • Aims

    Aim 1

    To provide recreation and respite for disabled young adults and for their families.


    » We take special needs adolescents and siblings on exciting Sunday trips to zoos,aquariums,beaches and amusement parks.
    » To provide 2 hours of stimulating activity, sports and supper daily to 46 vulnerable adults and teens.
    » Beacons of light: support groups and evenings out for parents and carers of special needs teenagers and adults.

    What success will look like

    We will take disabled users and their families on fun trips. Group photos and user surveys will evidence the fun and respite participants will enjoy.

    Aim 2

    To empower disabled adults to master life and work skills so that they live independent lives.


    » Achieving Chefs;Food preparation & culinary course.Participants learn to prepare basic meals such as cooking pasta and chopping salads independently.
    » Seeds and Sprouts; Summer gardening course and winter fruit and vegetable course for learning disabled
    » Office helps;Typing and functional ICT course for learning disabled adults.

    What success will look like

    Users will master shopping, cooking and cleaning, gardening,typing skills at our cookery class-therapist,parents and users will report.Exhibition of users products will evidence.

    Aim 3

    To provide nutritious suppers for learning disabled users from low income families.


    » At Teens triumphs users are empowered to prepare their own meals at our cookery class, they learn about hygiene, safety & nutrition.

    What success will look like

    We will provide nutritious meals; its effects on users health will be monitored by our nurse and nutritionist. Users will draw picture of what they ate each supper and rate it.

  • Impact


    Teens triumph will eternally impact users in a number of ways;

    Firstly, participants will acquire life,domestic and work skills such as shopping, cooking, budgeting and communication. This will empower them to live independent lives domestically in addition to provide them with skills, work placements,and budgeting knowledge which will ensure that they are as financially secure as possible.

    Socially, volunteers will gain appreciation for people that are different and be more accepting.


    We have taken into account health&safety risks & financial risks. Each challenge was evaluated.
    Firstly, according to our safety protocol we have nominated 2 Safeguarding who will be on duty at all times.
    Secondly all staff and volunteers are certified in pediatric First Aid and able to take medical action when required.One user is severely anaphylactic to peanuts and Eggs.We have made our venue an allergy zone free area.Financially we are careful to keep costs low and safe reserves.


    We offer donors the choice of updating format; reports, monthly monitoring, interviews and visits and more. Donors can chose to be updated via social media, email,phone, post and personally.

  • Budget

    Budget - Project Cost: £44,253

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      Amount Heading Description
      £8,553 recreational trip Recreational trips for 80-120 participants and siblinto zoos, aquariams, beaches and amusement parks
      £7,500 Transport Transport to trips. Collecting participants and taking them home. Transport costs and van chaperon.
      £7,650 Rent of venue Annual rent for club center
      £7,500 Food resources and disposables Ingredients for cookery course and supper
      £4,050 Cleaning and admin Cleaning costs,admin, supplies and small equipment
      £9,000 Youth workers Salaries for paid youth workers
  • Background


    We is based in Haringey and Hackney. Our area is in need for service due to economic constraints and demographic needs. Both boroughs are identified in 20% lowest of multiple deprivation(Knowing Our Communities)
    Demographically,there are over 35,709 disabled people in Hackney (Shared Evidence Base 2016) and


    Developmentally delayed and special needs, young adolescents and adults aged 14-30, their siblings and parents.
    All participants are in the low income or unemployed brackets, we service people from a multi cultural community from Hackney and Haringay.

  • Why Us?

    Why Us?

    We are elite in a way that we are the only not for profit program catering to disabled adolescents and young adults in a respect where we provide after school care and work placements support in manor that is both productive and enjoyable.
    Furthermore, our experienced team and committed volunteers are particular about the dignity and respect of our users which is often a challenge when dealing with special needs.
    We have a sterling track record and have delivered similar projects impeccably.

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    Mr Dov Getter

    Volunteer Coordinator and Project manager. Mr Getter has recruited care workers and volunteers and ensures that this project is run to perfection.