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Confetti Continued

To expand our Flower Pod petal confetti project to i) offer purposeful activity & courses enabling adults with learning disabilities to feel fitter, happier, healthier & more connected to their community & ii) create reliable, sustainable income streams through production & sale of petal confetti.

January 2017 - December 2017

Charity information: Reach Learning Disability

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  • Need


    Adults with learning disabilities at proven higher risk than general population of poor health outcomes (Notts CC JSNA 2012). They are 4 times more likely to die of preventable causes as general population. Many lack basic self-care skills needed to stay safe & healthier. Risk of poor emotional & physical health exacerbated by extreme social isolation. Low skills levels & negative public attitudes further limit options for self-development. Growing need for charities to find new income streams.


    It will enable us to i) create new indoor & outdoor activities enabling adults with learning disabilities to improve own physical & emotional health & social inclusion by working alongside other local people as active citizens, enjoying proven therapeutic benefits of working with cut-flowers & petals, gaining vital skills for more independent living ii) create new sustainable income streams through effective production, marketing and sale of petal confetti to help sustain future activities.

  • Aims

    Aim 1

    Support adults with learning disabilities to feel fitter, healthier and happier


    » Create 1 weekly course around growing flowers/producing confetti to enable awlds to increase physical activity, gain new life-skills & social skills.
    » Recruit & manage 5 new local volunteers to support awlds to participate as fully as possible in course, and feel more connected to others
    » Increase staff hours to plan, deliver, monitor & evaluate course & activities; recruit awlds & volunteers via promotion, social media, networking et

    16 awlds attending course regularly in 1 year; 80% able to give examples of progression made towards own goals for fitness, health & happiness during course and in everday life

    Aim 2

    Increase our capacity to meet proven demand for confetti by increasing flower & petal supply.


    » Increase horticultural staff and volunteer hours to increase flower growing capacity to include sources new sites/options for growing.
    » Liaise with local supermarkets etc to establish regular sources of unsold flowers; develop volunteer network to collect and deliver flowers/petals.
    » Purchase new materials, tools and equipment to facilitate increase in growth, production/drying process
    » Recruit new volunteers to support increase in horticultural and other confetti-related activity

    Min. 5 new local voluntary growing sites in year 1
    Min. 5 new relationships with 'unsold flower' providers in year 1
    Supply of petals meets demand for confetti

    Aim 3

    Develop and implement new marketing strategy to raise income from confetti sales and raise profile


    » Appoint staff/volunteer team to develop and implement strategy
    » Implement new on-line marketing channels including website; establishing ordering/fulfilment systems etc
    » Implement new 'real-life' marketing channels including exploring retail options.
    » Develop new, 'green' packaging and promotional materials to promote greatest possible engagement and sales and create additional task for awlds.

    New confetti marketing strategy in place and staff/volunteers able to implement.
    New website in operation and beginning to generate sales
    4 new 'real-life' retail outlets

    Aim 4

    Challenge negative attitudes and assumptions about people with learning disabilities


    » Recruit local volunteers to work alongside adults with learning disabilities, to strengthen local connections and create sense of learning together
    » Embed opportunities within courses and other activities for awlds to take roles of responsibility & communicate news of project to others
    » Create opportunities for awlds to get involved in production of marketing materials, articles etc to ensure voice of awlds is heard at all levels.

    Baseline survey & mid/end project survey of attitudes of project volunteers to assess change in perception.
    Count & review press articles.
    Record social media comments/shares etc

    Aim 5

    Produce an environmentally friendly confetti product that adds value to our wedding range


    » Grow own flowers for confetti-making using green gardening techniques with minimum carbon footprint.
    » Develop green collection systems for upcycling unwanted flowers from local retailers etc.
    » Ensure all production, marketing and distribution activity utilises best practice techniques that are environmentally friendly, wildlife friendly etc

    Sales figures.
    Enquiry figures
    Baseline, mid & end project 'green' targets set for each activity & audited externally - eg local environmental charity.
    Client/volunteer blog.

  • Impact


    Awlds will have:

    - a new long-term opportunity for learning and community participation based around therapeutic activity.

    - new skills & knowledge to enhance healthier lifestyle choices & progression towards own goals.
    - reduced anxiety & enhanced mood
    - increased physical activity levels.
    - new social connections

    Demonstrated by: Project report based on data from registers, attendance & qualitative data from learners' feedback, learning diaries/surveys, case studies, staff/carer feedback.


    Flower/petal quality affected by poor weather etc: we have already trialled flower types and have plans to ensure a diverse supply of petals including upcycling unsold flowers.
    Accident/incident: all our activities are fully risk assessed, monitored by experienced staff & legally compliant
    Insufficient funding: project has already attracted funding & public support. Confident that mix of purposeful activity for awlds & creation of new income stream will be ultimately attractive to supporters.


    Project supporters will receive a weekly Facebook/website update on project progress.
    Project staff will produce a 3 monthly newsletter with information about progress made by adults with learning disabilities on the Confetti course & headline figures regarding income/marketing targets etc.

  • Budget

    Budget - Project Cost: £32,000

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      Amount Heading Description
      £5,000 Confetti courses Informal learning activities for adults with learning disabilities
      £3,000 Tools & materials Tools & materials for prepartion of flower sites etc
      £3,000 Drying equipment Small oven for drying
      £5,000 Packaging Materials for packaging confetti
      £3,000 Website Website development & ordering sytems
      £5,000 Marketing Developing & implementing strategy
      £5,000 Management,admin & evaluation Client liaison, recruitment, registration, line management, supervision, signposting etc
      £3,000 Volunteers Training; expenses incl fuel costs for petal collectors

    Current Funding / Pledges

    Source Amount
    John Lewis Foundation £7,370 Guaranteed
  • Background


    Our Confetti Continued Project will be based at our innovative Flower Pod horticultural social enterprise just outside of Southwell, a small market town in Nottinghamshire. Flower Pod services are accessed by people with learning disabilities from across Nottinghamshire. Most of our clients come from within Newark & Sherwood, Gedling & Mansfield & Ashfield. Many live in areas of deprivation. Flower Pod is accessible by bus and we also work to find creative solutions if transport is difficult


    People with learning disabilities in Nottinghamshire at risk of i) poor emotional & physical health outcomes and ii) social isolation. Majority will be over 18 years but some will be young adults aged 15 years+. Majority face extra barriers to better health and social inclusion including underlying health conditions, sensory issues, very low levels of confidence & self-esteem, poor communication skills, low skills levels, low income.
    Local people will have new volunteering opportunities.

  • Why Us?

    Why Us?

    We have a proven track record of offering informal learning opportunities to adults with learning disabilities in Nottinghamshire since 1999. We now support over 200 clients a week from our 4 bases including Flower Pod. Since setting up Flower Pod in 2012 we have built a reputation for offering exciting, engaging horticultural learning based around the growth and sale of beautiful cut-flowers. We have already piloted our petal confetti project and proven therapeutic benefits & market demand.

    Read more about the Charity running this project.


    Anna Joyce

    Social Enterprise Director (Volunteer from 2017). Anna established Flower Pod in 2012. She is a trained landscape architect with strong local links

    Jane Hufton

    Centre Manager. Extensive experience of supporting adults with learning disabilities including management of courses. Will oversee courses & staff.

    Helen Davenport

    Project Worker. Experienced Flower Pod project worker with good knowledge of local community. Special interest in health & fitness learning.

    Alison Collins (Tbc)

    Volunteer Marketing Officer. Alison has extensive experience of relevant product & retail marketing, including on-line sales & liaison with retailers