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Scholarships & work placements

Scholarships and work placements provide access to a first-class education, and paid placement and employment opportunities for outstanding students of many academic disciplines who may not otherwise be able to afford these life-changing experiences.

August 2016 - July 2018

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  • Need


    The funding landscape for students has changed drastically in recent years. We recognise that taking on huge debts to fund higher education can be daunting for many young people and their families. Also, the graduate job market is increasingly challenging and oversubscribed. Often unpaid work experience through placements and internships are required in order to secure paid positions. For many graduates this is unaffordable and puts them at a disadvantage at the start of their careers.


    Scholarships and work placements will give exceptional students a lifeline to financial support for their education and for their essential early paid work experience and internships. Our work placements fund will invest in young people, in their aspirations and their futures. The benefits will last a lifetime, ensuring the brightest minds fuel leadership positions in the sciences, arts, business & law, demonstrating that education and knowledge make a positive impact on our world

  • Aims

    Aim 1

    To ensure exceptional students are encouraged into education & secure valuable work experience.


    » We offer competitive scholarship awards to relieve the financial burden on exceptional students and ensure they are not deterred from studying.
    » We offer employability initiatives to students during their study and give them access to support to assist with work experience costs.

    What success will look like

    We record student uptake of scholarships and work placements and monitor the effect on their onward career trajectory.

  • Impact


    This project will ensure accessibility of higher education for financially disadvantaged sectors of society and will improve employability statistics for graduates from Royal Holloway.

    We use case studies and quotes from supported students to demonstrate the impact in relevant publications. We also retain annual statistics on accessibility, social mobility, employability and student satisfaction in annual surveys we make available to the wider public on our website.


    The balance of supply and demand needs to be carefully managed with realistic eligibility criteria to avoid causing disappointment to potential recipients and to avoid negative publicity around the project. We ensure that we clearly communicate the competitive nature of any financial scholarship promoted to students.
    We rely on external parties to offer our students & graduates work experience & we look to maintain strong relationships with employers who will benefit from our academic fields.


    Donors receive annual reports at the end of the academic year on the students they support through Scholarships and work placements. We also produce and circulate a Year-End Review which describes the impact of this project and the number of beneficiaries. This appears on our website too.

  • Budget

    Budget - Project Cost: £500,000

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      Amount Heading Description
      £100,000 Work experience 100 student awards through the Ignition Fund
      £400,000 Student scholarships 40 - 80 student awards through Scholarships
  • Background


    The project is based at Royal Holloway's main campus in Egham and benefits students studying on site and working in the local vicinity here and at our central London campus at 11 Bedford Square and working in central London. Our work placement Fund supports students on work experience nationally and internationally.


    UK and international students apply to Royal Holloway for a scholarship at undergraduate or postgraduate level according to a strict criteria based on academic achievement and financial eligibility to apply.
    UK and international students and recent graduates who undertake work experience around their studies.

  • Why Us?

    Why Us?

    Royal Holloway will always look for ways to improve student satisfaction, enhance the student experience and overcome the difficulties students face today. As an institution, and as a nation, we have a responsibility to nurture the ambitions of our young people and to feed the pipeline of academic talent to world-leading research and to leadership positions in industry sectors which fuel our economy and solve the world's problems.

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    Laura Coates

    Laura will be the project co-ordinator between the university's Careers & Employability Department and Student Recruitment & Partnerships.

    Liz Wilkinson

    Liz leads on finding and placing students looking for placements and internships and will be the key point for disbursing the work placement Fund.

    Sheryl Simon

    Sheryl leads the Student Recruitment and Partnerships Function and is responsible for disbursing and reporting on Scholarships.