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The Twelve days of Coram

The Twelve Days of Coram project aims to give a child a gift that lasts a lifetime, a gift that that every child wants, a family. Christmas is the season for giving, and Coram’s goal is to give 12 children a better future, by finding and preparing families, who can provide a stable, loving home.


Charity information: Coram

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  • Need


    Coram has been creating better chances for children since 1739, and believes that every child deserves the same opportunities in life. Today we run the largest voluntary adoption agency in the UK, with a 99% success rate at finding children a forever family. Currently there are 64,400 children in care in the UK waiting to be adopted. The challenges children in care face are complex; to name just one issue, almost 33% leave school with no GCSE’s or qualifications and only 6% go to university.


    Coram offers substantial pre and post adoption support to families, ensuring that prospective parents are adequately prepared, and that our adoptees have a smooth transition. The lifelong support we offer families through creative therapies and parent training groups, addresses the challenges adoptive families may face and means that the families we place together stay together and thrive. Coram helps the most hard to place children to flourish, and not become another unfortunate statistic.

  • Aims

    Aim 1

    To find and prepare extraordinary families to adopt those children most in need of a loving home.


    » Coram would like to hold regular information evenings and drop in sessions for prospective adopters.
    » Coram could deliver specialist training and preparation groups to assess a family’s suitability.
    » After parents are approved, Coram’s matching process is thorough, which prevents family breakdown.

    What success will look like

    Coram’s success is demonstrated by our 99% success rate in keeping adopted families together, and the child’s emotional well-being, collated by our Impact and Evaluation team.

    Aim 2

    To transform the lives of the UK’s most vulnerable children through Adoption and lifelong support.


    » Coram would provide ground-breaking Creative Therapies, which provide children with alternative ways to express themselves and understand their past.

    What success will look like

    Coram's therapist team work with the Impact & Evaluation Team, and liaise with parents, to measure the children’s progress. A recent parent survey found that 100% saw improvements

  • Impact


    The project will create a change that lasts a lifetime. Providing one child with stability and care brings countless positive changes. Statistics show children in care are more likely to have problems with crime, drugs and mental health. For example half of the prison population grew up in care, compared with only 2% of their peers. Coram can draw parallels between chaotic upbringings and instability, but can prove how a successful adoption can dramatically improve a child’s life.


    There has recently been a steep drop in the number of children being approved for adoptions, resulting in the number of placement orders being halved in the last nine months. Coram is instrumental in influencing the government to change this trend. Coram responds with Concurrent Planning, a pioneering project that minimises the delay and upheaval experienced by children in care. Babies under two are fostered in the short term by parents who are also willing to adopt them long-term.


    Coram will involve donors in the project successes, providing case studies of the lives they helped to transform. Coram will also provide impact reports including statistics and evaluations, as well as abundant thanking them for their support, and Coram keeps donors updated with Coram news.

  • Budget

    Budget - Project Cost: £79,920

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      Amount Heading Description
      £6,600 Adoption Find and prepare 12 amazing families to Adopt
      £42,000 Concurrent Planning Place 12 babies in Coram's early permanence scheme
      £18,000 Post Adoption support Provide Creative Therapies and parent's groups to 12 adoptive families.
      £13,320 Admin costs Admin, staff, Impact and Evaluation costs
  • Background


    Coram has a national reach covering London, Cambridgeshire, Kent and the East Midlands. The head office is in Bloomsbury, with Adoption hubs in North, South and Central London, Harrow, and Kent. Last year 134 children were placed for adoption, and 87 babies were placed via the Concurrent Planning scheme. Coram’s partnership with Kent County Council has seen an increase of 150% in children being adopted per year, Coram’s partnership with Harrow Council resulted in 20% increase in adoption's.


    Coram Adoption places the most vulnerable and hard to place children with loving families, including children over 4, siblings, ethnic minorities, those with disabilities and a history of mental illnesses. Children like Lucy, who was deemed unadoptable following years of abuse due to being born into a paedophile ring. She has since found a loving home, thanks to Coram and is thriving and adjusting well. Coram’s project will directly benefit these hard to reach children, like Lucy.

  • Why Us?

    Why Us?

    Coram is the leading charity in the adoption field, running the largest and most successful adoption agency in the UK. 93% of Coram Adopters rated the service Very Good and Coram’s Ofsted reports were Outstanding in every category. Coram works with, and advises a number of local authorities, ultimately having a say in 90% of UK adoptions. Coram influences policy and is a trailblazer for inter-faith, sexuality and ethnicity adoptions. All the above are accolades to the work Coram delivers.

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    Alice Noon

    Alice Noon, Head of Adoption &Permanent Families Services, is instrumental in supporting families through the matching process and adoption journey.

    Jeanne Kaniuk OBE

    Jeanne Kaniuk; Managing Director of Coram’s adoption services, has supported children, and families throughout Coram's matching process for 36 years.

    Dr Carol Homden CBE

    Dr Carol Homden CBE; Chief Executive of Coram, oversees all services, ensuring best practice is maintained and children’s well-being is paramount.