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Care School in Aleppo

With the huge number of IDP's many of the children moving into new safer areas of Syria do not have access to education which in our eyes as an NGO is a right to these children.
We will be helping in rebuilding the future of these children who many of, are now orphans, we will rebuild Syria's Future

September 2016 - June 2017

Charity information: Human Care Foundation Worldwide

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  • Need


    Due to the unavailability of secure schools and secure access to education, over 5 million children have been affected by the crisis. Human care believes that education is a necessity and a right for these children and our duty to create access for them to build their future.


    We will provide free education access to all children aged 6-16 in the proposed area within Aleppo
    This school will approximately accommodate 600 students through two shifts, morning and afternoon, employing around 25 staff including management
    We aim to rebuild the dreams of these children of whom many are orphans which brings the importance of the psychological help that our schools and teachers will have the duty of providing to the children aswell
    This school will rebuild better communities

  • Aims

    Aim 1

    Quality Education


    » Train the teachers to improve the quality of education they provide
    » Deliver an innovative teaching program to help restore stability to children's lives.

    Continuous surveys and feedback from the school management, teachers and students in order to make sure a high level of education is being provided to the children

    Aim 2

    Build Better Communities


    » Build Better Communities
    » Educating children and providing access to education plays an active part in rebuilding Syria and its communities

    Surveying the local community and the families of the children to make sure they are happy with the education levels and the teaching programmes provided

    Aim 3

    Removing barriers to education


    » Help children build better dreams and lives for themselves and their families

    Sending a team from our offices in Syria to sit in the classes and assess how the school is run, the quality of teaching, the teachers and the complete environment

  • Impact


    We have already helped over 3,000 children to rebuild their future and we plan to continue in doing this and this will in the long term rebuild the communities and the country on a base of educated and well literate generation.


    Although the area studied and chosen for the school is safe and secure but that doesn't deny the risk of occasional shelling from airstrikes.
    To deal with this risk, we will prepare another school in a neighboring area that children can move to safely in the case of any fear of shelling, we will also create safety measures within the school such as sand bags, to keep the children as secure as possible during their time in school.


    We will provide periodic documentation in photographic or video formats. We will also provide periodical reports to show progress and flow of the project in hand.

  • Budget

    Budget - Project Cost: £30,500

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      Amount Heading Description
      £25,000 Staff salary Annual salary for staff and management
      £5,500 Other This includes, rent, stationery, and other amount left for precautions matters
  • Background


    Syria - Aleppo


    600 students from locals and IDP's

  • Why Us?

    Why Us?

    We are unique in what we do as we have a team and office inside Syria something that very few charities can say and this gives us credibility in the work we do on the ground.

    Read more about the Charity running this project.


    Omar Gharibo

    He will oversee and manage the operation of the project keeping inline with the aims and objectives

    Samir Khawaja

    The projects manager who will be responsible for choosing the teachers, implementing the project and keeping everything in order with the tasks