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Dads and Lads

Dads and lads will provide recreational and educational activities for disadvantaged children in Hackney and their dads thus forming strong and resilient relationships in a safe and warm environment.

April 2017 - March 2018

Charity information: Ovos Ubonim/yagdil Torah

Ovos Ubonim/yagdil Torah
  • Need


    These children get very little one-to-one attention from their fathers who are at work most of the day. These sessions and our planned trip will give them undivided attention in a relaxed and fun atmosphere, with their overworked dads, an opportunity they would otherwise not have had.
    Furthermore they hardly have any time for leisure or extra-curricular activities This results in a number of below average and learning disabled boys becoming disaffected due to a lack of self-esteem.


    These sessions and our planned trip will give them undivided attention in a relaxed and fun atmosphere, with their overworked dads.It will also be an opportunity for them to brush up their spoken English language through playing word games like Pictionary and Scrabble.

    With participation in our activities we strive to avoid children dropping out the school system and turning to drugs and crime. Relationships are strengthened and participants feel more confident and able to succeed in life

  • Aims

    Aim 1

    Stronger Communities through forming resilient and positive relationships.


    » A chilling out period with light and healthy refreshments.
    » Word games.

    What success will look like

    With dedicated support from our volunteers and forming successful new relationships with their peers, our members will experience better self-esteem.

    Aim 2

    Healthier and more active people.


    » Exercise and aerobics.
    » A variety of ball games.

    What success will look like

    Through enjoying our exercise sessions and eating healthily our participants will be confident to incorporate these activities into their daily routine.

  • Impact


    Dads and Lads' will allow them to relax and engage in leisurely, stress-busting activities. As a result of this, both fathers and children will feel rejuvenated and much calmer, enabling them to go on with their daily lives with a clearer mind.
    Relationships will be strengthened and confidence increased thus ensuring that children grow up with moral values and become upstanding citizens contributing to the community.
    This will be demonstrated with feedback forms and letter of appreciation.


    The main risks are ensuring financial stability. We have dealt with this by applying to different trusts and approaching people for donations. We have recently received a grant from Awards For All.
    An other factor is to ensure that isolate families feel comfortable to approach us, so we can help those who need it most. We therefore approach local organisations to refer us to those most needy and approach them in a discrete and sensitive manner


    We will report to donors by sending them reports on our activities and thank you letters describing how their donations made such a difference.

  • Budget

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  • Background


    We will rent a local hall in Hackney.
    The address is 1 Belz Terrace, London E5 9AL.


    Disadvantaged low income families in Hackney who won't access other community centres due to cultural differences.

  • Why Us?

    Why Us?

    When setting up 'Dads and Lads', we will endeavor to ensure that we have involved the widest range of people possible.
    To promote inclusion of a range of vulnerable families, we will advertise the project in English, as well as Yiddish and Hebrew - the 3 most commonly spoken languages in the local community. This will help us access non-English speaking families who are struggling. We will recruit volunteers who speak additional languages to reach out to refugees.

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    Rabbi Chaim Halpert

    He is the director who will ensure that the project runs smoothly.