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Rebuilding women's lives in Ethiopia

We will ensure that women living in our safe house have the support they need to rebuild their lives and live free from violence. We will provide them with skills training, support to find housing and help to get their citizenship so they can access business loans.

January 2016 - December 2018

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  • Need


    In Ethiopia violence against women and girls is widespread. 49% of women experience physical violence and 59% sexual violence from a partner at least once in their lifetime. Women and girls have little or no support to help them overcome the consequences of this violence and are usually dependent on their husband’s income so can’t leave violent and abusive relationships.


    In order for women to live free from violence they need to know their rights, have support systems in place and have an income of their own. Our partner AWSAD provides emergency shelter and care as well as long-term support to women once they leave their safe house. They help them get business loans, skills training and housing so they can rebuild their lives.

  • Aims

    Aim 1

    1. Women survivors of violence will be in better positions to live free from violence


    » The safe house will provide care and legal support to women residents
    » Women residents will receive support from ex-safe house residents, including a safe space to meet, expenses and confidence building training
    » They will have skills training so they can find employment when they leave

    1080 women use the safe house over three years.
    1080 women receive medical treatment and legal support for the duration of their stay.
    1080 women receive skills training.

    Aim 2

    Women survivors who have left the safe house can rebuild their lives


    » Women who have come from rural areas will be supported to get their legal ID cards, as these are needed to get citizenship benefits and employment
    » Support women to get subsidised rental homes so they can live safely with their children
    » Help women who have left the safe house to get business loans from the government

    180 women become part of the ex-residents group over three years.
    30 women will be tracked over three years. They will have access to housing, employment and citizenship support.

    Aim 3

    AWSAD’s safe house is more effective and the impact is deeper across the community


    » The ex-residents group will be legally formalised and made more sustainable
    » Feedback from ex-residents to inform AWSAD's work

    Ex-resident group is formalised in Ethiopian law so it can receive funding and be able to work better with support services such as the police and the Ministry of Women.

  • Impact


    1. Continued reduction of violence against women and girls in the communities targeted. AWSAD will measure this through reporting the number of cases brought to local leaders/police and interviews with women.
    2. AWSAD safe house and support services continue to improve as ex-residents give their feedback.
    3. The women are supported and continue to be economically self-sufficient. This benefits their children as they grow up in healthy households.


    Some women who leave the safe house may not feel they are able to continue working with AWSAD and the current residents. Although AWSAD works with them to help them overcome their trauma, some may not continue their journey with the organisation. We will try to mitigate this by continually improving AWSAD’s services and making sure that more women can find employment when they leave the shelter. This will be done by tailoring their training to suit the local market.


    Donors to the project will receive an annual email report on the progress and activities of the project. We aim to include case study information on some of the women who have been helped by the project.

  • Budget

    Budget - Project Cost: £61,842

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      Amount Heading Description
      £3,325 Safe house services Medical services for 540 women and their children
      £3,325 Safe house services Transport for 540 women to get to the police, court and hospital
      £12,110 Awareness raising Training for 1080 women on their rights and an office to meet ex-residents for support
      £11,986 Skills training Skills training for 200 women, including embroidery, leatherwork, child care and business skills
      £19,348 Business support Seed money and loans so the women can set up their businesses
      £11,748 Ex-resident support Support for ex-residents, including office staff, admin and legal help

    Current Funding / Pledges

    Source Amount
    Comic Relief £38,369 Guaranteed
  • Background


    Despite achieving high economic growth in recent years, progress in Ethiopia is fragmented and women and girls are commonly discriminated against. Survivors of violence have low self-worth, often see violence as ‘normal’ and do not challenge it. They have few options to turn to. Women often can’t find work or affordable housing and don’t have sustainable support networks. This means they often return to violent situations.


    Women and girls who have experienced violence will be supported to rebuild their lives, gain skills and confidence and live free from violence in the future.

    All women and girls in the communities targeted will be at reduced risk of violence.

  • Why Us?

    Why Us?

    We have 27 years of experience, supporting effective, locally-run projects in Africa, Asia and Latin America. You can be confident that your support will be contributing to work that is enabling women to achieve real change in their lives. For example, last year 795 women were able to run their own businesses in Ethiopia so they can now live independently and send their children to school.

    Read more about the Charity running this project.


    Laura Brown

    Laura Brown is Womankind’s Movement and Network Capacity Manager and will be overseeing our work with the partner organisation in Ethiopia.


    AWSAD is one of Womankind's partner organisations in Ethiopia, based in Addis Ababa. AWSAD will be implementing the work of the project.