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Caring for the Carer

The Caring for the Carer Project will support unpaid adult carers who have to manage many complex challenges:
-Poor mental health
-Chronic stress
-Poor physical health
By building & maintaining their resilience in their caring role.
Carers are experts by experience & will co-design this project.

April 2017 - March 2018

Charity information: Gaddum Centre

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  • Need


    Caring responsibilities create the following problems which the project will address:
    - Isolation : preventing carers from enjoying social activities
    - Poor mental & emotional Health : Adult Carers report chronic stress, anxiety, low self esteem and/or depression
    - Poor physical health
    - Stigma around both caring & mental health issues


    We will strengthen our existing links in the most deprived areas of Salford. By attaching two additional workers in these communities & linking with local support services to identify and support hidden & unpaid Adult Carers.
    -Training carers in caring for someone with mental health issues.
    - Educate & support carers around building resilience: healthy relationships, keeping safe, stress reduction in trying circumstances.

  • Aims

    Aim 1

    Identification of Hidden and Unpaid Adult Carers


    » Promoting the service to organisations that come across carers, training them in identification and establishing referral routes

    What success will look like

    Detailing all the referral routes and referral numbers across the life of the project.

    Aim 2

    Information and Advice to Adult Carers


    » Adult carers can access information, advice & guidance to support them in their caring role

    What success will look like

    Evidencing a comprehensive support plan for each client.

    Aim 3

    Support Services to enable carers to improve their situation and maintain their caring role


    » Information & advice through community & peer groups
    » Targeted support for carers with greater needs on a one to one basis with a key worker

    What success will look like

    Evidencing the positive changes (outcomes) for adult carers in improving their situation and maintaining their caring role through an outcome measures form.

  • Impact


    Long term change
    Build up the personal resilience of Adult Carers.

    Demonstrated by evidencing the skills, knowledge & understanding they have gained of their role. Their increasing participation and ownership of the project.

    Long term change
    Empower Adult Carers to be involved in decisions & making choices that affect their lives.
    Demonstrated by carers understanding their rights & accessing support to which they are entitled to.



    - Adults may not identify themselves as a carer.
    - Adults may not be aware of how much impact their caring role has on their wellbeing.
    - Adults may come from BME/hard to reach groups.

    Overcoming risks:

    - Using established & developing straightforward referral pathways across 66 GP surgeries in Salford
    - Developing social & support groups, & access to Counselling Services
    - Multi-skilled staff team able to respond to a wide range of circumstances and with local cultural knowledge.


    - Thank-you letters and photos that show specific impact
    - Newsletters, testimonials, and Case studies
    - Executive updates, improved, brief annual reports
    - Infographics and evaluation results that make data on impact and outcomes accessible.

  • Budget

    Budget - Project Cost: £80,027

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      Amount Heading Description
      £22,004 Operating costs proportioned operating costs for the project
      £46,277 Outreach Development Workers Two fulltime 35 hour posts of Outreach Development Workers
      £4,002 Staff Volunter Travel Staff Volunteer travel for project
      £7,744 Training Printing Staff Vol Training Printing Postage
  • Background


    - Almost one third of Salford city's areas are in the ten per cent most deprived in England. (70% live in areas classified as highly deprived and disadvantaged).
    - According to Salford Carers Strategy 2013-2016, the reported number of adult carers in Salford increased between 2001 and 2011 from 22,445 to 23,402.
    - The majority of those providing care for more than 20 hours a week are female, particularly women in their forties and fifties.


    - Unpaid Adult Carers of 55 - 64 years of age, at a time when public sector cuts is resulting in declining support for them & their families.
    - Adult Ethnic minority Carers do not have generic attitudes to caring.
    - Adult carers of people with conditions that are likely to require collaboration and movement between different services, across health and social care. (schizophrenia, dementia)
    - Older people (aged 75 and over) who care for those with experienced fracture or multiple falls

  • Why Us?

    Why Us?

    The Gaddum Centre are leaders in the field of Care:

    - Salford Carers Centre has been awarded the accolade of ‘Centre of Excellence’ by the National Carers Trust

    - We are the Voluntary Sector Lead for the “Greater Manchester Devolution Health & Social Care Advisory Group to the Standing Commission on Carers” working with senior leadership teams from Department of Health & NHS England.

    - We established a mandate for a Greater Manchester Carers Consortium with 17 partner agencies.

    Read more about the Charity running this project.



    To develop a forum for carers, service improvements and a group work & activities programme

    Manager Of Salford Carers Centre

    Manager of Salford Carers Centre. Responsible for the development, management and supervision of Carers Leads and all project deliverables & targets

    Adult Carers Lead

    Responsible for the development, management and supervision of the adult carers team to meet project targets

    Outreach And Development Workers

    To identify carers and help to support them in their caring role, both as individuals and in groups across Salford.


The cost of One hour of support from an Outreach Worker to an Adult Carer

”I have nothing but praise for the help and assistance given to my wife and I, since we came to your notice. Our sincere thanks”

Adult Carer