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Switched On

Switched On is Victim Support’s schools programme which helps children and young people to develop safety strategies against crime. Survival signs, support networks, safety planning, self-esteem and coping skills are all tools which empowers young people to keep themselves aware and safe from crime.

This project is ongoing and is still in early stages of development

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  • Need


    Although crime rates in the UK overall are falling the number of violent and sexual crimes reported against children are rising. To tackle this issue our youth team previously ran a series of one-off class sessions to teach young people about crime. However we know from their feedback that one-off class sessions are not effective and teaching children about crime rather than telling them how to cope and keep safe did not make an impact on a child’s life.


    Working with young people to develop an effective schools programme, Switched On aims to give young people safety strategies to help them cope or safeguard themselves from the risks of crime. These life tools will be delivered through a series of 4 sessions in the school year and every session will be tailored to make it applicable to young boys and girls of different ages. Giving young people their own safety skills to empower themselves will make a long lasting impact on a child's life.

  • Aims

    Aim 1

    Prevent children from becoming victims of crime and abuse by enabling them to make safer choices


    » Deliver 5 safety strategies against crime; survival signs, support networks, safety planning, self-esteem and coping skills to children in school

    We will collect feedback directly from young people after the school year when they have been involved in all 4 schools sessions and assess if they feel they are able to keep safe.

    Aim 2

    Skill up parents and teachers to identify risk and vulnerability and intervene to protect children


    » Provide training for teachers and parents and also provide tool-kits, publications and forums that are available through an accessible online portal

    We will collect feedback from teachers and parents about the materials and training provided to them and whether the information provided helps them to support children effectively

  • Impact


    We expect from feedback that children and young people feel more able to identify the signs of crime and risky behaviour as well as identifying trusted adults to safely report their experiences. If this programme was delivered nationally there would be an increase in young people coming forward to report crime and an overall decrease in young people experiencing crime. We will be monitoring a number of factors such as the number of crimes disclosed and crimes committed against children.


    The Switched On Programme is entirely funded by charitable donations. Without sufficient funding we will not be able to complete the first stage of the Switched On programme, delivering pilot school sessions in selected areas around England and Wales.

    In order to overcome these risks the fundraising team are looking at a variety of income streams and fundraising activities to raise funds for the Switched On programme.


    Donors will receive bespoke communications at least once a month or at a frequency of their choosing. We will keep them updated of the success of the project with the feedback of students, parents and teachers and evaluation reports of the project.

  • Budget

    Budget - Project Cost: £11,532

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      Amount Heading Description
      £1,520 Set Up Costs management costs & set up costs for 8 classes of 30 students to receive school sessions for 1yr
      £7,292 Staff Costs Includes training, expenses and benefits
      £1,240 Volunteer expenses expenses for volunteers to run school sessions for 1 year for 8 classes of 30 children
      £1,480 Publications & publicity Promotional material and training materials printed in English and Welsh
  • Background


    The aim is for the Switched On Programme to be delivered in primary and secondary schools around England and Wales.

    For the Big Give Project we would like all the money raised to contribute delivering Switched On sessions in schools in Wales.


    The Switched On programme will benefit primary and secondary school children and young people through out school sessions. Parents and teachers will also be supported through online publications and training materials.

  • Why Us?

    Why Us?

    Victim Support is the leading charity in England and Wales supporting victims and witnesses of crime.

    Our experience of working with victims, including young victims) for over 40 years means we are best placed to deliver a schools programme that teaches children about the risks of crime and how to develop protective behaviours to prevent it.

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    Amanda Naylor

    Amanda Naylor leads our children and young people programme called 'You & Co'

    Amanda Atkinson

    Amanda Atkinson is the school's coordinator and has been responsible for running school pilots in Manchester and delivering the programme