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secondary education in rural Kenya

Bright children in poor communities are denied access to education and miss out on life chances. They and their families are cut off from the transforming power of education. Urafiki has great contacts with the community of Yala in Western Kenya going back over 15 years

January 2017 - December 2020

Charity information: Urafiki (linking With Communities In Africa)

Urafiki (linking With Communities In Africa)
  • Need


    Secondary school places in Kenya are allocated in accordance with results obtained in the primary school exams. But students need money to take up their places. Yala is a poor rural community and the majority of people are subsistence farmers with no money to pay for fees. Girls often end up in early, arranged marriages or prostitution. Many of the boys live on the streets, brewing illegal alcohol or living lives of petty crime. Education can change this.


    This project will enable 20 young people to take up their school places. Our colleagues in Kenya have great contacts with local school and have considerable experience of supporting needy children. The money raised through the Big Give will pay for school fees, for uniform and equipment and for transport to and from school. The team in Yala holds regular group meetings for supported students and the team provides guidance and practical help through school and on to employment or university.

  • Aims

    Aim 1

    identify 20 children who would benefit from secondary education


    » Liaise with Yala primary schools to identify children with potential
    » Compile a long list by 31 December
    » Assess students taking account of performance, feedback, drive and determination and the availability of alternative sources of funding

    What success will look like

    Success will be demonstrated by students starting school on time

  • Impact


    Whilst the development of the Yala community depends on a variety of factors we believe the education of young people is of central importance. Qualifying for university and/or obtaining employment represents success at an individual level. Individual outcomes influence the whole community providing role models, income for extended families and increases in the human capacity and capability of Yala.


    There is always a risk that students will not complete their studies successfully. The young people sponsored by Urafiki face multiple challenges. Our failure rate has been extremely low because the Yala team keeps in regular contact with students providing practical support and Urafiki young people have gained a good reputation with schools who know that they are amongst the most highly motivated of all students.


    Donors receive a letter and report card from their student each year. In addition, Urafiki supporters receive regular updates about the overall operation of the scheme.

  • Budget

    Budget - Project Cost: £20,000

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      Amount Heading Description
      £16,000 school fees 4 years of fees for 20 students
      £2,400 uniform school uniform, books and equipment
      £1,600 travel students travelling to and from school
  • Background


    Yala is a poor community in Western Kenya. It is approximately 15 miles from Kapsabet, and about 60 miles from Kisumu in one direction and Eldoret in the other. There is a large English owned tea factory which provides some employment opportunities. The work is hard and wages are low and older people and those in poor health struggle to gain and retain employment. The majority of people are subsistence farmers at the mercy of the elements.


    Young people sponsored through secondary school are direct beneficiaries. Families also benefit from the prospect of an educated person obtaining a lucrative career. The broader community can also benefit. This can be seen when students volunteer for community work such as reading with younger children, visiting older people and participating in a home renovation scheme. There are currently 25 students volunteering in the year between school and starting university or work.

  • Why Us?

    Why Us?

    Our UK registered charity works with a partner NGO set up in Kenya (also called Urafiki) The NGO has the local contacts, considerable expertise running education schemes and has an exceptional team in Yala. Urafiki has a good reputation with tribal elders, the county administration, schools and parents.

    Read more about the Charity running this project.


    Simon Mulinago

    one of the first students sponsored by Urafiki graduated from Edgerton university and shares his experience and knowledge with those who follow him.

    Nancy Ajanga

    runs day-to-day operations in Yala looking after hundreds of elderly people and vulnerable children in addition to the secondary education scheme.