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Project information

Educating Pakistan's Most Underprivileged

TCF builds and runs modern, purpose-built schools across Pakistan to provide a highly cost-effective, relevant and holistic education to children who come from Pakistan’s poorest communities, enabling them to reach their full potential, and produce confident, civic minded and work-ready young adult

April 2016 - April 2017

Charity information: The Citizens Foundation (UK)

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  • Need


    As you read this, there are more than 24 million Pakistani children out of school - the second highest number in the world after Nigeria. With the government spending just 3% of its GDP on education, state schools are often inadequate, inaccessible or non-existent.
    The situation for girls is even more dismal. Pakistan has a 26% female literacy rate a and female employment rate of 20% - the lowest in South Asia.


    The Citizens Foundation operates on the ethos of taking children off the streets and putting them into school. TCF builds and runs schools in economically disadvantaged and educationally deprived urban slums and rural villages across the whole of Pakistan.

    All 1,202 TCF schools deliver a quality and holistic education, designed in-house by a team of education experts, in purpose-built schools. Through a range of targeted measures, we boast a near 50% female enrolment.

  • Aims

    Aim 1

    Take Children off the Streets and put them in schools


    » TCF creates access to quality education by building its schools in urban slums and rural areas, working closely with deprived communities
    » TCF schools maintain a strict non-discrimination policy and principals engage in outreach work to increase enrolment, especially of girls.
    » We invest in curriculum development to make sure the quality of our education is superior and actively pioneer teaching aids and learning materials
    » Provide employment and quality-teacher training to over 10,100 women living in underprivileged areas across Pakistan

    What success will look like

    Success to TCF is every child we take off the street and put into a school; we will monitor student enrollment, with a particular focus on retaining a 50% female enrollment rate

  • Impact


    Our schools serve as centres for the communities they are situated in, providing access to education in areas where no other government or private schools exist, and providing services such as adult literacy programmes, water wells, and youth mentorship programmes. We will demonstrate the success of this project by monitoring the number of new students we enrol as a result of this project. Success will seeing 3 new school units set up as a result of this campaign.


    The biggest challenge we face are the diverse areas we operate in which can have repercussions in the way we serve our communities. For example, parts of Pakistan are affected by conflict. TCF address this by working closely with local communities. Dr Marie Lall highlighted: “Breaking social barriers takes time....However, in the areas where TCF schools had been established for around a decade, many of the issues that divide communities were either reduced or totally absent."


    TCF always provide annual reports to donors. These reports illustrate the impact of their support and cover details like:

    -student enrolment
    -female enrolment
    -number of teachers employed
    -community projects
    -stories and achievements of students
    -socio-economic context of the area

  • Budget

    Budget - Project Cost: £38,824

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      Amount Heading Description
      £4,166 School Supplies School Supplies and Stationery
      £5,816 Depreciation Depreciation costs
      £2,336 Monitoring and Evaluation Monitoring and Evaluation
      £4,345 Admin Head Office Planning and Administration and Training
      £18,713 Salaries Salaries and Benefits
      £3,448 Transportation Transportation and Utilities
  • Background


    TCF has a network of 1202 schools, all located in urban and rural slums across the whole of Pakistan. Our schools are located in areas characterised by poverty and high levels of educational deprivation. School locations are chosen after an extensive needs and feasibility survey of the area, which assesses income and literacy levels, poverty and a range of other indicators to ensure our schools meet the need where it is greatest.


    We specifically target children who are out of school. Each school unit consists of up to 180 children, of which 50% are girls.

    Our schools also provide local employment to women in the areas that our schools serve.

  • Why Us?

    Why Us?

    TCF produces outstanding educational and community outcomes year after year. With 18years of experience, it is internationally recognised for its' innovative approach to education for all. TCF is a recipient of Skoll, Rockerfeller Foundation and WISE awards for innovative practice and has been initiated as a member of the Clinton Global Initiative, as a leader in the field of education. TCF-UK was awarded Times Educational Supplement charity of the year 2011 following trips to TCF schools

    Read more about the Charity running this project.



    TCF principals have are responsibility in managing the school they are responsible for

    Regional Office

    As Pakistan is a large country, we have regional offices to bridge the gap between head office and our schools.

    Head Office - Karachi

    Our Head Office is responsible for monitoring and maintaining all levels of TCF's work.

    The Citizens Foundation (UK)

    Keeping contact with Head Office, we will report back to donors on the impact of their support.