Project information

Kennels for CLAW (Community Led Animal Welfare)

In 2014, CLAW was forced from its premises near Johannesburg due to political unrest. Now we are able to return to our original premises, we urgently need to upgrade our facilities with new kennels and catteries for sick dogs and cats and materials for vital services for the animals and community.

January 2017 - December 2017


  • Need


    Veterinary services are not available in the 37 impoverished townships near Johannesburg where CLAW operates its mobile clinics. Pet populations are enormous here - most dogs and cats are not vaccinated or sterilized. They suffer from painful diseases like mange as well as from injuries caused by cruelty, road accidents and embedded collars. These poor communities love their animals but without vet facilities and a knowledge of responsible pet ownership are forced to abandon their sick pets.


    CLAW treats at least 3000 animals per month. Kennels and a separate cattery will help us provide (a) improved care for increasing numbers of sick pets (b) allow abandoned pets to thrive prior to adoption and (c) enable a healthy, stimulating environment for sick pets to recuperate without stress. A properly built kennel facility will also aid in preventing the spread of kennel-borne diseases as well as provide a pleasant environment for potential adopters to view their future pets.

  • Aims

    Aim 1

    To provide a safe haven for sick and abandoned pets with inpatient and outpatient facilities.


    » Build kennels for sick and abandoned dogs that will allow us to hygienically care for them and aid in their recovery so they may thrive.

    Move abandoned dogs into the new kennels and cats into the new cattery and show increased adoption rate by providing a welcoming environment to potential adopters to view pets.

    Aim 2

    Create an environment to encourage potential owners to increase numbers of pets adopted from CLAW.


    » Provide high quality kennels and a cattery for rescued dogs and cats that would ensure potential pet owners feel comfortable adopting them from CLAW.

    Secure increased adoption rates as a result of proposed refurbishment.

    Aim 3

    To build a cattery where sick and abandoned cats can recover and thrive in a caring environment.


    » Build a cattery for abandoned, sick as well as rescued cats at CLAW to offer them a home before their adoption.

    Move cats and kittens into their own cattery and show increased adoption figures related to creating a pleasant environment for potential adopters.

  • Impact


    Being able to assist more animals and take more into our care.

    The new kennel and cattery section will provide a stimulating and hygienic environment for the animals in our care. Adopters will be able to interact comfortably with the animals up for adoption.

    Long term inpatients (cats and dogs) will be able to exercise as well as receive daily medication which will improve their recovery and help them thrive.


    Lack of funding to complete the whole project is a concern. This is a vital project that needs to be completed in its entirety. We are working towards securing donations and quotes to get the best prices and contracts. Only those aspects of the project that we are confident will be fully funded will be undertaken to prevent the repercussions that result from unfinished projects.


    CLAW staff can send regular emails and quarterly reports informing donors of development and completed portions of the project. Photos and videos of progress made as well as updates on Facebook and the IFAW/CLAW website will also be available to interested donors.

  • Budget

    Budget - Project Cost: £45,000

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      Amount Heading Description
      £10,000 Building of new kennels This includes new kennels for the dogs and other required renovations.
      £4,000 Adjustable operating table Enhanced vet facilities to treat sick dogs and cats from impoverished townships.
      £4,000 Vet supplies and meds Essential for the operation of the clinic.
      £15,000 2 New catteries 2 new catteries for sick cat treatment and rehabilitation.
      £12,000 Vehicle For CLAW admin purposes/mobile clinic.
  • Background


    CLAW is located in Durban Roodepoort Deep, Gauteng, South Africa. We are geographically near Johannesburg. Our clinic is in an old mining office. We are situated near 10 local informal settlements (or townships) and service more than 30 informal settlements.


    We service 37 informal settlements and impoverished communities. We are often their only hope at sourcing treatment for their animals. We provide not only veterinary care but sterlise all unsterilised animals that come in for treatment or should the owner request it. We provide education on pet care and the importance of sterilisation and yearly vaccinations. Monthly, we see up to 3000 domestic animals and provide all these services to the owners of these animals free of cost.

  • Why Us?

    Why Us?

    We are the only animal welfare organisation serving these impoverished communities and their domestic animals. Our location allows for hundreds of animals to be sterilised and receive their yearly vaccinations. We also collect sick animals or emergency cases for those who are not able to get to us. We are able to provide education about responsible ownership at a grass roots level, and are able to reach not only adults, but also the children who visit us daily.

    Read more about the Charity running this project.


    Cora Bailey, Founder Of CLAW

    Cora has decades of animal welfare experience. She is passionate about providing a secure and stimulating environment for all animals at CLAW.

    Sheena Dale, CLAW Project Manager

    Sheena will be responsible for tracking the progress of this project and keeping donors informed of developments as they happen.

    John Marecha, Handyman

    John is skilled in building and construction and will build the much needed kennel space for the animals he so passionately cares about at CLAW.