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New Flight Room at New Airbase

We need a new home for our lifesaving service. As our lease will soon expire, it's now time to move to a custom built, more efficient and effective building. Critical to this is the need for a new flight room for the coordination of our missions and the care and safety of our patients.

February 2017 - December 2017

Charity information: Wiltshire Air Ambulance

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  • Need


    We have to fully equip a new Flight Room so there's no disruption to our lifesaving service. This room is where our aircrew prepare and plan all our operational activities. Proper planning is key to the safe and effective operation of the helicopter. Before we can set off on a mission, we need to have assessed route safety, weather conditions, other aircraft in the area and where we can land safely in relation to the patient. We need to do this quickly and efficiently as every second counts.


    A fully equipped Flight Room in our new airbase will mean our pilots and paramedics have the specialist equipment and space they need to plan and prepare for each mission safely and effectively. We attend 2-3 potentially lifesaving missions every day of the year, flying up 19 hours a day, so it's essential there's no disruption to our service whatsoever. The Flight Room is the heart of the vital service we provide for people living, working and travelling through Wiltshire and neighbouring area

  • Aims

    Aim 1

    Raise the funds needed to fully equip a new Flight Room at our new airbase to the latest standards.


    » We hope to raise enough money during The Big Give Christmas Challenge to fully fit out and equip the new Flight Room at our new airbase.

    Success will be raising sufficient funds to fully equip the new Flight Room.

  • Impact


    The new Flight Room will be at the heart of our new home. By relocating to a custom built airbase, we can secure the future of our lifesaving service, enabling us to continue flying up to 19 hours a day, 365 days a year. We are unable to transfer existing equipment to our new home, and by fitting out the Flight Room with the state of the art equipment, we can ensure we can still reach any part of Wiltshire within 11 minutes. All our response times are monitored and logged.


    The risk is that we do not raise enough funds to fit out and equip the Flight Room. If we do not raise sufficient funds during The Big Give Challenge, then we will have to submit applications to grant making organisations for the balance of the project. This will all take time and this funding is not guaranteed. The extra time it may take to secure the funds needed could also impact on whether we are able to move to our new home by early 2017 and remain fully operational.


    We will report the progress of this project to donors either by post or email, depending on their preferences. We will also use social, digital and traditional media to report back on this project.

  • Budget

    Budget - Project Cost: £20,000

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      Amount Heading Description
      £6,000 IT IT equipment for for use by 3 x aircrew per shift
      £5,000 Phones & radios Essential to emergency operations
      £5,000 Work stations H&S compliant office furniture and specialist equipment for aircrew
      £4,000 Equipment Wall mounted interactive display monitor, map planning table, wall mounted map boards
  • Background


    From our new purpose-built airbase in Semington, near Melksham, Wiltshire Air Ambulance will be located at the centre of county and able to reach anywhere in Wiltshire within 11 minutes. Wherever it lands, the helicopter is never more than 8 minutes away from a receiving A&E hospital, although a patient is always flown to the most appropriate hospital rather than the closest to ensure they receive the best possible care.


    For 25 years, the helicopter and aircrew have flown nearly 16,000 missions involving medical emergencies and accidents, ranging from serious sports injuries to multiple vehicle collisions. We attend on average 2-3 potentially lifesaving missions a day and we are available up to 19 hours a day with 12% of call outs at night. This vital service offers patients the best possible prospect of survival and full recovery.

  • Why Us?

    Why Us?

    Wiltshire Air Ambulance and its lifesaving crew have provided an essential Helicopter Emergency Medical Service for people in the county and beyond for over 25 years. For every £1 raised, only 16p is spent on fundraising. We have and continue to be pioneering in the provision of an air ambulance - e.g. we were the 1st air ambulance in the UK to fly at night, we are 1 of only 2 air ambulances in the south west to carry blood on board. We have a proven track record of innovation and delivery.

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    Kevin Reed - Head Of Operations

    Kevin is responsible for the day-to-day control and management of the airbase and safe and effective operation of the aircraft.

    George Lawrence - Unit Chief Pilot

    George manages our team of highly qualified pilots and ensures the aircraft is operated safely and in accordance with legislation and best practice.

    Richard Miller - Clinical Support Officer

    Richard has been a member of Wiltshire Air Ambulance aircrew since 2001 and is the Clinical Lead Officer for our team of specialist paramedics.

"The Flight Room is at the heart of our operations. Without it we cannot plan our route and ensure we get to patients quickly and safely."

Kevin Read, Head of Operations