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Healthy and Wealthy Families

Healthy and Wealthy is an awareness and hands-on program to educate parents and children in Hackney on how to prepare and enjoy nutritious meals, whilst not compromising on their budgets. The aim of the project is two-pronged: to provide access to healthy foods and to improve family meal times.

September 2016 - September 2017

Charity information: Hadras Kodesh Trust

Hadras Kodesh Trust
  • Need


    The consumption of fast food has accelerated recently,due to its value for money, convenience,and appeal for teens.This has resulted in many serious concerns,including:
    A rise in the number of people suffering from health conditions. It is estimated that obesity will cost the NHS an unprecedented £50 billion a year by 2050.Additionally,rates of diabetes,poor heart health,behavioural disorder and IBS are also on the rise,due to the growing reliance on fast foods.
    Quality family time also suffers


    Access to food,health and life skills. Our family breakfast club and food preparation course will empower parents and adolescents to learn to prepare nutritious meals on a budget.Attendees will learn to shop wisely, master cooking skills, and gain knowledge of essential hygienic practices. This will empower them to manage their limited budgets most effectively, enjoy healthier lifestyles,feel a sense of dignity as they are able to provide for themselves; and sustain their families.

  • Aims

    Aim 1

    Provide families with financial access to nutritional meals.


    » We offer daily family breakfast clubs and wholesome suppers at our soup kitchen. Families are seated together.
    » We have a partnership with local groceries and bakeries to offer discounts on healthy food items to enable access and promote healthy eating.

    What success will look like

    Registers of users at breakfast and soup kitchen clubs.
    Participating groceries have agreed to share sales information on increases in healthy sales. Data will be reported.

    Aim 2

    Empower adults and children to understand nutritional values and be motivated to eat healthy.


    » Healthy eating workshops for adults and children and are working with local schools on a healthy eating campaign.

    What success will look like

    Users feedback on improvements of health and well being-questionnaire, comments, user survey.
    Our nurses data showing before & after weight levels and overall health improvements.

    Aim 3

    Empower parents and adolescents to shop and cook and prepare meals on a budget.


    » Achieving Chefs cookery course targeting parents and young adults -teaching participants how to shop on budget; maximize resources and cook.

    What success will look like

    Users agreed to share their budgets & spending so that we can better help them; this will provide information on how this project improves their spending. Cookery teacher reports.

    Aim 4

    Enhance family quality time as families will spend time preparing and sharing mealtimes


    » Family breakfast and soup kitchen clubs; healthy parenting workshop explaining to parents importance of family meal times.

    What success will look like

    User surveys and interviews. Children gain from family mealtimes as parents model healthy eating habits, table manners and have time to talk. We will inquire about these in survey

    Aim 5

    Provide access to free exercise and sports for the whole family


    » Weekly swimming ,aerobic and foot ball club for parents and children
    » Family hiking, cycling and boating trips.

    What success will look like

    As part of monitoring, users will attend regular health checks with nurse.Weight and well being improvements will signal success of this aim. Hours of sport provided,user feedback

  • Impact


    Healthier and more active families and communities: most significantly, parents will gain the awareness and skills they need to fulfill their desire to provide consistent and healthy meals for their children. Reduced costs for healthy items at stores, cooking classes, breakfast clubs will enable them to raise a healthy family, and classes for teenagers will set the next generation on a healthier path as well.We have worked on health check monitoring which will collect, analyse and share data.


    Financial limitations can stand in way of projects-lack of funds can force us to support less families at our breakfast club and soup kitchen. We are thus actively fundraising.
    Perishables stand risk of going out of date. Although it may be cheaper to buy in bulk we are prudent on not buying storage to reduce waste
    Hygiene risks and food poisoning has motivated our staff to spend time and resources on cleaning and storing facilities and stopped us from purchasing cheap bulk of perishables.


    We have worked on a health check monitoring scheme which will provide information on health aspects of project.We will update donors if they wish on health check and project progress and areas of needed improvements on a monthly/quarterly basis via media of their choice: phone /meeting/email/visit.

  • Budget

    Budget - Project Cost: £98,500

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      Amount Heading Description
      £9,000 Venue hire 3 hours daily -breakfast and supper, 4 afternoons weekly for health, cookery,budgeting, sports clubs
      £12,000 Breakfast Breakfast daily for over 150 people
      £5,000 volunteer costs Fuel for free deliveries,budgeting and health mentor monthly training
      £18,500 Salaries Salaries for budgeting instructor, cookery teachers, sport instructors
      £13,000 sports costs Hire of swimming pool,playing field, equipment
      £24,000 Soup kitchen Food resources, disposables small equipment
      £5,000 Saftey measures Insurance, safe guarding officers,training
      £12,000 Management and Admin Admin costs, project manager, publicity
  • Background


    (The Guardian, 2015) Obesity, is costing the NHS over £8 billion a year.Childhood Obesity Scrutiny`13--"Obesity does not affect populations uniformly-deprived communities are more likely to be affected. There is particular regional need as Hackney Joint Health & Wellbeing Strategy 2015 reports that`At 30% child poverty in Hackney is the fifth highest in London..Hackney has the second highest rate of preventable mortality in London where obesity& inactivity are key causes...1in3 kids are obese.


    All users are financially struggling inner city families with at least one child affected by a food related health disorder/condition.

    We will support a total of 300 users and 180 families. 46 single parent families with 36% father led single parent families. Ages of parents are diverse with a large proportion in range of 20-28. Ages of children range from 3-18 years.

  • Why Us?

    Why Us?

    Hadras Kodesh has a commendable track record of impacting children and adults and particularly with strengthening family unit and well being by helping families overcome financial and social barriers as a unit.
    We believe that our keys to success lies in our;
    Detailed planning, monitoring and organisational efficiency.
    Team of qualified staff and motivated volunteers
    12 years of experience and growth.
    understanding of our users`needs, respect to their dignity and rapport with vulnerable users.

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    Mr Pincus Mann

    As founder of organisation and efficient business manager; he has expertise& experience-yet still attends monthly training and actively leads project