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Christmas Project

To give very vulnerable children living in central London the opportunity to access exciting trips, sports and arts and healthy eating opportunities. We aim to improve the confidence of every child who attends this project and to help them learn key skills for life, such as teamwork.

December 2018 - January 2019

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  • Need


    There is a severe lack of affordable activities for children with behavioural issues in central London. Many of our children have additional needs, such as autism, anger management and child-hood obesity. Our childrens' families do not have the financial means or often, there are other complex issues, such as severe depression, which effects the ability of these parents to take their children out. We aim to fill that gap.


    During our Christmas Project, we have six trips planned for our children, including a magical opportunity to see a circus, bowling and ice-skating. Our children will improve their communication and social skills as well as spend time outside the home environment, which is often unhealthy and/or overcrowded. Our ratio of 1 adult to 2 children ensures our children will have a supportive, caring adult close by at all times. Financial income will be no barrier for any of our families attending.

  • Aims

    Aim 1

    To help our children make friends and gain confidence through offering them a variety of activities.


    » We'll take our children on exciting trips in London, such as ice-skating, trampolining, and the circus where they can be kept healthy and happy.

    What success will look like

    During the trips, 30 children will meet new people, partnering up for the journeys, eating lunch and discussing the days' events together. We will ask for their thoughts afterwards

    Aim 2

    Helping our children gain key skills for life, such as teamwork, independence and responsibility.


    » The children will feel increased responsibility for themselves on the trips in London, as well as supporting other children with them, eg partnering.
    » Children will learn about what makes a healthy packed lunch and a unhealthy packed lunch. Encouragement of trying new foods will be key to this.

    What success will look like

    Our team will closely observe children and their interactions. We'll ask children often how they are feeling and note down their responses. We will have group discussions daily.

    Aim 3

    Broaden the childrens' horizons by showing them sights and sounds outside their local environment


    » On our London trips, the children will benefit from seeing new sights, trying out new activities and visiting museums they do not have the chance to.

    What success will look like

    We will discuss each trip with the children, to find out what they thought, felt and learned on each one. Some of the children might wish to keep a diary to record their thoughts.

  • Impact


    Our Christmas project will:
    - encourage children to take part in activities on a regular basis rather than a sedentary activity such as ipad or television.
    - increase children’s confidence and broaden their horizons thereby raising their aspirations and enhancing their prospects.
    - we'll demonstrate this by keeping in close contact with our families, via phone and homevisits
    - give young people the opportunity to train as wellbeing coaches and achieve employment in this field or similar.


    The risks are that a child could get lost during one of our trips. This will be mitigated by:
    • the children wearing high-visibility vests whilst we travel and wearing an ID wrist band.
    • the children being split into groups of five per adult
    • the children being fully briefed on what to do if they get lost.
    All children with special needs will have a one on one adult.
    There is a risk that a child could get hurt during our sports activities. There will always be a first aid trained adult close.


    We will report to our donors via email by:
    • sending high quality photos
    • sending case-studies on our children and the impact we have
    • we will encourage our donors to follow us on social media to see our journey
    If we receive enough funding, we will make a short film on our Christmas Project.

  • Budget

    Budget - Project Cost: £3,487

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      Amount Heading Description
      £540 Project Manager @90 per day for 6 trips
      £900 3 Well-being Coaches @50 per day for 6 trips
      £900 Trips @£150 per trip for 6 trips
      £175 Bibs, Equipment Including First aid equipment
      £175 Monitoring/Evaluation Days For 2 days
      £480 10 Volunteer Expenses @£8 per day for 6 days
      £317 Admin General administration for trips, including booking and organizing best transport
  • Background


    Solidarity Sports works with children from some of the most socially and economically deprived wards in the Royal Borough of Kensington & Chelsea, Hammersmith & Fulham and Westminster. Child poverty in H&F and Westminster runs at almost 40% and ingrained patterns of poverty and deprivation repeat across generations. Levels of inequality are stark. North Kensington and North Westminster lack accessible green space for children to play outside; they are not allowed to enter the private parks.


    The families we help face the following issues:

    - Drug abuse: children we look after live in households where drug abuse is prevalent
    - Depression: mothers of our children have attempted suicide due to depression
    - Domestic violence
    - Neglect
    - Financial hardship: many of our families are really struggling to pay basic bills
    - Overcrowding: e.g mother and two 11 year old children live in 1 bedroom flat.
    - Sedentary lifestyles: too much time spent looking at a screen
    - Malnutrition is common

  • Why Us?

    Why Us?

    Our approach is to create an ‘extended family’ and form close and trusting relationships with our families. Consequently we can engage those hardest to reach. We achieve our aims through inviting children from all walks of life to our projects. However, priority is given to very vulnerable children referred from social services.

    "It is a great opportunity for them, it really help to build their confidence and to be independent also".
    From parents after trip to Disneyland

    Read more about the Charity running this project.


    Mr Sean Mendez

    Project Manager: as founder of Solidarity Sean is in a unique position to reach out to these families and has gained their trust over the years.

    Mr Karl Donaldson

    With over 20 years experience working in youth services, including outreach as well as detached work, Karl will be providing one to one support.

“People think I am lazy but it is not that. I wish I could go out with my child more but because of my depression and seizures, the medications make me so tired.”

Parent of a child who took part in our program.