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Sensory Castle-for Special Kids

Learning disabled kids and kids with social & emotional difficulties face too many closed doors;but when compounded with poverty; these are a sentence for failure.We want to expand our OT room to be therapy kingdom where users and many on waiting list can access therapies & vibrant social network.

January 2019 - January 2019

Charity information: Blooming Blossoms Trust

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  • Need


    Most mainstream schools` SEN Rooms are not equipped to cope with moderate learning disabilities when compounded by anxiety & social communication blockages.
    We work with children who cannot afford therapy and are not getting aduaqete support from schools due to severe statutory cuts. Users are recipients of means tested benefits and 40% are reliant on food charities to meet core needs.
    In the UK, there is approximately one learning disabled child in every twenty, yet families report isolation.


    In response to user & stakeholders consultation, regarding improvement of services we want to expand our OT services to a state of art therapy Centre offering a range of therapies, including Sensory Integration (SI) therapy, OT, Speech and Language Therapy,
    Neurofeedback,CBT and professional tutoring where needed. This will enable us to give place to 41 children on waiting list and be open to other children in community.
    Users will build strong social connected community reducing lonliness

  • Aims

    Aim 1

    Helping kids access supplementary education so that they can function at home and school.


    » Every child is evaluated and gets a tailored treatment plan including necessary group and individual therapy, tutoring and prescription for fun!
    » Free therapy in variety of 6 modalities for mainstream children affected by acute learning/social/emotional difficulties and can`t afford therapy.
    » Weekly English Booster fun clubs for recent refugees/children struggling socially&academically due to language barrier which portrays as disability.

    What success will look like

    Each child will be evaluated. Therapy targets will be drawn with child`s stakeholders.Observations,feedback, teachers and therapist reports will be target indicators of success.

    Aim 2

    Learning,Social&emotionally disabled kids have special space to play,laugh and create friendships


    » Our center will have open play sessions after school and on half term; where children spend time together-just playing in supervised place.
    » Fun group therapy sessions which shift focus from learning on fun games but still teaches many skills subtly.
    » 3 major trips a year to celebrate users achievements and give them reprieve from studying and an appreciation to them for immense effort.
    » Users enjoy being part of new community after school; they meet with new friends and prejudices falls away as they all have similar challenges.

    What success will look like

    User feedback. Users share on questionnaire about new friendships and which activities they enjoy.
    Observations and photos.

    Aim 3

    Eliminate prejudices in mainstream classrooms and in social settings to learning disabled children.


    » We partner with participating schools and invite kids to use our fun premises during free hours.We run activates on differentiation and respect.

    What success will look like

    At conclusion of project we aim for 60% of NEET volunteers to either register for education, particularly in childcare/therapy sector or to secure a job via email correspondence.

    Aim 4

    To support families to navigate through educational services and provide emotional support


    » Lighthouse confidential hotline support for parents of learning disabled children.
    » Lighthouse empowers and supports parents at monthly support groups with special educational guest speakers and siblings with respite trips.

    What success will look like

    Family feedback forms. Number of calls to hotline and participants to event. Analysis of pattern of phone-calls,and participation to monthly support groups.

  • Impact


    Our key improvement is that;
    Children, particularly learning disabled children will have better chances in life as they will master key life and learning skills. In this respect they will enjoy equal chances to reach the peak of their potential regardless of poverty and learning disabilities. This can not be measured against other children as we respect that each child is unique! However our observations and reports of each child`s progress will signal success.
    Success will boost self-esteem..


    We have analysed various risks which include:

    Stigma/accessibility- preventing users from benefiting.
    We hold several open sessions so disabled children don`t feel maginalised. We will offer some transport spaces for children from fractured families/or those who have no adult to accompany kids home. Children will be fetched from local schools by volunteers.
    Health and Safety Risks: Risk Assessments-regular retraining, safeguarding officer on site.
    Staffing: DBS checks.
    Finance: Finance policy


    We will offer to share our non confidential progress report, monitoring and evaluation on a consistent basis. Donors are welcome to visit our club when we are open to all children( and not just learning disabled users, due to confidentiality)
    Additionally we will utilize social media ton report...

  • Budget

    Budget - Project Cost: £68,000

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      Amount Heading Description
      £15,000 Expansion and refurbishment. Full refurbishment of second floor to accommodate SLT room,Mini gym,1-1CBT/neuro feedback cubicles
      £3,207 Furniture Installation of cupboards,desks, staff chairs and 1 custom chair for child.
      £8,000 New assessments New assessments with educational consultant for 50 new users in initial and monitoring.
      £7,488 Speech and Language Therapist SLT@ £18p/h x 8 hrs weekly
      £11,000 Other therapist Salaries Annual salary for other 3 therapists
      £1,305 Other staff and volunteer cost Monthly Volunteer training, 2 paid Youth workers, co-coordinating volunteers
      £8,000 Refreshments and Trips Fruit, Snacks, Incentives and Trips
      £14,000 Project Manager and admin Project Manager,Safety costs,Insurance,officer, publicity, admin and hotline contract.
  • Background


    We are based in North East London and in 20% most deprived areas in England (Knowing our Communities). There is regional need for homework support for learning disabled children ;considering demographics,poverty and low skill level in the area. There are estimated to be 15,266 disabled children and young people aged 0-25 in Hackney and the City of London
    Overcrowding affects 32% of households in Hackney; links show that lack of space affects learning(Child poverty Needs Assessment `14 & Educat


    An upwards of 80 local mainstream children with mild to moderate learning disabilities or Social/emotional and behavioral disorders of both genders between 4-18 who are also multiply disadvantaged thus can not afford to self-fund the additional support they desperately require.
    Children with poor English skills who are struggling in school.
    During free hours when facility is not used for therapy all children -general public will be welcome to utilized our supervised and equipped facilities.

  • Why Us?

    Why Us?

    Blooming Blossoms Trust feels confident to and deliver this project due to :
    similar success: We have piloted a therapy and homework club with 18 developmentally and learning disabled children.100% of users mastered key life skills such as self care, numeracy and literacy.
    User request and relationship.A steering group of users requested use to expand this project to cater to more need. We have rapport & trust with users.
    Staff expertise and credential
    Public support
    Organisation track record

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    Mr M Weinstein

    Mr Weinstein is our project manager, As therapist, father and Sen Head he has a wealth of experience and patience for developmentally delayed kids.

    Miss Gelly Fried, Volunteer

    Gelly knows Disability;she is still beating her dyslexia and is determined to help kids fight it as well. She is an author and trains as therapist.

I could not understand what`s so bad about me.Do I have a horrible breath?Am I contaminated?Why,the closer I came to kids the more they jumped from me.Lucy gave me a trick to imagine an arm lengths between me and the kid.She said to look in eye but not glare.We role played-and now I have friends!

Nathan, 11