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Project information

Rebuild Annapurna Primary School in Nepal

Freedom Matters has promised to fund the rebuild of Annapurna Primary School in Nepal. It was destroyed in the 2015 earthquake and still the children don't have a safe school to learn in. We will rebuild it to an earthquake resistant standard and improve the educational facilities at the same time.

January 2017 - July 2017

Charity information: Children4ChildrenNepal (formerly Freedom Matters)

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  • Need


    In Marpak village area in Dhading District of Nepal, all of the schools and houses were destroyed by the earthquake in 2015. Over a year later the children still live in makeshift shacks and many cannot go to school. The Government has agreed that Freedom Matters can rebuild this school but to do so we need your help. A modest amount of money will rebuild this school and improve teaching, by providing training and better facilities, like books, chairs and tables, toilets and a playground.


    We will work with a local organisation in Nepal and the Government to rebuild the school to earthquake resistant standards. Architects drawings are ready and a 'bill of quantities' agreed. We will train local unemployed people in construction skills to work with a building engineer. The school will be made child-friendly with boys and girls toilets, chairs and tables, classroom resources and training for staff, as well as providing a safe place to play.

  • Aims

    Aim 1

    Rebuild the school so it has earthquake resistance and can meet the learning needs of the children.


    » Design and cost the new building, together with local people, and seek Government approval (all completed).
    » Train local unemployed people in construction skills (to help with the building) and find them more construction work after this school is completed.
    » Rebuild the school using local trained labour in support of an experienced building engineer and monitor the work and costs against the plan.

    What success will look like

    School is rebuilt to earthquake resistant standards and passes inspection by our own experts and the Government . School reopens with Management Committee reporting improvements.

    Aim 2

    Provide additional facilities and training for a child friendly school (CFS), conducive to learning.


    » Work with the teachers and children to find out what is needed to enhance education eg a playground, separate toilets for boys and girls, furniture.
    » Provide training to teachers and parents about the meaning of a child friendly school (CFS) and improved teaching methods eg child led learning.
    » Incorporate CFS solutions into the building work and provide any equipment needed to enhance the learning environment.

    What success will look like

    A plan for improved facilities is made with local people. Training is given to parents, teachers and School Committee. Resources are provided as planned. Children report positively

  • Impact


    We will continue to work in the area for 3 years and will monitor longer term change. We expect to report that school attendance is better with more children going on to secondary school. Adults will benefit from training and jobs (construction, teaching). Parents will benefit from having children safe in school and less accessible to child traffickers. Children will enjoy school more. We expect to see a reduction in poverty in the long term due to our work, and education will contribute to this


    We have undertaken a risk assessment for this project. Major risks concerned a lack of approval from the National Reconstruction Authority but this has now been given. Another risk is the ability to get everything in place for a limited 7 month building period between monsoons. We have engaged local staff to help speed up the construction process. The lack of local construction skills is being addressed by training local people to fill gaps.


    Our local partner organisation in Nepal will be contractually obliged to report progress to us every quarter to an agreed format and to accommodate our own audit of the project quarterly too. These reports will form the basis of our reports to our donors and we will include photographic evidence.

  • Budget

    Budget - Project Cost: £25,000

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      Amount Heading Description
      £13,333 Build Building School
      £1,800 Plan Plans and approvals
      £1,792 Train Construction skill training
      £1,500 Equip Classroom equipment
      £2,503 Manage Nepal staff and office
      £1,250 Monitor M&E, audit, reporting
      £2,822 Access Vehicle to reach village
  • Background


    The project is in Dhading District in Nepal in a village development committee area called Marpak. It is a very poor area in the Himalayan foothills and inaccessible by road for 5 months of the year due to the monsoon. This area is close to the epicentre of the major earthquake of April 2015 which almost completely destroyed it. People are living in shacks and schools are gone. It is an area of subsistence farming and many of the younger men have left to join the army or find work in the cities.


    Children who will be able to go back to school and have a better school environment for learning.
    Teachers who will regain their livelihood and receive training.
    Parents whose children can go to school - they will have more ability to work
    Adults who receive construction skill training and help to find work.
    The whole community, as education will help them to get out of poverty in the longer term.

  • Why Us?

    Why Us?

    We have working in Nepal since 2102 but our Founder has worked in Nepal for 20 years delivering projects for children and poor communities, including construction projects. After the earthquake we delivered emergency aid to 3 Districts/13000 people in Nepal. The Government has selected our local partner to do this earthquake reconstruction work based on their track record. Our UK Manager has over 20 years experience of monitoring and evaluating overseas projects and a good knowledge of Nepal.

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    Helen Harper UK MANAGER Freedom Matters

    Monitoring and evaluation of project. Reporting to donors. Auditing project and financial management. Fundraising.

    Anil Paudel

    CEO of Right4Children who will deliver the project and manage all the project staff and any sub-contractors

    Nirwan Moktan VOLUNTEER In NEPAL

    Nirwan will be the overall Project Manager reporting to Anil and he will be responsible for recruiting and managing the local staff team.