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Project information

Helping Kolkata slum children to stay in school

To provide specialist tutoring and education camps to slum children from families who do not traditionally attend school. Raise children's education levels to the correct point for their age will help them to remain in school and maximise their chance to break free from intergenerational poverty.

1 year

Charity information: Child In Need India (CINI)

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  • Need


    Schooling in India is free and available but many uneducated families in Indian slums fail to see the value of keeping children in school. Children are are often forced to to prioritise their wage earning capacity over their education and although children can easily be absorbed into the labour market and quickly earn a low wage, their consequent lack of education prevents them from future career progression.

    Currently over 65% of children will not graduate from school at the age of 14.


    CINI has set up education camps across 4 locations in the Kolkata slums. These camps will use existing community spaces to provide specialist tutoring to children who are not achieving at the correct level for their age. Closing these 'education gaps' will build their confidence with regards to school attendance and help them stay within the schooling system.

    We will also work with parents in order to help them understand the importance and benefits of prolonged education for their children.

  • Aims

    Aim 1

    To enroll 75% of an identified 250 children who have fallen out of school back into school.


    » CINI’s Community Workers in the Kolkata slums will work to identify and refer children who have fallen out of or are at risk of falling out of school
    » Running 4 (year long) educations camps within the community. Specially trained teachers will help children to reach the correct education level.
    » Children and families will receive specialist support to help build their confidence in the education system. Parents will attend monthly meetings.
    » Academic Planning has been modified with centre volunteers to develop a year long plan for ensuring quality education and a structured lession plans

    What success will look like

    187 of children who have attended our training camps in one year will be enrolled into school at the correct level for them.

    Aim 2

    To have at least 70% of children in camps reading and writing at the correct level for their age.


    » Teachers will be provided will specialist training focused on helping and fast tracking underachieving children to the correct education level.
    » Children will be assessed and streamed into different level classes in order to receive the correct level of teaching for them.
    » We will provide follow up services with schools and parents in order to keep children in school.

    What success will look like

    175 children out of 250 assessed at the end of the year will be reading and writing at or above the correct level for their age.

    Aim 3

    To create a supportive environment for the children within their community and school.


    » Monthly meetings for parents to work with teachers to build confidence and raise expectations for their children and the community.
    » Formation and management of a children's Parliament, where children can work together to tackle issues they are facing and come to group decisions.
    » Building links in the community by networking and working with local community groups, government workers, teachers and key people.
    » CINI will provide training on non educational issues to staff. We will help children express themselves through art, play and team work.

    What success will look like

    Community workers and government workers will understand & support the aim of keeping children in school. Teachers, children and parents will be fully invested in the project.

    Aim 4

    Providing extra support to remaining 25% with learning difficulties and behavioural problems


    » Providing 2 back up support centres for more intensive remedial support to children.
    » Providing trained staff to help support children who are very far behind or suffer with issues relating to behaviour or learning.

    What success will look like

    Those that may not be able to reach the standards needed within the year will attend Back Up Support Centres where they will receive the help and counselling they need.

    Aim 5

    Maintaining top quality monitoring and evaluation.


    » Children will receive initial assessment to determine the level of their education gap.
    » Children will receive regular assessment of progress.
    » Data collected from assessment and reports will be collated and written up. These reports allow CINI to monitor progress across our objectives.

    What success will look like

    At the end of the year holding well managed usable data and feedback that can be used to review the project and implement positive changes for the future.

  • Impact


    Due to this 'tradition' of a lack of education for India's poor there is still a huge disparity in levels of education. There is much work to do, but by raising poor families education and confidence in the education system (which is provided to them free of charge) we can help make permanent shifts towards closing this gap.

    For the 250 children who will attend the camps they will receive the support and education needed to lift themselves and their families from poverty forever.


    There is often a lack of interest from fathers in the education of their children. It is women who are tasked with arranging the education of the children. We are dealing with this through our community engagement work. We run workshops, training and produce information to encourage men to invest in their children's education at a younger age.

    The other main risk is a reduction in income for the family. We provide meals for children who attend so families do not have to worry about this cost.


    The project is dedicated to collecting reliable and usable data on families and progress (lack of good quality data can be a problem with some government programs so we want to address this and percent replication of work). We will use this to write and provide 6 monthly reports.

  • Budget

    Budget - Project Cost: £7,790

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      Amount Heading Description
      £2,094 Teachers Cost of 9 teachers across 4 sites
      £761 Projector Coordinator part time project coordinator to assist running of sites
      £1,269 Project Supervisor In charge of running the project across the 4 sites.
      £1,489 Daily meals for children Tiffin provided to 150 children
      £400 Workshops and training Specialist training for teachers, regular meetings for parents and community engagement work
      £400 Educational materials Education materials for art workshops, creative projects and art therapy
      £490 Administration and Events Paper, Printing, travel, Community promotional events for project
      £887 Monitoring and Evaluation Information Collection and Reporting
  • Background


    This project is running in three Kolkata slum areas (district 64, 65, 66).

    There are 2011 registered & 3500 unregistered slums in Calcutta and despite India's progress in the past years these slum areas are continuously overlooked with regard to development. 40% of Kolkata’s slum residents have been slum dwellers for two generations or longer. With the majority engaged in the informal sector, average monthly earnings are low resulting in three quarters of people living below the poverty line.


    Living in such difficult circumstances children often don't stand a chance of finishing their education.

    We budget to be able to provide 1 to 1 support to 250 nominated and referred children in the Kolkata slums.

    By providing food, shelter, support and counselling as well education we hope we can make a significant long term difference to the lives of these children and their families.

  • Why Us?

    Why Us?

    CINI has been working for the past 42 years in Kolkata and the Eastern States of India to tackle issues relating to poverty. Many of our staff are from West Bengal and some have been beneficiaries of CINI's work themselves as a result we have a deeper understand the diverse needs of these communities.

    We are an award winning organisation who work in partnership with the community and the Indian Government to bring the best possible outcome for Indian people living in poverty.

    Read more about the Charity running this project.


    Dr Samir Chaudhuri

    Dr Chaudhuri is CINI's Founder. In 2008 he was awarded the Ellis Island Medal of Honor Global Humanitarian Award.