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4 The 94 Children of Gambia

In Nov '15, 4TC took over an abandoned Gambian shelter with 94 single-parent & orphan children living inside it. The children were neglected by a previous organisation for 3 years. The shelter is made of mud with no sanitation. We want to raise as much as possible to improve their living conditions

12 Months

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  • Need


    We have managed to provide basic food and education for the past 8 months. This aid is very basic due to the lack of funds.
    They live in a shelter which is made from mud, and contains just one large hall. The children eat and sleep in this same hall, which contains no kind of sanitation. Their schooling is also done here.
    The children desperately need sanitation facilities. The levels of hygiene are extremely low. The children are exposed to all kinds of infections and disease.


    4TC are trying to raise as much funds as possible in order to build an orphanage that will provide a safe, secure, and a hygienic environment. Included in this, will be the malaria-prevention programme. This programme will include malaria tablets and quality mosquito nets.
    At a bare minimum, funds are needed for the continuation of the food supply we send monthly.

  • Aims

    Aim 1

    To raise funds to provide more nutritious meals and to ensure the continuation of these meals.


    » We will be able to alter the food packages we send and send more every month. Currently the children only have 2 meals a day.

    We will provide live podcasts and plenty of images and videos to show how much the public's funds have helped.

    Aim 2

    To raise funds to contribute towards the Malaria Prevention Programme.


    » We will send 50p malaria tablets (just 50p to potentially save a life!) and quality mosquito nets. Malaria is a common killer in The Gambia.

    We will provide live podcasts and plenty of images and videos to show how much the public's funds have helped.

    Aim 3

    To raise as much as possible to build a safe, secure, and hygienic orphanage to replace the shelter


    » Once funds are raised, charity representatives and volunteers will travel to The Gambia and arrange a cost effective building of the orphanage.

    We will provide live podcasts and plenty of images and videos to show how much the public's funds have helped.

  • Impact


    The underlying problem of all 3 aims are linked.
    The food packages are basic due to lack of funds.
    The children live in low hygiene levels with no sanitation which is leading to illnesses and malaria. The fundamental solution is build a clean environment for the children with nutritious meals.
    Again, we will provide live podcasts and plenty of images and videos to show how much the public's funds have helped. We will also send updates to donors if they request this.


    The only risk we have, is if the charity has insufficient funds to continue feeding the 94 children their basic 2 meals a day.


    Updates on our website, and across all our social media platforms. Our facebook page is regularly updated. If the donors request updates or subscribe on our website, they will also receive any updates of projects, stories, activities etc.

  • Budget

    Budget - Project Cost: £2,000

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      Amount Heading Description
      £500 Mosquito nets 100 mosquito nets
      £300 Malaria tablets 200 tablets
      £200 First Aid Kits 5 Industrial first aid kits
      £1,000 3 meals 3 meals for 94 children for 1 month
  • Background


    The Gambia is one of Africa's smallest and poorest nations, ranking 168th out of 187 countries in the United Nations Development Programmes.

    Over 60% of all Gambians live in extreme poverty.

    Water and sanitation related-deaths represent 20% of under-five (U-5) deaths,

    Inadequate access to basic social services such as health, clean water, basic sanitation and hygiene aggravates high prevalence of childhood diseases, especially malaria and diarrhea.


    94 single-parent and orphan children in The Gambia. They spend their whole day in one place (the shelter is made up of one large hall) i.e. eat, sleep, study etc. This place has no sanitation and extremely low levels of hygiene. The whole thing is made of mud.
    The children use man-made holes in the ground as toilets. It really isn't enough to provide them with just 2 basic meals a day. We really need your generous donations for this cause.

  • Why Us?

    Why Us?

    One of the founders of the charity has extensive experience with aid work on an international scale. He has also been running the project since it started 8 months ago, and the locals have come to know and trust him. If we are to build an orphanage, he is best placed to organise and guide the project.

    Read more about the Charity running this project.


    Tanya Simpson

    Trustee & Fundraiser

    Amaani Baragaba

    Social Media Coordinator & Fundraiser