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Project information

Families Together

We wish to deliver family riding sessions to people with a disabled member within the family. We want to inspire the families to get a better understanding of different disabilities and increase the time spent together as a family in health activities, with a level playing field for all members.

26 weeks

Charity information: Barnsley Riding for the Disabled Association

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  • Need


    For a young disabled person, horse riding brings not only physiotherapy, but a sense of achievement, yet for the siblings it can be upsetting to see their disabled brother or sister having a “riding lesson” whilst they are not allowed. We see many incidents of sibling jealousy, especially with younger children who do not understand that for their disabled sibling, it is a physiotherapy session. They perceive their brother or sister as being treated differently and being rewarded


    more and more families who are desperate to find activities they can enjoy as a whole, with minimal alterations to account for needs resulting from disability.
    Parents have said this is a huge issue at home for their family and have expressed a strong desire to be able to take part in a family orientated activity which all members can take part in equally. This project will address this need and make a huge difference in our beneficiaries lives.

  • Aims

    Aim 1

    Get 25 families riding together


    » Horse Riding as a family group

    What success will look like

    we will keep records of the riders and number of families.

    Aim 2

    provide physical activities that everyone can get involved in regardless of ability or disability


    » Horse Riding together as a family with minimal adjustments needed for disability

    What success will look like

    Getting families riding together and demonstrating that horse riding is an activity that can achieve this

    Aim 3

    Create a better understanding of disability


    » bringing people together via horse riding to be able to dispel myths about disability and celebrate the abilities.

    What success will look like

    showing that disability does not mean unable - its means MORE able. Showing that disability does not define someone.

  • Impact


    The project will bring families closer together via shared activities.

    It will increase the confidence of the disabled individual through demonstrating that they are just as able as their non-disabled siblings and parents.

    It will dispel some of the myths that surround disability - both in the general public, but also in people affected by disability. this will be demonstrated as the lessons go on and the participants shart learning that disability does not mean someone CANNOT do.


    Weather is a huge risk to our project and one we cannot control or influence. What we can do is to plan well the sessions and be flexible in our response to the weather. For example, if it is raining, we can move the lesson to another date when the weather is better suited to the riders and their particular needs (it is okay for a non-disabled rider to ride when it is cold or wet, but this might cause serious illness in a disabled rider).


    We will post lots of updates on our Facebook page which is very popular and followed by many.

    We will post photos of the sessions where we have permission by the riders.

    We will share the stories in the press where possible.

    We will update our donors via personal emails and letters.

  • Budget

    Budget - Project Cost: £9,325

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      Amount Heading Description
      £7,800 Sessional Instructors this will deliver 156 hours of horse riding sessions.
      £1,025 Volunteer Expenses This would cover travel costs, a sandwich at lunch and volunteer uniform.
      £500 Equipment This would cover equipment that can be used on sessions.
  • Background


    Many children with disabilities within Barnsley are still, to a large extent, socially segregated and experience negative societal stereotypes and low performance expectations, rendering them with limited opportunities for participation in group physical activities. These attitudinal barriers in the community contribute to a lack of awareness regarding current sports based programs and opportunities to participate.


    Children, Young People and Adults, all with disabilities. would be the main beneficiaries as the impact of horse riding as a form of physiotherapy is huge.

    But their families would benefit greatly through the breakdown of barriers - through not having to do sports and activities separately - through being able to do something together as a whole family without making massive adjustments.

  • Why Us?

    Why Us?

    Barnsley Riding for the Disabled was formed in 1979 as a result of initiatives taken by the council for voluntary service. Onsite, we have built stables with office facilities, an all weather outdoor riding arena and have completed environmental work with fences, paths, tree planting and features for our disabled users. Each week some 80+ disabled people – adults and children, both mentally and/or physically disabled have riding lessons at our centre.

    Read more about the Charity running this project.


    Cathering Mitchell

    Catherine is the Yard manager at Barnsley RDA and the backbone of the centre. A qualified disabled riding instructor.

    Many Volunteers

    We have too many to name individually, but without them getting the horses ready and taking part in lessons - the project will not happen

    Katie Rhodes

    Katie is a qualified disabled riding instructor at Barnsley RDA