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Serious Science 4 Kurious Kidz!

Serious Science 4 Kurious Kidz! will enable 60 disadvantaged children from inner city areas in London to participate in extremely fun and stimulating science experiments and activities on Sundays under the guidance of experienced mentors and teachers.

April 2017 - December 2017

Charity information: Viznitz Limited

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  • Need


    The children we are targeting are the above average, intelligent and curious ones, whose minds need to be stimulated when not in school, however their parents can't afford to send them to expensive clubs and to purchase equipment/books to satisfy their thirst for knowledge. Being that the weekend is long the children are 'crawling the walls' with nothing to do. Many of them live in overcrowded accommodations with little/no garden access,
    further aggravating their situation.


    Serious Science 4 Kurious Kidz! will run weekly intense, extremely exciting and stimulating science clubs for 60 children from disadvantaged homes for 2 hours every Sunday. The club will run various competitions, science fairs, experiments and challenging activities and will feature various speakers, all to satisfy these children's thirst for knowledge.

  • Aims

    Aim 1

    To stimulate the young, bright minds of 60 disadvantaged children during their weekend.


    » Launching a weekly stimulating club- Serious Science 4 Curious Kidz.

    What success will look like

    We will run a Science Fair upon completion of the project, where the children will demonstrate and show all that they have managed to achieve.

  • Impact


    The young, bright minds will be stimulated and be encouraged by our mentors and teachers to further their studies, leading them to stretch their minds in a way their parents would be otherwise unable to afford to.
    Success will be seeing the children participate in the course and to enjoy their weekends, which was for them 'one long empty stretch' until now.


    Safeguarding the children and young people in our care is central to our work, and all staff and volunteers will have enhanced DBS checks and attend annual Safeguarding Training.
    There is always the risk that a child might drop out in middle and discontinue attending the sessions. Our staff and volunteers will continuously to motivate the children with awards, fun programs several times during the course.


    Funders of the projects will receive a bi-annual report of the goings-on at the project to include a list of activities that have taken place.

  • Budget

    Budget - Project Cost: £50,000

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      Amount Heading Description
      £36,000 Staff 8 staff to run the sessions
      £5,000 Food and Drinks healthy snacks
      £9,000 equipment and supplies for experiments
  • Background


    Hackney and Haringey boasts a mix of multi culture with Hackney having the highest deprivation index of the UK. A high percentage of residents are on mean tested benefits and are living in social housing


    60 intelligent children and their families will gain tremendously from project.

  • Why Us?

    Why Us?

    As a grassroots community organisation, we have successfully run various local projects for four years and have developed a close relationship with our users. All our projects were/are oversubscribed and we have received tremendously positive feedback. We have been approached by our users to launch this very important project. We also have our team of dedicated volunteers who are willing to lead on this project.

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    Mr Meyer Halpern

    Project Coordinator