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Re-Pitching Our Tent

To re-order the layout of our three church buildings to provide a warm welcoming space that is fit for modern Worship and provides a range of facilities for the benefit of the whole community

Around 3 years

Charity information: The Parish of Three Saints

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  • Need


    Our three church buildings are extremely expensive to maintain and will be impossible to sustain long term as they are currently only fit for traditional Worship and Christian festivals.They are cold, uncomfortable and completely inflexible. They are currently only used for c300 hours per annum and stand idle for the remainder of the year.


    By creating a warm, comfortable, flexible and welcoming space in all three buildings. This will not only provide the facility for various methods of Worship it will also create space for the whole community to use the buildings in a variety of ways and thus generate valuable income.
    As an example our three primary schools will have additional space for the development of extra activities. One village does not have a suitable Hall, the project will provide this.

  • Aims

    Aim 1

    To ensure our three Grade 1 listed buildings are sustainable for future generations


    » Ensure the finished product satisfies the needs of worship and the wider comunity.
    » Work with all the Heritage bodies to ensure we maintain the historical importance of the buildings

    Each building will become a revenue stream rather than a money pit

    Aim 2

    To involve the whole community in the development of the project


    » We have already carried out a survey of the whole neighbourhood to understand their current view of the churches and how they see them developing.
    » We have formed a working group with representatives from all villages to develop plans for the improvements and have four held presentations
    » We will consult with the whole community before finalising any plans to ensure the final solution meets the needs of the community

    Well attended and received presentations and a solution which has wide acceptance

  • Impact


    Our three buildings will be open for everyday use with a variety of activities and facilities of benefit to the whole neighbourhood. The proof will be how these facilities are used and the number of residents attending the activities.
    Additionally we would hope to see an increased number of our residents engaging with God in a variety of ways from attending Worship, attending study classes or joining in our community choir or children's church.


    The two main risks are funding and lack of community enthusiasm.
    We are addressing the funding issue through careful planning of fund raising activities and considered research of the range of grant funders available.
    The community enthusiasm is being engendered through the encouragement of their involvement in how we are approaching the project and how we chose the final solution. It will also be very important to utilise local trades people in any work.


    We currently produce a monthly newsletter, which is also posted on our website.
    We will continue with local presentations and use the three village magazines.
    As our Civil Parishes and schools are supporting our project we will be able to disseminate information through them.

  • Budget

    Budget - Project Cost: £500,000

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      Amount Heading Description
      £150,000 Lympsham church Estimated cost to re-order
      £150,000 Brent Knoll Church Estimated cost to re-order
      £200,000 East Brent Church Estimated cost to re-order
  • Background


    Our area of Somerset is steeped in history, all buildings date back to medieval england and their link to the ancient Abbey of Glastonbury.
    The demographics of the area are typical rural England ranging from agricultural workers through those involved in the hospitality trade to middle and senior management. There is a high percentage of retired who need local facilities and three primary schools with an attendance of c250 children.


    The whole community can benefit in a variety of ways.
    Children will have the use of large spaces to learn and play.
    Toddler and pre-school children and their parents will have facilites.
    Cultural activities will take place for all.
    Local facilites for the elderly to engage with their neighbours, such as a cafe, library and free trade shop.
    Our Worship community will have a warm confortable space to deveop their love of God

  • Why Us?

    Why Us?

    Because we have the responsibilty and care of the buildings. If we do nothing the buildings will deteriorate and probably close.

    Read more about the Charity running this project.


    Reverend Simon Lewis

    Simon is the incumbent Priest and has ultimate responsibility, through the PCC, for the buildings

    Geoffrey Searle

    Project Manager with 20 years experience with the MOD in project management. Geoff also leads our Buildings & Ground Team

    Jim Hanmer

    Treasurer and grant fund co-ordinator.

    All The Stakeholders

    The stakeholders make up the working group tasked with managing the project and represent all our community