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Bright Stars: Young People & Domestic Abuse Group

A psycho-educational group for young people who have witnessed or have directly suffered domestic abuse at any point in their lives. Developed to alleviate the negative impacts that can arise from such experiences, and to encourage emotional resilience and healthy relationships.

The programme will run for 10 weeks.

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  • Need


    Research suggests that children and young people who experience violence and abuse within the home are at significant risk of ever-increasing harm to their emotional and social development. These experiences can involve emotional, physical, sexual or psychological abuse. As well as being victim to these types of abuse themselves, many children are negatively impacted from witnessing these behaviours, sometimes learning dominating or increasingly defensive behaviours themselves.


    This group has been developed so as to provide a safe space for those who often otherwise feel that they must "suffer in silence," allowing them to explore what these experiences have meant for them in their lives, and a chance to work on ideas of empathy, relationships, communication and coping skills. By involving interactive activities and creative games, we will be offering group members a comfortable and non-judgmental environment to explore and develop thoughts, feelings and behaviours.

  • Aims

    Aim 1

    Alleviate negative impacts and to break the cycles of domestic abuse in the lives of young people.


    » Therapeutic exploration of the impact of experiences of domestic abuse and associated thoughts, feelings and behaviours
    » Psycho-educational interactive activities exploring themes of relationships/empathy/consent, communication/emotional coping skills & risk prevention

    What success will look like

    Outcome measures around aspects of wellbeing; including mood, behaviours, everyday coping skills and maintaining healthy relationships

  • Impact


    By providing a safe space for children and young people to explore the impacts of in/direct experiences of domestic abuse, we hope to limit the negative impacts of domestic abuse - both on an individual and social level. This also involves interjecting in the frequently evidenced "cycle of abuse" that can lead individuals to repeat abusive relationships. As an early intervention project, we hope to give young people the tools they need to engage in healthy relationships in the present and future


    The biggest challenge of this project has been engaging young people in the due to the gravity and misconceptions surrounding the topic. We have taken steps to ensure that the group is accessible as possible to potential members, by using an inviting name and developing age-appropriate, creative and innovative activities to create a comfortable space for exploring the ambiguities of abusive behaviours and relationships.


    We will communicate to donors via our established social media networks as well as establishing a quarterly newsletter which will provide details of developments, news and success stories. This will also include analysis of monitored outcomes and results.

  • Budget

    Budget - Project Cost: £15,360

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      Amount Heading Description
      £5,400 Salaries 2 X Delivery Facilitators
      £1,800 Staff Costs Supervision, Training etc.
      £2,640 Participants Activities Venue costs, Refreshments
      £2,400 Resource Costs Cleaning, consumables, sundries
      £3,120 Other Management, Admin etc.

    Current Funding / Pledges

    Source Amount
    Southampton City Council £3,000 Guaranteed
  • Background


    Based in Southampton, we offer services to those across Western Hampshire. Working in a city with an adolescent population of 20% (7% above national average) there is a substantial need for services to support vulnerable young people within the region. Additionally, we work with many diverse ethnicities and cultures. In 2011, over 23% of residents stated a non white-british nationality, as such we have experience in dealing with more culturally specific issues of domestic and sexual abuse.


    Our group is open to children and young people aged 11 - 18 years old, both male and female. It is developed for those who have experienced domestic abuse in any capacity at any point of their lives; either directly, or witnessing it within their home. Many of these group members are sibling groups, having been referred by social services, family support workers, and other youth voluntary agencies within the city.

  • Why Us?

    Why Us?

    With over 30 years' experience working to support those who have experienced sexual violence and/or abuse within the region, we have specialist services offering a holistic approach to this issue. As such, we recognise the intrinsic links that often exist between these issues and that of other forms of domestic abuse. We have used this knowledge to develop best practices, using therapeutic, informative and educational tools to engage with young people across the region.

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    Scott is one of our STAR Project workers - a programme developed to deliver sessions in schools and other settings to promote healthy relationships.


    Laura is an experienced counsellor who has worked with both adults and young people specialising in issues of abuse.