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Malazi Disability Outreach Program

Improving outcomes for children with disabilities and their families. Specifically through better nutrition, better education, access to health services, and better integration into the wider community for the child and their families. All leading to increased expectations and opportunities .

January 2017 - December 2017

Charity information: Friends Of Kianjai Kenya

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  • Need


    Due to family poverty and an attitude of ignorance and fear of disability, disabled children often lead a miserable existence in this community. These children rarely obtain medical interventions and are frequently neglected and malnourished. They are often hidden and excluded from the community. Their parents feel a great sense of shame and guilt
    Famine and poverty is the norm, with crops failing due to lack of rainfall and no harvested water. This leads to malnutrition and sometimes death


    Working in partnership since 2011, local leaders and FKK have slowly developed a range of low cost sustainable interventions to support this disabled community. By ensuring that all projects are discussed and approved within the community these interventions are fully owned by driven by local people.
    The School farms will provide harvested water and ongoing support to grow food. Our mobile clinics aims to improve health outcomes. Playgroups and Workshops educate families, encourage and support

  • Aims

    Aim 1

    Reduce malnutrition/improve physical wellbeing for 80 disabled children at two Special Need Schools


    » Plan and develop school farms to harvest water, and irrigate land to grow food. This will enable the units to provide morning porridge and lunch.
    » Continue providing funds for the units to purchase food for one year until the farms are established. NB FKK has fed these units since 2011
    » Fund a nutritionist to visit schools to assess children and issue the free supplements provided by World Health Organization.

    Teacher observations and records from nutritionist

    Aim 2

    Reduce malnutrition and neglect amongst the disabled homebound ( those unable to travel to school)


    » Provide a monthly food parcel to the mother or carer ( value £8) if the child is well cared for. This is assessed by the local special unit teacher
    » Fund child to attend a mobile clinic attended by an FKK supported nutritionist, who can issue the free supplements. Families have no funds for travel

    Teacher observations and records from nutritionist

    Aim 3

    Improve the physical and emotional wellbeing of disabled children and their families


    » Continue to provide a mobile monthly physiotherapy clinic staffed by Kenyan professionals and teachers to deliver an early intervention program.
    » Launch disabled playgroups at village health centres to encourage peer support and break down mothers isolation,also a venue for health interventions
    » Run monthly Community Workshops to both educate and provide a meeting place for our mothers. Child outcomes are much enhanced if the mother is engaged

    Physical: Physiotherapist reports from mobile clinics and teacher observations
    Emotional: No's attending peer support groups. Follow up on base line survey already complete

  • Impact


    Through developing school farms the community will have the ability to feed these Special Needs children and not be reliant on food aid. With good nutrition the child has improved health and functions better Working the farm they can learn good farming skills and increase their standing in the family /community .

    Through education the community and parents will understand the medical causes of disability and reduce the 'bad omen' stigma surrounding it.
    Parents can learn to accept their child


    Risk:Equipping the farms and the community not being willing to work the land as they have no motivation to feed disabled children.

    We have worked with the local church leaders to 'sensitize' them to their need to support this group. We have held annual disability awareness days since 2011 to highlight the plight of the disabled to the Community. We have written commitments from the able bodied community to support this venture.


    Via our web site, and on Facebook.
    We also send out mailings to donors who pass on their email address.

  • Budget

    Budget - Project Cost: £11,558

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      Amount Heading Description
      £7,500 Farm development Harvesting water from a river and a roof,tank storage,drip irrigation system
      £1,500 Supply of Food Continued feeding of the two units whilst farm is built
      £1,920 Homebound feeding program Feeding 20 children @£8 month for 12 months
      £638 Mobile physio/nutrition clinic plus community workshops and playgroups
  • Background


    Muccune and Kanjalu Special Units are in Tigania West. This is 180 kms north of Nairobi .The projects is set in this semi arid area.The population is mainly peasant farmers living at a subsistence level. Very few permanent rivers are in the area and hence if the rains fail there are regular famines. The World Health Organisation has identified this area as suffering from stunted growth due to poor nutrition. It receives little Govt or NGO support with most of this going further north .


    Specifically the project will benefit disabled children and their families. Providing both practical and emotional support to both. Through education and modelling a compassionate approach towards disability to the wider community ,barriers can be broken down and slowly attitudes can become more inclusive. This gradual shift towards acceptance of difference is a benefit to the whole community.
    FKK have fed these children since 2011 but need to provide a long term sustainable solution to famine

  • Why Us?

    Why Us?

    Friends of Kianjai have been working in partnership with this community for five years across a wide range of projects. In this time we have slowly built up trust and a good working relationship with many sectors within the community. Working directly with motivated people at the grassroots we are able to achieve a high impact very efficiently. We work alongside the church, teachers, and health professionals resourcing them with monies,tools,skills to maximise the outcome from their endeavours

    Read more about the Charity running this project.


    Mr Nkanata Mwiti

    Special needs teacher at Muccune school and the Chair of the local committee who lead on disability projects

    Ronald Kanradi

    Water Management expert who will advise on the farm development and provide training .

    Mr George Kinoti

    Physiotherapist based at local mission hospital who leads on physio and nutrition interventions. Oversee delivery and monitoring

    Rev Jonathan Gichaara

    Methodist Minister from this community and held in very high regard by them although he is now living in the UK. He is on the UK FKK Board

' Neighbours called my child a cripple and told me not to have any more. They say it's in my blood'

Mother of 12 year old with Cerebral Palsy