Project information

Performance Area Rennovation

We have already transformed the church's west end, making the building much more useful to the congregation and local community. We now wish to refurbish the performance area of the church by laying new flooring and installing a motorised stage to host a variety of larger scale community events.

3-4 months

Charity information: Christ Church Community Trust

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  • Need


    The church building is used to host a growing number of large scale community and cultural events, such as school assemblies, concerts and public lectures. The performance area at the front of the church (the east end) is not fit for this purpose, due to uneven flooring, limited space and poor visibility.


    We will increase the size of the performance area through modest pew removal; we will install a motorised rising stage to give us maximum flexibility in how we use the east end of the building; we will lay new, level flooring, matching the recently renovated west end flooring. Our proposed works will harmonise the appearance of the east and west ends of the building and enable us to effectively host large scale community gatherings, bringing benefits to the congregation and wider community.

  • Aims

    Aim 1

    Install motorised stage


    » This will require modest pew removal, some excavation work and finally the installation of the motorised stage, by a specialist company.

    What success will look like

    As this activity involves installation work, success will be demonstrated when the works are complete and the new stage is put to use hosting concerts, school assemblies & lectures

    Aim 2

    Flooring and restoration


    » We will lay purbeck stone tiles, as in the recently refurbished west end of the building, and restore damaged stonework in the east end of the church.

    What success will look like

    As this activity involves building works, success will be demonstrated when the repairs are completed and the new floor is laid.

  • Impact


    The renovation of the west end of the building has resulted in significant tangible and intangible benefits (e.g. increased community use and a deeper sense of local community). Given this track record, we are confident that the proposed works will further increase community use of the building and enable us to be more effective in hosting large scale gatherings (concerts, lectures, etc). This in turn will lead to a greater sense of unity and cohesion in our local community.


    Aside from the general risks inherent in a building project, no risks peculiar to this project have been identified. Ongoing maintenance costs will be met by revenue from events and from hiring out space in the building. We will employ a contractor and specialist stage company, with experience working in listed churches, to make sure the building is well protected during the works.


    We will produce a report, after completion of the project, which donors can elect to receive.

  • Budget

    Budget - Project Cost: £327,000

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      Amount Heading Description
      £112,636 Stage Works & Installation Stage substructure and stage proper
      £32,824 Tiles & Flooring Purbeck stone tiling and finishes to harmonise with the flooring in the rest of the east end
      £48,363 Contractors Costs Site costs and mark up
      £42,211 Professional Fees Architects Fees
      £36,394 Other works & contingency Protection of building, minor repair works, contingency for increased costs
      £54,572 VAT VAT

    Current Funding / Pledges

    Source Amount
    Own Reserves £11,000 Guaranteed
    Congregational Giving £27,375 Guaranteed
    Local Community Support £150,000 Conditional
    VAT Recovery under Listed Places of Worship Grant Scheme £54,572 Conditional
  • Background


    Christ Church is situated in Kensington, in the heart of what many local people consider to be a village within bustling West London. As identified in a recent community survey, it is the only large community space in the area and, as such, is a hub for social, community and cultural activities as well as a vital space for local schools and other community groups.


    We have a strong community focus; every week, the building is used for 70+ hours by approximately 400 adults & 600 children. 80% of this use is by the wider community, providing a meeting space for numerous local groups and organisations. In particular we host young people (e.g. local school assemblies); the elderly, through our visiting, care and social programme; alcoholics anonymous; students from local universities; French and Japanese congregations and of course our own congregation.

  • Why Us?

    Why Us?

    As custodians of a 160 year old, grade II listed building we have already invested heavily in its repair and restoration. We have the willingness and desire to see the works completed, the experience of many years of stewarding this precious heritage and, above all, the broad and deep support of our local community, who are eager to see these works completd.

    Read more about the Charity running this project.


    Mark O'Donoghue

    Associate Minister of St Mary Abbots with special responsibility for Christ Church.

    Adele Pye

    Adele is the church administrator and is responsible for the administration of the project.

    The Trustees

    The Christ Church Community Trust was established to raise funds for the church building. The trustees are members of the church and local community.

The church sits at the centre of the village life of Kensington and manages to combine ancient and modern quite beautifully, welcoming people from every part of society. It is exactly what a church should be and it deserves to flourish.

Charles Good, outgoing Chairman of Christ Church Community Trust