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La Bayadere

La Bayadere is a ballet of historical significance that has never been performed by Birmingham Royal Ballet. It requires significant refurbishment to the sets, props and costumes before it can tour the UK. There will also be UK wide education projects to inspire young people into dance.

January 2017 - November 2017

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  • Need


    In world ballet, the presentation of a handful of the most popular classical works has become the norm, with two hazardous effects.
    Dancers, creatives and audiences alike can stagnate, losing interest in the art form they care about leading to dwindling attendances and an unsustainable Company.
    Also, while all ballets are 'built to last', after decades of use costumes become threadbare and sets disintegrate. Without refurbishment, some of the greatest works of classical ballet will be lost.


    Investing in La Bayadere will further expand Birmingham Royal Ballet's repertory and further our reputation for maintaining the heritage of the ballet tradition. La Bayadere will be fully refurbished so that it can tour to at least 5 major UK venues and be seen by approximately 30,000 people. It will also be possible to tour the ballet again in the future.
    Alongside these performances we will provide education and learning opportunities to engage young people with ballet for the first time.

  • Aims

    Aim 1

    Refurbish and restore a full length ballet ensuring its continued performance for the future.


    » Birmingham Royal Ballet is investing in the refurbishment of La Bayadere to be performed around the UK in Autumn 2017.

    Success will be a fully restoring La Bayadere to a performable state for Autumn 2017.

    Aim 2

    Artistically stimulate the Company, maintaining standards while attracting new dancers to join us.


    » Learning new choreography across multiple roles keeps our dancers at the peak of their abilities and attracts the best to be part of the Company.

    Success will be a vibrant, charismatic Company of Dancers and support staff who inspire each other and the community at large.

    Aim 3

    Encourage existing audiences to discover heritage ballets and broaden their appeal.


    » Extensively tour and market La Bayadere in 5 major UK venues.

    Success will be touring a ballet never before performed by Birmingham Royal Ballet to approximately 30,000 people.

    Aim 4

    Encourage engagement with ballet as an art form by new audiences, especially younger people.


    » Deliver education and community projects around each venue to introduce new audiences to ballet, as well as identifying future talent.

    Success will be delivering education and community projects to approximately 10,000 people around the UK.

  • Impact


    The refurbishment of La Bayadere will underpin ticket sales and broaden audience choice in the 2017/2018 season. Ensuring that income is re-invested into loss-making aspects of our operation (touring, audience development and education/community work) contributes to the health of classical ballet. We will also be able to continuously invest in our dancers and creative team, delivering world class research into performance dance injuries that will extend the careers of dancers around the world.


    The greatest risk to La Bayadere is not securing the necessary funding to refurbish the . To mitigate this possibility, we are also pursuing a number of funding sources and revenue streams to ensure the refurbishment is fully funded.


    Donors to La Bayadere will receive regular updates from Birmingham Royal Ballet through our To The Pointe and Entrechat magazines, as well as an invitation to watch the completed work being rehearsed on stage

  • Budget

    Budget - Project Cost: £450,000

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      Amount Heading Description
      £200,000 Production Costs Refurbishment of all costumes in the ballet to original specifications
      £150,000 Production Costs Refurbishment of all props and sets in the ballet to original specifications
      £100,000 Administration Research, Rehearsal & Tuition time
  • Background


    La Bayadere will be performed first in Birmingham in Autumn 2017. Once part of the repertory, it will be toured in the UK during 2016 with visits to London, Salford, Sunderland and Plymouth, with further venues in negotiations.
    Birmingham Royal Ballet came to Birmingham in 1990 and we are one of the most admired ballet companies in the country, fostering close links with our audiences in every region of the UK, and our local community above all.


    All ballet enthusiasts will benefit from a classical ballet being restored to its original glory.
    The maintenance of the classical ballet canon will also ensure new audiences are encouraged into the auditoriums and classrooms, keeping ballet truly alive.
    Our Company will benefit by being presented with new challenges to face and our reputation for caring for the needs of our dancers will continue to grow

  • Why Us?

    Why Us?

    Birmingham Royal Ballet has one of the broadest repertories in world ballet, with more than 100 pieces maintained and performed by the Company. Our world class team of technical staff regularly maintain and restore ballets from our repertory of a similar age to La Bayadere, and are uniquely positioned to oversee a complete restoration of this piece.
    As the foremost ballet touring Company, performing in more diverse UK locations than any other Company, we can secure substantial ticket sales.

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    David Bintley

    David is Artistic Director of Birmingham Royal Ballet and will oversee the the restoration of La Bayadere.

    Marion Tait

    Marion is Deputy Artistic Director and Ballet Mistress. She will be instrumental in teaching the choreography of La Bayadere.

    Paul Grace

    Paul is the Technical Director and he will oversee the technical departments during the restoration process.

    Elaine Garlick

    Elaine is Head of Costume and she will oversee the restoration and refurbishment of the costumes in La Bayadere.