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Spare Tyre's Travel Buddy Fund

We work with a variety of people including older people (more than 60% of our 'travel buddy' journeys will benefit over 55s in 2016 - 2018), adults with learning disabilities, and those with dementia. Some of them are unable to travel by themselves to projects and events and need a 'travel buddy'.

We're fundraising for 2016/17 and 2017/18

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  • Need


    Spare Tyre aims for its projects to be accessible to everyone. People can feel excluded if they feel like a journey to an event is too difficult. They might worry about changing trains or buses, or what accessibility is like on the way. They might suffer from memory loss, and worry about forgetting the details of their journey on the way. Lack of confidence can make them think 'oh, I'll just stay at home instead'.


    The 'travel buddy' system at Spare Tyre matches our staff and volunteers with participants travelling to our events across London.
    A member of staff might meet a participant at an agreed station or cafe, and travel on with them from there.
    If the journey is complicated on public transport, Spare Tyre arranges taxis to make sure key participants can make it to events and performances.
    The money you donate will pay for the travel buddy's fares for the day, and for the taxi travel that's needed.

  • Aims

    Aim 1

    To ensure all of our events and performances are fully accessible to all kinds of participants.


    » To continue to offer safe, efficient travel to our events for older people, people with dementia, and adults with learning disabilities.

    What success will look like

    Our monitoring data should continue to show high levels of participation from older people, people with dementia, and adults with learning disabilities.

  • Impact


    We hope that Spare Tyre's 'travel buddy' system improves people's confidence and self-esteem.
    When we offer assisted travel, we see participants become long-term friends of Spare Tyre, enjoying a wide range of our activities across London.
    We collect feedback from participants, family members and carers showing improved levels of independence in travel and decision-making of where to spend their time and money. Some go on to become independent travellers.


    Careful co-ordination is needed to ensure that the details of meet-ups are communicated clearly - staff and participants might miss each other through miscommunication. We have learned that frequent phone call reminders and texts can help mitigate this.
    There is a risk that the number of people requiring assisted travel may drop. We mitigate this by continuing to develop our participant register. We meet people in care homes and through local support groups.


    We will send a report at the end of 17/18 financial year, letting you know how many participants benefitted from assisted travel. We'll also send an interim report at the end of the 16/17 financial year.

  • Budget

    Budget - Project Cost: £4,000

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      Amount Heading Description
      £2,000 Assisted travel 80 days of assisted travel in 2016/17.
      £2,000 Assisted travel 80 days of assisted travel in 2017/18
  • Background


    We host and participate in events across London. We are currently working with:
    A group of up to 10 artists (majority over 55s, several with learning disabilities) to produce a theatre piece SAFE at the New Diorama Theatre in March 2017.
    'The Garden', a touring performance for older people with dementia, visiting community spaces in London.
    The Spare Tyre Band (which includes adults with learning disabilities) performs at outdoor festivals across London (Wandsworth, Redbridge, Lewisham).


    Older people (more than 60% of our 'travel buddy' journeys will benefit over 55s in 2016 - 2018.)
    People with dementia
    Adults with learning disabilities
    Their families, guardians and carers, who can feel confident that they are travelling safely and taking part in worthwhile, enjoyable activities.

  • Why Us?

    Why Us?

    Spare Tyre has worked with disadvantaged groups and voiceless communities for nearly 40 years.
    Assisted travel is a core example of our mission to respond with care to the changing needs of the communities we work with. It is core to our enaction of good practice.

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    Lynette Shanbury

    As Exec Director for the last 2 years, Lynette manages the travel budget. She co-ordinates the travel plans for each project, ensuring needs are met.

Vicky Lee, Spare Tyre Artist, says thank you!


£4.50 will pay for a daily TFL Bus pass for a 'travel buddy' to accompany a participant.

‘I feel amazing, I feel I’m reaching out. It’s like it’s part of me... Spare Tyre Band gives me a focus and a meaning’

DJ, Spare Tyre Band Member, 2016.