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Project information

Aisle Roof Repairs

In recent years we have carried out much needed repairs to the church roof to ensure that the building is watertight and useful as a vital community space and place of worship. The final stage of repairs involve the aisle roofs, identified by our architect as being in urgent need of repair.

3 months

Charity information: Christ Church Community Trust

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  • Need


    Our architect summarises the problem as follows: “The aisle roof coverings exhibit many defects and there are a large number of slipping / slipped slates most notably to the south side. The aisle roofs are now in most urgent need of recovering and beyond local patching up that has been going on now for many years.” These defects are putting the interior of the building at risk and jeopardising the use of the building as a community space and place of worship.


    Our architect has recommended renewing the roof covering with fresh slate as well as works to the adjacent parapet walls, copings and flashings to prevent further water ingress. This will ensure that the building is watertight, wind and weather proof and will preserve the integrity of the building for decades to come. This in turn will ensure that the building can continued to be used as a place of worship and community hub by over 1000 weekly users.

  • Aims

    Aim 1

    To repair the aisle roofs of the church in line with our architects recommendations.


    » This will involve stripping the existing tiles and roof works and replacing them with new materials, rending the roof watertight for many years.

    What success will look like

    The roof will become watertight and weatherproof and use of the building will be able to continue as normal.

  • Impact


    Our architect is eager that the repair work goes beyond local patching up that has taken place for many years. His proposed repairs will ensure that the building is watertight for the foreseeable future. This in turn will guarantee the ongoing use of the building as a community space and place of worship.


    1) Unidentified timber decay or structural problems.
    Likelihood: Low
    Impact: High
    Solution: Contingency within costs.

    2) We are unable to raise the additional funds to complete the project
    Likelihood: Low
    Impact: Medium
    Solution: We have the option to split the project
    into two stages and repair the south aisle first. We have been advised that this would cost approximately £80,000 + VAT.


    We will produce a printed and electronic report at the end of the roof repairs, which donors may elect to receive.

  • Budget

    Budget - Project Cost: £175,950

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      Amount Heading Description
      £19,125 Professional Services Architect Costs 13%
      £117,500 Repair and conservation work North and south aisles covering and renewal, rainwater goods, stone work, lead work
      £10,000 Contingency Contingency against project costs including inflation and increased cost of materials
      £29,325 VAT VAT

    Current Funding / Pledges

    Source Amount
    Own Reserves £11,632 Guaranteed
    Donor Contributions £30,000 Guaranteed
    VAT Reclaim £29,325 Conditional
  • Background


    Christ Church is situated in Kensington, in the heart of what some people consider to be a village within bustling West London. As identified in a recent community survey, it is the only large community space in the immediate area and, as such, is a hub for social, community and cultural activities as well as a vital space for local schools and other community groups.


    We have a strong community focus; every week, the building is used for 70+ hours by approximately 400 adults & 600 children. 80% of this use is by the wider community, providing a meeting space for numerous local groups and organisations. In particular we host young people (e.g. local school assemblies); the elderly, through our visiting, care and social programme; alcoholics anonymous; students from local universities; French and Japanese congregations and of course our own congregations.

  • Why Us?

    Why Us?

    As custodians of a 160 year old, grade II listed building we have already invested heavily in its repair and restoration. We have the willingness and desire to see the works completed as well as the experience of many years of stewarding this precious heritage.

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    Mark O'Donoghue

    Associate Minister of St Mary Abbots with special responsibility for Christ Church.

    Adele Pye

    Adele is the church administrator and is responsible for the administration of the project.

    The Community Trust Trustees

    The Christ Church Community Trust was established to raise funds for the church building. The trustees are members of the church and local community.