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Raise the roof

Survivors of brain injury as a result of accidents, traumas, stroke, tumours can happen to anyone. Likely to survive but then will be left to cope with impairments. Transition to independence is the rehabilitation centre goal. We need to expand to meet the increased demand in Powys an Shropshire.

November 2016 - December 2017

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Headway Shropshire

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  • Need


    The charity has had to grow exponentially to meet demand for places both at the rehabilitation centre and for 24 hour domiciliary care. Taking clients from Powys, the Marches as well and Shropshire itself, the centre is full to capacity with a waiting list of new clients. Transition to independence offers the best results in the first year post injury, but re enablement can be progressed over several years. Clients attend with a range of issues complicated with extra weight and wheelchair sizes


    By raising the roof on the building we own, we can free up an extra floor to allow for toilets to be enlarged to fit in specialist equipment, such as changing tables and to enlarge the main room to improve the turning circle and freedom of movement. More clients could then access the services and freed up rooms on the first floor would be used for extra workshops, counselling and craft rooms to suit the needs of the clients.

  • Aims

    Aim 1

    to raise enough to cover the cost of raising the roof of our building.


    » Create a compelling case that this will be the right solution, with trustees, distinguished supporters and donors and gain planning permission.
    » Create a rallying call to all in Shropshire to support the charity using a fundraising and public relations strategy.
    » Run an events programme with excellent stewardship to engage with those who do not know of the charity and its work.
    » Continue to have the centre open whilst the work is carried out and the centre successfully extended.

    The roof is raised and the waiting list reduced and more activities and re engagement workshops , health and fitness courses and independence work is carried out on a daily basis.

  • Impact


    noitclients progress through the system and leave to live as near as possible independent fulfilling lives, with the continued support of the staff for their families and carers.
    That post brain injury care catches up with medical advances in improving survivors lives and those of their families.
    That those are able to are re enabled back into the workplace
    That new/innovation courses and therapies are bought on board which enable clients to retrain to gain a better future.


    That supporting Headway is not a priority for people and not "sexy" so money is not forthcoming for the build.
    That we are not able to get enough to raise the roof.

    Alternative solutions such as moving building or only extending the ground floor are a possibility.
    A robust campaign will be managed by a professional fundraiser and public relations specialist to gain the public support and those of charitable trusts.


    tWe correspond using letters, and communicate donations via our website and social media such as facebook and twitter.
    We publish a quarterly newsletter and send it to all our donors.
    those that have requested a report, with statistics will be sent out during the following two years.

  • Budget

    Budget - Project Cost: £150,000

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      Amount Heading Description
      £15,000 Architects, planning consents advice, meetings and drawings.
      £100,000 extension of ground floor enlarging rebilitation lounge, new large disabled toilet and workshop rooms and kitchen
      £35,000 equipment for the new rooms furnishings and specilast hoist, toilets and changing beds
  • Background


    Shropshire is a rural county abutting the welsh border and the charity offers the only specialist brain injury support in the county and across its borders. as with all rural areas isolation and transport are huge issues and the rehabilitation centre being placed in Shrewsbury enables access from across all compass points within an hour and companionship. Telford and Wrekin of the eastern edge of the county has a high level of poverty and issues surrounding poor diet and health.


    As neither hospital in Shropshire has a dedicated neurological unit, survivors are sent to Stoke and post injury are left to be assessed by social services/our Outreach officer. All survivors of brain injury can self refer or be referred to us for assessment and a support package put in place whether at the centre where re ablement work is done through to transition to independence or at home, where care can be needed 24/7. The whole family and carers are included in the bespoke care packages.

  • Why Us?

    Why Us?

    Nursing/care staff are trained extensively in how to support those with acquired injury and Headway Shropshire as a specialist are the only ones that can support adequately the family and survivor. Established in 1989 by family members it has grown exponentially with 137 day places a week and 24 hour domiciliary care packages and a waiting list. As medicine advances of the survival rate does and more care for complex cases is needed we intend to be present in these families lives andgive support

    Read more about the Charity running this project.


    Jean Robinson

    Chief Executive

    Kim Kimberlee-Smith


    Kerry Lord

    Registered care manager


will enable us to buy the bricks, tiles and windows needed for the new build or extend rehab room.

without Headway Shropshire I wouldnt have got any support at all. The team have helped me be the best I can be and enabled me to stay with my family and have good times. I know that my family are supported to cope with this new life we have. I didn't want to be alone and now I don't have to be.

client at the centre