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Little Explorers

Little Explorers is an after school club for inner city children ages 8-14. Many children live in overcrowded homes without gardens or available parent/career to supervise play. Little explorers will be a play haven where children can learn, socialise and go on supervised exploring expeditions.

April 2017 - April 2018

Charity information: Young And Inspired

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  • Need


    There is an urgent need for a safe place for children to play and develop skills after school hours.
    Poverty and poor accommodation is a key challenge for families where children have limited access to safe garden play or homework space. Many live in overcrowded homes with limited play space. This has detrimental effects on our users as (Journal of Royal Statistics-2010)claims that '80% of the difference in how well children do at school is dependent on what happens outside the school gates.`


    Little explorers will invite children to play,socialize & learn in our haven which offers an expansive garden with sports playing fields and play equipment. Volunteers and safeguarding officers supervise play. We also offer indoor games room and quiet homework corner. Additionally,we engage kids in skills building activities such as horticulture, craft, culinary and IT.
    Children will meet kids from different schools and backgrounds and enjoy monthly exploring expeditions and educational trips.

  • Aims

    Aim 1

    Children living in over crowded homes will engage in safe and fun play during after school hours


    » Children will enjoy an expansive garden and playing fields, equipped games,craft and homework room which are all supervised by responsible adults.
    » Children will have a chance to engage in free skills building courses such as horticulture, art, culinary , First aid, Esol and ICT. graphics
    » Children will have a chance to join recreational hubs such as fitness club, yoga, aerobics, netball and drama clubs such as song, dance and drama.
    » Children will go on monthly exploring expeditions in rural and urban areas. They will go fruit picking, performances, museums and educational trips.

    What success will look like

    Fewer children will be found playing on apartment staircases unsupervised or loitering streets and forming negative peer groups. Observations and neighbor feedback will evidence.

    Aim 2

    Children and Teenage volunteers will acquire new skills and relationships.


    » At all clubs mentioned, users will meet others their age from different backgrounds and be encouraged to respect differences and develop friendships.
    » Children will attend skills courses which will develop new skills with accreditation chances. Volunteers will learn teamwork, leadership and more.
    » We have a special theme- entitled; Love,Embrace, Respect. We have engaged a mixed user body and will model,encourage and promote unity and respect.

    What success will look like

    Bi-annual performance and exhibition will showcase masterpieces and talents. Accreditation acquired.
    NEET Volunteers gain work skills+experience.
    Relationships will be built.

    Aim 3

    Parents and families will enjoy respite during stressful time prior to supper.


    » Children will be collected from their respective schools and offered healthy snacks and then play. This will give working parents time to cook+relax.

    What success will look like

    Working parents will report to have time to unwind and cook supper. Children will diffuse accumulated stress whilst playing and releasin

    Aim 4

    Children will quiet space and have a mature and available adults to help them with homework


    » We have a homework club where children will enjoy quiet space and and volunteers will be prepared to guide and support.Consistent help for weak kids.

    What success will look like

    Homework volunteers, teachers and parental feedback on users’ academic progress and resultant self-esteem improvements-evidenced by observations grade and classroom improvements.

  • Impact


    Inner city children will have chances to explore places and talents; this will simultaneously build their Knowledge and understanding of the world- a key learning outcome outlined by the EYFS; and boost their self-esteem which will motivate effort and achievement in all aspects.-
    Overall-deprived children will have chance to a full childhood; regardless of their financial limitations; which will be the basis for healthy transitioning into adulthood.


    We have evaluated challenges to project and drew a risk assessment. We have identified health, financial and project risks and planned necessary precautions/ contingency options

    Health & safety: As a preliminary measure all our staff are DBS Checked and first aid certified and familiar with our health and safety policies. Safeguarding officers will ensure above.

    We are aware actively fund-raise and budget yet are prepared to change activities if must.
    Contingency activities for bad weather


    We will produce monitoring reports for ourselves and for donors.
    Donors, if they desire will receive updates, reports,pictures via social media, email or post.
    They can also attend performance and exhibitions and our donor meeting.

  • Budget

    Budget - Project Cost: £89,000

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      Amount Heading Description
      £12,000 Venue Hire Garden, Kitchen, Computer Room, Auditoriam, Games Room, Quiet Room, 3 Classrooms, Office
      £12,500 Skills Building Courses Horticulture, Art, First Aid, ESOL, ICT, Graphics
      £5,500 Drama Clubs Drama, Dance, Song, Music Courses
      £8,000 Sports Clubs Yoga, Aerobics, Netball, Football,
      £14,000 Monthly Trips Trips to zoo, farm, aquarium, museums, mines, fruit picking farm and sea-side
      £5,500 Admin Admin, Insurance, Publicity, Safeguarding, Volunteer Costs
      £7,500 Annual Performance and Exhibit Talent Show and Exhibition of children's masterpieces
      £24,000 Staff Costs Project Coordinator, Course Providers, Counselour
  • Background


    We are based in North East London and our users come from Hackney and Haringey, both lie in 20% most deprived areas in England (Knowing our Communities). There is great regional need for safe and supervised play space. Although there are youth clubs in place to address this need however community demographics is a is a further issue since there are 64,442 children in Hackney and 58.4% live below the poverty line (Meyhew Hackney) ;demand for affordable free childcare by far exceeds services.


    Our users are mostly charedi children (boys and girls) aged 8-14 and minority children who use English as a second language.
    All users live below the poverty line and many of our users struggle with additional challenges such as learning/behavioural disabilities, social anxiety, low self-esteem, family dysfunction and limited level of functional skills.

    Volunteers (15-25 years) benefiting from the project are all NEET.

  • Why Us?

    Why Us?

    Experience is our advantage as we have provided similar projects such as fitness club, performance and holidays club. With hindsight we reviewed all previous monitoring and evaluations and engage potential users for their input. This project is an innovation to previous project yet all encompassing and addressing more need.

    We have wonderful rapport and relationships with targeted users who feel comfortable, valued and safe at our projects.
    We have bronze and silver youth quality mark.

    Read more about the Charity running this project.


    Mrs Jakobovics

    Principal of school,Project manager, Mrs Jakobovics oversees committee for Staff recruitment,training safeguarding, project plans, user involvement.

    Mrs S Sclesinger

    A social worker and foster parent. Mrs Sclesinger will be present to guide volunteers and support emotionally struggling users. So that all feel safe

    Mr E Guttman

    Volunteered to drive children to and home from club so that those out of immediate area or those with walking difficulty can still attend.

    Elisha Stein

    In charge of recruiting , training and motivating NEET volunteers. She will also lead the bi- annual performance-product of drama club.