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Supportline is Victim Support's national, confidential helpine for victims and witnesses affected by crime.

We believe that any person affected by crime should have 24hr helpline so that people can access immediate emotional and practical support any time of day.


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  • Need


    Currently there is no free 24 hour helpline for victims and witnesses of any crime.

    Due to funding, our current Supportline is only running weeknights, 8 PM - 8 AM and on weekends. Calls to Supportline have been steadily increasing. Since November 2015, 698 calls were received however in January 2016 we received almost double with 1062 calls received.

    A 24 hour helpline ensures that people can access our services whenever they need it most.


    For many people, calling Supportline will be the first experience they have of talking to anyone about the crime.

    Providing a free 24 hour helpline means that victims and witnesses have access to confidential emotional support and advice any time they need it.

    Crime has no bounds and no curfew so why should support for those affected be restricted?

  • Aims

    Aim 1

    To provide free and immediate confidential emotional support to any person affected by crime


    » Secure funding to ensure we have resource to make Supportline run 24 hours a day, every day.

    By monitoring the number of incoming calls and the number of calls answered. We will also monitor the number of callers who are then referred onto our longer term support services

  • Impact


    Giving people affected by crime access to a 24 hour line in which they can seek support means that victims know that no matter where and when, they can trust to turn to, who will listen and give them immediate emotional support. Trust in our Supportline means more people coming forward and receiving much needed support.

    We can monitor the number of incoming calls that are then referred onto our community services for long term support.


    The major risk that will affect Supportline is funding as our national helpline is entirely funded by the generosity of individuals, companies and trusts. Without them, Supportline would not exist.

    Currently we only have partial funding so we are running Supportline on week nights and and weekends. Without further funding, Supportline cannot run 24 hours, a vital feature which is so crucial to victims.


    Donors will be updated regularly by a dedicated member of Victim Support's fundraising team meaning they are able to see the impact of their gift.

    Donors will also have the opportunity to visit our Supportline offices, meet our staff and volunteers to hear about how their donation is being used.

  • Budget

    Budget - Project Cost: £441,715

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      Amount Heading Description
      £348,787 Supportline Staff Cost of specially trained call handlers who are able to give confidential, emotional support
      £49,154 Office and admin costs Costs for rent, telephone usage and general admin
      £43,774 Non Direct Project Costs Central services, HR, IT, and finance costs
  • Background


    Supportline is a national helpline which delivers across England and Wales


    People affected by crime in England and Wales will be able to access Supportline's free, confidential support and further long term support if needed

  • Why Us?

    Why Us?

    Victim Support is the leading independent charity in England and Wales. We are the oldest victim's charity and we have the expertise and compassion to help victims to cope with their ordeal and move on.

    We have expertise in areas such as domestic violence, children and young people, witnesses in court and the criminal justice system. We are able to give the emotional and practical support needed.

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