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Mums and kids get active

Involving isolated and vulnerable Bangladeshi and Somali mums and their children in outdoor activities and creating and cooking healthy childrens snacks.

July 2016 - September 2016

Charity information: Healthwatch Tower Hamlets

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  • Need


    We have a problem with childhood obesity (one of the highest rates in the country) and with isolated and vulnerable mums who are not engaged in the local community. Mums are worried to let their children out to play as they feel that it’s unsafe. We’ve seen how there is an increase in obesity within children at the school and we know parents want their children to do well academically but are not aware that feeding them bad food can have an impact on this.


    By introducing mums and children to activities they can do together, that are fun and that break down environmental and social barriers in their community. It will encourage women and children to become more active and build their confidence and security to both continue activities themselves and to allow their children to engage in activities continuously. Some children will find activities that they want to continue to participate in on a continuing basis and throughout their lifetime.

  • Aims

    Aim 1

    Reduce childhood obesity


    » Introducing mums and kids to a wide range of physical outdoor activities.
    » Developing a children's healthy snacks recipe book and cook and eat the snacks together. Combined with talks on healthy lifestyle and wellbeing.
    » Education on the importance of child health alongside activities. Why it's important to play, eat well, and get outside.

    What success will look like

    Weight loss where appropriate for kids & mums.
    Mums allow their children to play outside more.
    Mums feed their children home made healthy snacks not fried chicken & chips

    Aim 2

    Increase physical activity


    » Mums/kids outdoor sports activities including canoeing, climbing, cycling, swimming, fencing, skate boarding, badminton, tennis, circuit games, yoga.
    » Building an ongoing activity for the children that they can maintain throughout the year. Sign them up to programmes where possible.

    What success will look like

    Children join sports clubs & activities utilising discounts for poor children.
    Children play outside more.

  • Impact


    Women and children
    • being happy to play outside and to access a wide range of activities across the Borough.
    • becoming active members in the local community,
    • educating and empowering other women to join them.
    • helping others to get involved in activities.
    Demonstrated by:
    Increase in Bangladeshi and Somali children involved in outdoor activities and sports.
    Reduction in childhood obesity.
    Project activities continue and expand following summer.
    Recipe book widely disseminated.


    Women and children don’t engage because they don’t think it’s for them or they still feel unsafe. Women and children don’t know about the project. Farzana and Sultana have well established links into a number of local schools, GP practices and community groups and will undertake a wide publicity and promotion campaign. Because this has been designed and developed by the community we are sure that it is meeting a need and will attract a high level of interest.


    • Donors will receive monthly email update of the activities together with photo’s and You Tube clips.
    • We will do a final impact report at the end of the project.
    • They will get copy of the healthy snacks recipe book.

  • Budget

    Budget - Project Cost: £9,900

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      Amount Heading Description
      £4,000 Outdoor activities 12 taster sessions for 40 children and their mume on a wide range of sports and physical activities
      £4,000 Project management Programme development, staff, admin, overheads,
      £1,300 Hall and Kitchen hire venues for healthy cooking, activities and education programmes
      £600 Healthy snack programme ingredients for developing recipes and bringing in speakers.

    Current Funding / Pledges

    Source Amount
    Tower Hamlets Can Do £1,000 Guaranteed
  • Background


    Tower Hamlet’s is the third most deprived borough in London, the proportion of residents who are low-paid is the lowest out of any borough in the capital, at 19%. The borough has the second highest unemployment rate in London, at 8.8%. It is the 6th smallest London borough and is also the 4th most densely populated, with the largest ethnic groups being Bangladeshi and Somali.


    Bangladeshi and Somali women and their children will benefit from the project. We estimate approximately 20 women and 40 children. We will recruit the children through links with our existing networks including voluntary and community sector organisations, school parent groups, coffee mornings, GP practices, and word of mouth. We are confident that a demand exists for the project in the community based on previous small scale work we have undertaken.

  • Why Us?

    Why Us?

    Healthwatch work in the local community aims to empower local people to lead change in their community. We support local people to develop their own projects and services to meet needs that they themselves have identified. Farzana and Sultana are heavily involved within local school structures, within the health and social care system and have existing strong networks with mums and children locally.

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    Sultana Uddin

    mum to 3 children under 16. OCN level 1 Food and special diet. RSPH level 2 healthy eating and running cooking class. first aid

    Farzana Khanom

    Mum to 2 young boys. Completed patient leader programme. Health wisdom group promoting healthy life style. involved in community engagements. MSLC