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Health and Well being within the Kirkley

Our campaign is to buy and renovate a property within Kirkley so that everybody can access activities that can enhance their lives, we believe every child should have the means available to help them to excel

12 months to complete

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  • Need


    At the moment many children do not have access to affordable activities within Kirkley, many would prefer to stay at home and this can lead to unsocial behaver, unable to interact with others, plus can lead to obesity, diabetes and other related illnesses.


    providing affordable activities that will allow families to enter their child or children in to activities that can address many of the above problems that will ensure their daily fitness requirements. this could lead to other possibilities which could see potential younger generations entering into professional sports

  • Aims

    Aim 1

    Our aim is to raise £375K


    » Fund raising, applying to other funders to raise or part raise this needed amount

    What success will look like

    to renovate and improve the centre with all the nescassery equipment, open spaces for all activities

  • Impact


    The changes this would bring would be the involvement from all who reside in Kirkley. Helping every child who wants to take part, plus give a helping hand to other activity providers from all of Waveney. To entice residence who are disabled to take up a sporting challenge


    The risks for the project would be the lack of funding that could jeapordise the project, in a way that the property could be sold to a developer and the project would have to move out of Kirkley, if this happens we would have to use the existing property we use and improve its functioning attributes for all


    We would regularly update to our donors via our website and Facebook page of our situation and progress, but also have available a contact email for those wishing to know more

  • Budget

    Budget - Project Cost: £375,000

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      Amount Heading Description
      £250,000 property to purchase the property
      £90,000 renovation re-build and design whole property
      £35,000 equipment fitness equipment, safety equipment, training equipment
  • Background


    Kirkley is part of Waveney, which is one of the deprived areas of Lowestoft. Many families in this ward are unemployed and rely on benefits, housing benefits etc. There isn't any activities that are affordable for the children or young adults, which are accessible. There is a large amount of crimes and unsociable activities within the groups of young people, drugs and alcohol are a main source of Kirkley's trouble areas


    Everyone who resides in Kirkley ward and surrounding areas, such as Oulton broad, carlton Colville, Kessingland and Lowestoft north. There are many cultural and ethnic groups who also would benefit from our project

  • Why Us?

    Why Us?

    Because for the last 4 years we have been serving the community with our services, and due to the amount of people attending we feel it is benefiting the people of Kirkley, plus we are having to turn people away due to the amount of space we have

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    Lee Wall

    Chief instructor/project leader/founder