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Project information

Adventure play and healthy eating in the East End

We run a supervised play space & community centre in Bethnal Green, open to all children up to 16. Over the summer holidays, young people can play and grow in confidence in a special environment. Parents of children 8 years and up will get a break, knowing their children are being well-looked after.

July 2016 - September 2016

Charity information: Weavers Adventure Playground Association

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  • Need


    Tower Hamlets is a very poor borough with high levels of deprivation. We also have a child obesity problem as parents aim to fill tummies with cheap, low nutrition food. Overcrowding is also particularly bad in St Peter’s ward (where Weavers is based), meaning children really need open spaces to play in.


    Weavers helps hundreds of children every year to play, exercise and eat better.
    Weavers is fully accessible (it costs 50p per day to attend) and provides respite for poor parents and a healthy outlet for children’s pent-up energy.
    Weavers is a precious open space in an overcrowded area, which must be retained for the benefit of the neighbourhood’s young people.

  • Aims

    Aim 1

    To provide for local children’s right to play


    » We manage and run an inclusive adventure playground for all children up to the age of 16 in Bethnal Green, open 11am to 5pm in the summer holidays
    » Our playworkers are responsible for all children 8-16, freeing up parents to engage in work if they need to
    » We also supervise specific physical activities e.g. Football, Rounders, Basketball, which help to improve hand eye coordination and promote team skill
    » We will provide and maintain a safe and secure place for the children to play

    What success will look like

    Success will be 300 different young people spending time at Weavers over the summer holiday period, including at least 50 new members.

    Aim 2

    To support and promote healthy lifestyles for local children


    » We provide free and heavily subsidised healthy meals for at least 100 children every day, which enables young people to eat meals which they may other
    » Adventurous physical play, encouraged by a trained Playworker and other children, ensures all young people at the playground are active
    » Our Playworkers will host workshops and sessions on particular skills, such as wood-work, fire safety, structure improvements

    What success will look like

    Success will be every day: at least one activity which will give children cardiovascular exercise; and healthy, sustaining food provided to all young people

    Aim 3

    To promote inclusion and social cohesion in a diverse, multicultural borough


    » We have an indoor area which acts as a community centre where all are welcome
    » Parents, grandparents and carers have the opportunity to rest, drink tea and talk to each other while the children play
    » Outside and inside at Weavers, we actively encourage positive relationships and provide a safe space for young people and their parents/carers

    What success will look like

    Ethnic diversity among the people using the playground, with qualitative feedback solicited

  • Impact


    Weavers members will develop a lasting love of outdoor, adventurous play:
    Membership and attendance data over the next 3 years will show how frequently members visit, and over how many years
    Contact will be maintained with ‘graduating’ Weavers members

    Weavers will be a hub for social cohesion in a community which desperately needs it:
    This will be demonstrated through qualitative data collected by informal interviews between the Playworkers and young people, and their parents/carers.


    New membership relies on the interest of the young people, and the support of their parents. To meet this challenge, stronger links with local primary and secondary schools will be forged so that the connection between Weavers, the young people and their parents/carers can be made before the start of the summer holidays.


    Donors to this project will get a monthly email report on the past, ongoing and forthcoming activities at Weavers. Any changes to the project would also be included in this email report.

  • Budget

    Budget - Project Cost: £10,500

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      Amount Heading Description
      £6,300 3x Peak time playworkers (£10/hour, 7 hours/day, 5 days/week x 6 weeks), 1 Assistant Playworker, sport and food specialists
      £3,000 Healthy food (£1 / person / day, assuming average 100 people, 5 days / week x 6 weeks)
      £1,200 Activities & workshops (£40 per day, one every day, 5 days / week x 6 weeks)
  • Background


    Tower Hamlets is one of the poorest local authorities in the UK. In our local ward of St Peter’s 40% of the working age population is economically inactive. The borough has amongst the highest levels of childhood obesity in the country. In a recent Tower Hamlets Public Health Directorate report 25% of 10-11 year olds were classified as obese. St Peter’s is particularly overcrowded with a population density of 160.7 residents per hectare compared with 128.5 residents for Tower Hamlets overall.


    Hundreds of young people in Tower Hamlets up to the age of 16 who may not have anywhere else to play outside in an adventurous way, supervised by a qualified Playworker
    Their parents/carers, who have the option of staying at the playground in the community centre, or using the time to do other things while their children play safely.

  • Why Us?

    Why Us?

    Weavers has been a pillar of the local community since its foundation in 1974. It has continuously been there for children of all cultures and religions in a part of London which has otherwise lacked suitable facilities for young people. There is nowhere else serving the same local families which gives children the opportunity for adventurous play, and parents/carers somewhere they can relax (or safely leave their children).

    Read more about the Charity running this project.


    Alex William - Acting Playworker-In-Charge

    Alex manages all sessional play-workers. His knowledge, passion and expertise are valued by the young people, the trustees and local parents/carers.

    Tyler Brown-Liburd - Assistant Playworker

    His support of Alex, and enthusiasm for arranging activities the children enjoy is crucial for the success of the summer project.

    Thomas Crosbie - Peak Time Playworker

    Thomas is a young playworker, who is looking to learn from Tyler and Alex, and play in increasing role in the success of Weavers.


Covers one hour of one of our specialist playworkers - who make Weavers so special for young people

All my children can look back on their childhood with great memories from Weavers, as do I. My children now bring their children - as does my mum. I have a great passion for Weavers as it is a huge part of my past, present and future. It is a great place - it is actually my second home.

Wendy O'Donnell - committee member who has been attending Weavers since it opened over 40 years ago