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South Hackney Leadership Academy

To develop a leadership academy to provide ongoing support to our graduate leaders and to ensure they stay supported.

February 2016 - February 2017

Charity information: Voyage Youth

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  • Need


    As Voyage is actively engaged locally with young people through existing work (Young Leaders for Safer Cities) and is very aware of the increasing spectre of youth violence in the community. Inspired by recent deaths and violent stabbings in the area and the fact our young people do not feel safe we simply want to provide a supportive learning environment for local young people to continue the journey as leaders.


    The South Hackney Leadership Academy will
    • explore some of the issues of youth violence in partnership with statutory agencies and empowerment specialists
    • engage supportive agencies that will impart practical strategies to help young people avoid escalations and build resilience
    • use sport, creative arts and link these to local events to enable work to be celebrated
    • work with a smaller cohort of young people at a residential camp to create peer mentors who act as ambassadors for peace.

  • Aims

    Aim 1

    To counter the fact young people are not being engaged in limited youth provision locally


    » Carry out outreach, school visits for referrals and select the 45 young people we know need our work.

    What success will look like

    Introduce robust monitoring and evaluation of our programme impacts and outcomes. Virtually no drops in attendance and high retention levels through the programme

    Aim 2

    Reduce youth conflict, increase the peace and bring young people together to celebrate


    » Put on a vibrant, creative and leadership inspired programme that young people will be interested in and want to compete to attend.

    What success will look like

    Through crime reporting statistics young under the age of 17 are offending by 20% less than previous year

    Aim 3

    To instil pride, a sense place and purpose


    » To ensure the work and outcomes of the programme is celebrated on the streets on Hackney in the summer.

    What success will look like

    Show through film and photos how families, friends and peers come along to events their young people are involved in. watching their work being presented on the streets

  • Impact


    Voyage aims to reduce the number of incidences of youth violence, reduce the number of arrests and also make the community feel safer.


    Voyage has the staff, the vision and has a strong track record and experience running programmes of this nature. All health and safety measures and compliance requirements are in place and the project requires no statutory authority to deliver it.
    Other risks are
    poor community buy in and poor attendance
    youth conflict and disturbances
    poor day to management

    all the above can be counter by good planning, excellent outreach and strong management.


    Voyage will report quarterly on the progress of the programmes impacts and outcomes using social media, newsletter and written reports.

  • Budget

    Budget - Project Cost: £60,435

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      Amount Heading Description
      £14,600 staffing weekend, half term and summer provision costs
      £8,800 Volunteers Expenses for the team of volunteers
      £21,200 Venue hire @£300 per session for 40 sessions £12,000 Catering costs @ 220 per day for 40 sessions
      £5,635 Overheads and management Contribution to Office rent and rates £2,850 Office stationery and other consumables £1,500 Virtua
      £3,500 Publicity teaching material and promotional items £2000 Publicity and advertising £1500
      £6,700 Summer residential Accommodation and facility hire £3,200 Travel cost - residential £3,500
  • Background


    Voyage aims to offer this programme within Hackney Community College. This college is based in a non gang affiliated part of south Hackney, is very secure and provides a modern, hi tech and a vibrant mix of spaces which can enable great work to take place.


    Our programme is targeted at young people between 15 - 19 years and particularly at young men related to those who have recently passed away of victims of recent violent attacks.

  • Why Us?

    Why Us?

    Voyage has an excellent track record in the community, is currently working with young people already effected and has much experience in youth engagement. Voyage and its partners have excellent programmes to bring to bear which have been independently assessed and endorsed.

    Read more about the Charity running this project.


    Paul Anderson

    Paul will oversee the management and delivery, quality assurance and help fundraise to sustain the programme beyond year 1.

    Martin Nsiah

    Martin will assist with financial, HR and contractual management of the programme and ensure the programme and team meet all compliance requirements.

    Natasha Graham

    Natasha an experience manager will coordinate the deployment of the staff team, monitor impacts & maintain parents and teacher liaison.

    Adetunji Adesoji

    Ade is an experienced youth worker who will oversee day to day delivery & lead all sessions and ensure the programme delivers the planned curriculum.

What is our mission

VOYAGE helped our young people to understand their responsibilities in the community

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