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Nurturing Young Hopes

One in every seven primary school children arrive to school without haven eaten a breakfast meal (Daily Mail).
Not because they can't be bothered, but due to poverty. These kids dread school holidays because their school breakfast club is on vacation too. Holiday Breakfast Club to the rescue!

March 2016 - March 2017

Charity information: The North London Foodbank

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  • Need


    School Holidays is a time when we unfortunately see a rise in referrals. The Safety net of Breakfast Clubs and Free School Meals is out of commission and many deprived children are struggling with hunger. Holidays should be a time for children to revive and rejuvenate themselves, and infuse them with energy to continue learning and growing; and not anxiety and hunger.


    Nurture young Hopes will halt holiday dread in children. We want to expand on our current breakfast clubs and provide the most important meal of the day during school holidays too.This will satiate children`s hunger and provide them with essential nutrients to enable them to enjoy their holiday. A satisfying morning meal will reduce cheap snacking and thus avoid binging and resulting obesity.It will also bring happy structure to children from dysfunctional homes during holiday mornings.

  • Aims

    Aim 1

    No Child should suffer hunger and lack basic nutrients essential for daily functioning.


    » Nurturing Young Hopes will provide nourishing breakfast meals to ensure no child suffers hunger.

    Children will be empowered to make positive food choices for their independent future welfare.
    Nurse reports will show balanced weight levels and reduced nutrient deficiency.

    Aim 2

    Stop empty days by bringing structure and fulfillment


    » Children will not sleep until late noon because they have nothing to do or eat. A solid meal will motivate children to wake up in the morning.
    » Children are engaged in food preparation and nutrition workshops.

    Children will gain healthy habits of waking up in the morning and thus go to sleep earlier. Promoting healthy routine and structure and reducing unsafe night life in users`areas.

    Aim 3

    Children should have positive relationship opportunities- in absence of healthy family set-ups.


    » Children get together with peer and can connect with mentors available. Children can do homework with mentor or simply chat.

    Children will establish positive relationships with their mentors in place where strong parental system is missing.
    *Someone to talk to and trust
    *help with homework

  • Impact


    Children will acquire positive food habits and food hygiene, a critical tool for an independent future.
    They will learn nutritional and food preparation skills in addition to responsibility for waking up in the morning to attend their meals which infuses them with sense of structure and routine.They also learn about public responsibility when preparing foods. Moreover consistent nutritional meals will ensure that they are healthier,happier. Finally, we wish to inspire other lower super areas.


    Food hygiene when children are involved in preparation:One of the focus of this project is to empower children with food independence. Children are taught to wash hand well,wear aprons and gloves,wash foods and utensils and are overseen by mentors and kitchen staff.
    There is also a financial risk -we may not be able to cater to as many children who require our services . To deal with this we are active in raising funds and collecting food items. We hope the Big-give will help us with this.


    We provide written project reports and external evaluations where necessary.If matters don't proceed as planned we will consult donors and discuss the situation with them.
    Donors receive a non confidential information sheet on an individual whose quality of life was improved by their donation.

  • Budget

    Budget - Project Cost: £55,000

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      Amount Heading Description
      £22,000 Food Costs Bread, Vegetables, Milk, Eggs, Fruit Juice
      £10,000 Venue Hire Local Community Centre
      £4,400 Youth Workerss 4 Youth Workers * 85 hrs each
      £3,600 Project Manager £15 per hour * 240 hrs
      £12,000 Workshops Healthy Eating, Fitness, Financial Literacy, Art and Crafts, Cook and Eat
      £3,000 Admin Advertising, Insurance, Secretary, DBS Checks, Safeguarding Training
  • Background


    London Borough of Hackney


    Children from Hackney and neighbouring boroughs.Research shows that 58.4% of young people living in Hackney,live in households- receipt of low income benefit.
    In Hackney’s primary schools in,33.6% of pupils are eligible for and claiming free school meals. This means that 36.6%of children have to go without these free meals when school is out. These are the children we cater for through our breakfast clubs.

  • Why Us?

    Why Us?

    The North London Foodbank provides emergency food parcels for families in desperate poverty. Through our food parcel service we have access to the children who need our services most.

    Read more about the Charity running this project.


    Pincus Man - Project Manager

    Mr Mann will skilfully lead this project.He has a experience managing and being trustee in large charity which confirms his charitable inclination.

    Mrs Sara Lew

    She is in charge of preparing and engaging children in preparation and setting up of foods.

    Mr M Shwartz

    He co-ordinates school breakfast clubs in a local school and has offered to help us establish our holiday clubs and volunteer as adult and mentor