Project information

AYP's Youth Development Programme

The project aims to provide 50 young people in Brent with the opportunity to reach their full potential as leaders and positive members of society through a series of meetings, workshops, mentoring and social programmes. These components will aid the young people in developing in holistic way.

January 2016 - December 2016

Charity information: Ansar Youth Project

Ansar Youth Project
  • Need


    There is a large proportion of young people that do not have access to opportunities that allow them to develop. The main reasons are:
    -Many youth programmes only engage young people from a particular background or ethnicity.
    -There are youth programmes arranged by Synagogues, Mosques, Churches, Temples etc, but these are themed around religion
    -Some young people cannot afford current youth services


    -Our project will be based in an area of wide cultural diversity, so no single ethnic group is targeted specifically. Also, we will provide culturally sensitive sessions young people from all backgrounds feel welcomed.
    -No religious themes will be used. This ensures that people of all faiths can attend our sessions
    - The Youth Development Project will be provided free of charge

  • Aims

    Aim 1

    Aid young people in becoming better prepared for the future and in becoming strong adults


    » Workshops including teamwork & leadership, conflict resolution and business.

    -Recording the completion of workshops
    -Acquisition of certificates such as first aid

    Aim 2

    Aid young people in becoming active leaders in the community.


    » Involve young people in the running of AYP itself
    » Allow young people to run their own small projects

    -Successful projects run and managed by the young people

    Aim 3

    Provide leisure activities that are not necessarily accessible to all young people in Brent.


    » Fun and engaging trips and leisure activities including sports, video games, table tennis etc

    Successfully engaging young people who do not participate in mainstream provisions and recording their outcomes in session evaluation forms

  • Impact


    Young people will gain skills such as teamwork, leadership, confidence, social skills etc
    These will be demonstrated by participants:
    -running their own projects
    -mentoring other young people
    -being successful in education


    One potential risk is a fall in attendance as the project continues. To prevent this, we will send text reminders to participating young people to inform them of the dates and times of upcoming sessions/meetings


    Donors will be kept up to date with the success of the project through social media and email.

  • Budget

    Budget - Project Cost: £10,600

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      £10,600 Various Various
  • Background


    The AYP building in Wembley Central:
    444 High Road
    HA9 6AH

    The AYP building is located in one of Brent's most accessible towns, which allows us to reach all potential participants quite easily.


    AYP targets young people aged between 8 and 25 who have been marginalised by various barriers including:
    Disability and special needs - AYP’s youth workers are given training on how to deal with young people with special needs.
    Background – AYP makes sure that young people from all faiths, backgrounds and cultures are able to attend.
    Income status - All of AYP’s activities are free so no young person feels left out.

  • Why Us?

    Why Us?

    AYP has previously run programs which successfully engaged young people:

    A half term activity week ( Harrow and Later on Brent – Over 150 young people engaged in positive activities including drop-in activities such as pool and table tennis as well as specialised workshops in first aid, enterprise etc

    Weekly Youth Club Sessions in Brent and neighbouring boroughs (500 young people per annum) – These were run in the same format as the above.

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    Sarah Al Zobaydi

    Senior Youth Worker for AYP

    Zaydali Kezvani

    Senior Youth Worker for AYP

    James Simkins

    James Is an extremely hard working individual who has taken the junior treasurer role at the young age of 16.

    Baqer Abboud

    Youth Mentor