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Universities Together Empowering Development

A global community of students uniting for effective social action. Connecting student for international collaborations on development projects and strengthening them as leaders of change. The UniTED camp in Uganda will train 150 students from around the world to organise this global community.

January 2016 - December 2016

Charity information: United Social Ventures

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  • Need


    Injustices in the world flow from an inability for individuals to value and work with each other, both locally and globally. In particular, we target 3 problems:
    1. An underdeveloped international civil society, resulting in ineffective international action.
    2. The unrealized potential for students bodies to work with their local communities and wider civil society.
    3. The poor capacity of many students and graduates in different parts of the world to effectively lead social change.


    Our answer is to create relationships between students and support them to collaborate on social change projects. Such long-lasting relationships fulfil the goal of transcending traditional boundaries and enable students to share best practice on their projects.

    We train student leaders (in particular through the camp) to create a local platform for strengthening student social action and connecting to the global network for year-round international collaborations online and in person

  • Aims

    Aim 1

    Enable students to have social impact today:


    » Train student leaders to support students leading social action projects through Action Learning Groups and innovation sessions

    What success will look like

    Impact today: we rate the students’ projects and measure movement from bronze to gold in each area (e.g. strategy, financials) every 6 months

    Aim 2

    2. Develop the skills of students so that they can be leaders of social change tomorrow


    » Provide bank of resources and consultancy sessions (introduce at the Training Camp)

    What success will look like

    We survey students on their participation in social action to measure amount and quality of participation

    Aim 3

    Facilitate long-lasting global friendships - the basis of a strengthened global civil society


    » Facilitate international partnerships by recruiting and connecting students at partner universities in a different country (meet at the Training Camp)
    » Train students in peer support through internet calls
    » Facilitate international exchanges (converging on the Training Camp)

    What success will look like

    The number of international collaborations we create, over skype and email, and surveys of participants

  • Impact


    1. Impact today: we expect the students to measure the impact of their own projects long-term
    2. Leaders for tomorrow: self-reported improvement in leadership skills and knowledge of global issues
    3. Global friendships: self-reported closeness to international partners
    Success of the Training Camp specifically will be 150 student leaders confident in and capable to set up a local platform, knowledgeable about and attached to UniTED’s vision, and a sense of community amongst student leaders.


    There is the risk that student leaders may not engage after the Training Camp. We have a member of staff dedicated to supporting the student leaders and tackling any issues. We will recruit members in the Freshers’ weeks following the Training Camp and have the capacity to hold additional trainings with new members to be leaders if necessary.

    Specifically for the camp, we have conducted a risk assessment and shall lay out ground rules for safety as well as having a trainee doctor present.


    Donors will receive a quarterly newsletter with an update of UniTED’s general activities and a special report with photos and metrics after the camp.

  • Budget

    Budget - Project Cost: £3,081

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      Amount Heading Description
      £924 Food Food for 150 student participants for 3 days
      £449 Accommodation The Campsite Fee
      £314 Transport For 150 students
      £465 Trainers' Fee For Speakers
      £929 Planning and Development For logistical arrangements
  • Background


    The Training Camp will be located in Entebbe, near Lake Victoria, Uganda but the student leaders will come from universities globally, and in particularly across East Africa. East Africa has a young population and high youth unemployment rates but much potential – a recent study named Uganda the most entrepreneurial country in the world and there is a burgeoning start-up scene in Kenya.


    Our primary beneficiaries are university students as we invest in their skill development and understanding of global issues. However, the projects that we support them to set up benefit members of the community local to their university, for example, improving access to clean water for pupils at a local school or improving the physical environment and skills of the local residents through tree planting.

  • Why Us?

    Why Us?

    We believe that we are tackling the root cause of a number of issues, namely the failure of individuals to value and work with each other on shared issues. A problem at one corner of the world increasingly affects individuals at another – take the recent global financial crisis for example. Such intertwining of issues is only going to become more pertinent as we further globalise and so we see the promotion of cross-national collaboration growing in importance.

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    Leo Henghes

    Director of UniTED

    Sidney Byamukama

    Country Manager