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Project information

Stepping Up

Stepping Up invests in the talents, skills and creativity of young artists. Many emerging artists have come up through programmes providing alternative education opportunities for young people who find it hard to engage with traditional education. This programme gives new development opportunities.

One year

Charity information: OYAP Trust

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  • Need


    The difficult transition phase for young people moving from education and developing arts-based interests, into establishing careers for themselves in arts activities and arts-based education provision.


    The project takes young emerging artists from core courses, youth groups and leadership programmes and helps them to learn the skills needed for managing their own lives and artistic careers, including making contacts, networking, business management, communication, fundraising and promotion

  • Aims

    Aim 1

    To equip young artists for a professional world in which they can in turn support other young people


    » To nurture talent by building individual resilience through training, skills development and mentoring, pushing creative boundaries
    » To cultivate collaboration by developing projects created by young artists. By creating strong cross-sector partnerships and collaboration
    » To Build Sustainability by investing in individual artists and developing the skills required for young people to establish successful arts careers

    What success will look like

    Demonstrable engagement of young artists who then start on well founded careers and start to earn commissions as well as working to develop other young artists prospects

  • Impact


    New employment opportunities in alternative arts based careers, strengthening young peoples abilities to be self sufficient and to contribute to their communities and economy. A new generation of young artists will share in bringing the benefits of arts-based education and opportunities to a wider range of young people searching for a sustainable future.


    Risks of not enough interest or of not enough expertise have been proven to be minimal, as from other programmes we know there is a lot of interest and talent in Oxfordshire. There is a large contingent of young people looking for support from peer mentors in the arts, as well as many young artists wanting support to establish their careers. Partner organisations have shown sustained interest in the programme and are offering some match funding already.


    Empirical numerical and written reports, with feedback from participants. Reports will be provided on a six monthly basis following start of the funded programme.

  • Budget

    Budget - Project Cost: £25,000

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      Amount Heading Description
      £1,500 Recruitment Publicising the programme and recruiting participant artists
      £9,000 Trainers Cost of professional trainers to work with young artists
      £5,000 Facilitators Facilitation and support for young artists to work with disadvantaged young people
      £2,500 Programme management Organisational costs of management and monitoring
      £1,500 Venues Venue costs for training events
      £1,500 Travel Travel costs for trainers and participants
      £2,500 Young people Costs of joint events for young people to investigate artistic opportunities
      £1,500 Evaluation Monitoring and evaluation of the programme to demonstrate success and learning points

    Current Funding / Pledges

    Source Amount
    Arts Council £28,000 Conditional
  • Background


    The project will take place in North Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire


    Bicester in particular is a fast growing town with a major 'garden city' development under way. Increasing numbers of young people with restricted access to facilities, education and employment prospects need new routes to establishment of sustainable lives and careers. Our work with young people through Youth Action Teams and young artist development programmes puts us in a unique position to offer this scheme, which also answers requirements in local authority social development plans

  • Why Us?

    Why Us?

    OYAP has been working in this field for 17 years and has unparalleled knowledge of the needs of disadvantaged young people in the area. We work closely with local authority, housing developers, local businesses to identify ways in which to engage young people in their societies. Experience in the towns of Banbury, Bicester, Witney and Oxford put us at the heart of alternative arts-based education for marginalised young people and those struggling to find a career.

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    Helen Le Brocq

    Director of OYAP, key project developer and mento