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The 2moro? Project

It gives disadvantaged young people first time work experience, providing them with skills, confidence & ongoing support to lead projects with other young people. The project provides vulnerable young people with an opportunity which will help them make the transition from education to adulthood.


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  • Need


    Experience in the workplace is now a critical element in on every young person’s CV, whether for further education or employment. Gaining such opportunities can be very difficult for young people coming from disadvantaged backgrounds. For young people facing complex challenges in their lives (such as: living in poverty, having disabilities, caring for others or being in care themselves, facing school exclusion or peer pressure to join gangs), gaining vital work experience can seem impossible.


    We provide tailored training for young people facing complex challenges, giving them the basic confidence & skills to support a team of experienced drama facilitators to deliver youth theatre programmes.Developed over 6 years the programme has had remarkable successes supporting young people to achieve accreditation, enter higher education/employment as well as building their confidence.The involvement of Peers also has a significant impact on younger participants providing positive role models.

  • Aims

    Aim 1

    Work experience for disadvantaged young people to improve chances of further education & employment.


    » 4 training days for up to 12 young people 500 hours of paid work experience Tailored package of training & supervision for 6 young people

    What success will look like

    Number of young people engaged in training.
    Number of hours of employment achieved by each young person.
    Progress against goals - set for each individual (accreditation etc0

  • Impact


    Peers will be expected to complete base line assessments which will be reviewed throughout their engagement. We will sustain contact with the Peers over at least two years to assess the impact of the project on their development. We will demonstrate the impact by creating case studies reflecting the journey of the young people. These will be shared via our website along with evidence of the impact of their work on other young people.


    Immediate Theatre has been supporting young people as Peer Facilitators since 2005. We are aware of risks involved and training will include Health and Safety and Child Protection Training. Clear Guidelines will be set out to ensure that the Peers do not form inappropriate relationships with the young participants. The Peers will always work under the supervision of experienced staff and will be provided with one to one supervision to review their performance and development.


    Donors to this project will receive a quarterly newsletter featuring updates on the Peers, reviews, audience feedback and images of our work.

  • Budget

    Budget - Project Cost: £6,284

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      Amount Heading Description
      £3,575 Peer Facilitator wages 500 hours x £7.15
      £1,600 Training sessions Venue, staffing 4 days x £400
      £720 Supervision 24 supervision sessions for Peers @ £30 per session
      £389 DBS 6 Security checks at £64.80
  • Background


    Immediate Theatre is based in hackney and provides access to high quality arts opportunities in areas of high deprivation across the borough. We are currently expanding our model to other boroughs.


    Peer Facilitators will be aged 16–26 & identified through existing projects and partnerships in Hackney. This includes our Talent Match programme, providing employment support for long term unemployed young people & existing youth theatre programmes targeting: young people with disabilities, young people at risk of offending, young women at risk of sexual exploitation, young carers, young people with mild to moderate mental health issues. We will also promote the project to partners in Hackney.

  • Why Us?

    Why Us?

    Immediate Theatre has established a strong track record for delivering high quality youth theatre activities in east London. Our Estate Based Youth Theatre and Peer Facilitation programmes have established a strong evidence base which demonstrates that our work makes a significant difference to the outcomes of the young people we work with.

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    Tony Gouveia

    Associate Director - overall coordination of the programme. leading on Peer Training.

    Rebecca Twydell

    Youth Drama Leader and Schools Development Officer - leading delivery on participatory project and liaising with schools

    Charmain Humphrey

    Participation Officer - providing pastoral support to Peers and young participants

    Chloe Jones

    Training Coordinator - providing supervision and accreditation support for the Peers.