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Angels feeding programme and Pop up School

We advocate for the rights of the world’s poorest and disadvantaged children and, through feeding and education, aim to set them on a new path in life. We have created unique ‘Pop Up Schools’ to permanently remove children from the streets giving them purpose and opportunity which gives them hope

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  • Need


    Many of the children are abandoned or orphaned as a result of family social and health difficulties such as HIV/AIDS/TB, drug and alcohol abuse. These issues are obstacles in the children’s daily lives, food is scarce and scavenging for food is commonplace. Not owning shoes or affording a uniform can make attending school impossible. Falling behind educationally makes re-entering the school system challenging.


    To identify the child's individual needs, and by using a music and phonics educational programme which offers hope and raises self-esteem. We aim to address issues that surround children living in hard to reach impoverished areas and who routinely miss out on going to school. Our programme offers encouragement and opportunity, which is delivered in a safe environment. By engaging children in a fun filled educational programme this gives them the help to enter the school educational system

  • Aims

    Aim 1

    Re-intregrate street children back into society and away from the dangers of living on the streets.


    » The street children are in desperate need of nourishment due to their social and economic living conditions; a nourishing meal is given regularly.
    » Children of all abilities including the most traumatized join in with a simple fun and creative educational session delivered in impoverished areas

    Measurable outcomes are key to success rates, including numbers/attendance of programme, intake/ school attendance, raise in literacy levels, ongoing community support, drug usage

  • Impact


    The programme helps with key skills and also deals with daily struggles by:
    1. By providing a platform to allow self-development, confidence building and raising self-esteem
    2. Addressing hunger and child development issues.
    3. Increased chances of obtaining an education, attending school, university
    4. Employability.
    5. Other people benefiting include the local community predominantly, who have expressed a wish for the children to be in education and away from a life of danger on the streets


    Historically, we have worked successfully alongside our partners for over eight years. The current programme was deliberately slowly implemented using both Angel’s personnel and partner staff which allowed both sides to thoroughly look at variables at every stage.
    Open communication is a key part to our ongoing success and by listening to those working on the ground on a regular basis and adapting according to need has enabled us to help and/or offer advice and support at every juncture.


    Website updates/news/blogs and through social media platforms including regular email marketing.

  • Budget

    Budget - Project Cost: £20,000

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      Amount Heading Description
      £7,000 Feeding Programme Feeding 200 children per session x3 weekly for 12 months
      £7,000 Educational Programme Educating 200 children per session x3 weekly for 12 months
      £6,000 Nutritional programme Providing nutritional supplement for 200 children x3 weekly for 12 months

    Current Funding / Pledges

    Source Amount
    Angels Charity £2,000 Guaranteed
  • Background


    The children we work with are located within a settlement called Huhundi, North West Province, South Africa here they are exposed to and witness physical and psychological abuse which comes in many guises and can be attributed to a high incidence of alcohol and drug abuse in the locality. Children can often be a direct target and/or see family members, neighbours, carrying out or being abused such is the close proximity of their living quarters in this over populated slum area.


    Feeding the children and aiding literacy skills enables the children a chance of an education; it offers them hope of a life away from poverty and the dangers of street living. Engaging the wider community and the caregivers enables them to develop an understanding of the importance of the programme and changes of behavior towards their children's wellbeing

  • Why Us?

    Why Us?

    We have linked up with long-term South African partner to implement our programme and have enjoyed a successful working relationship for over 8 years. Key to the programmes success is enjoying a joint partnership that embraces the same aim.

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    Angels Charity

    Founder-Director Communications Director and Creative Director are skilled personnel with a wealth of experience in delivering to our beneficiaries.

    Gail Du Toit

    Head of Primary Education, Tiger Kloof, Vryburg, South Africa