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Ballet Black Touring Equipment

The Ballet Black Touring Equipment Fund will enable us to purchase lights, technical equipment and ballet barres for our touring work around the UK, and allow us to take our world-class ballet performances and workshops to arts-deprived areas reaching people of all ages and cultural backgrounds.


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  • Need


    Our touring ensures access to excellent art in areas that are not able to receive large-scale ballet companies through high-quality art from a culturally diverse company with a varied and eclectic range of choreography, music and styles. However, lack of proper technical facilities in theatres in some arts-deprived areas means we are unable to visit those venues and this limits our ability to take our work to as many people as we would if we had the right equipment.


    We are raising funds to allow us to purchase a basic lighting rig that means we can reproduce our show in each venue to the same high-quality standard as our season's London debut (Royal Opera House/Barbican Centre). This will allow us to present our work to the same artistic standard in each venue so our audience experience the full effect of our performance.

  • Aims

    Aim 1

    We will take high quality excellent art across the UK to provide black & Asian role models in ballet


    » In 2015 we will visit: Winchester, Colchester, London, Watford, Harlow and Leeds with our touring programme of new ballets & workshops

    What success will look like

    In 2014 we performed to live audiences totalling 13,525 people in the United Kingdom and worked with ten schools and educational initiatives to deliver related workshops.

  • Impact


    We will provide role models of black and Asian descent, increasing the participation of children from these and other backgrounds to participate in ballet. We will work closely with each venue to have as wide a reach in local communities as possible and will monitor audience, critical and theatre feedback.

    We expect to reach approximately 20,000 people through our touring and workshop activities.


    The risks that could affect this project are that despite owning our own equipment, some venues are so under-equipped that we may still face challenges in presenting our work. If this issues arises, we will have two options: rework the lighting rig to accommodate the theatre or hire additional equipment where necessary to enable us to carry out our work.


    Donors to this project will receive a quarterly newsletter featuring details, reviews, audience feedback and images of our tour, as well as updates to any additions or changes to the tour.

  • Budget

    Budget - Project Cost: £12,648

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      Amount Heading Description
      £8,068 Lighting equipment lighting equipment to build a touring lighting rig
      £2,080 Storage Storage facility for safe keeping of equipment
      £2,500 Transportation Transport equipment to and from venues

    Current Funding / Pledges

    Source Amount
    Performance Physio £2,000 Guaranteed
  • Background


    Our tour takes places in Winchester, London, Colchester, Harlow, Watford and Leeds. The venues we tour to are small-middle scale and unable to receive the bigger mainstream companies. Many of these venues are located within very culturally diverse communities making them ideal for our work. Nearly all require additional lighting equipment to allow us to deliver high-quality performances.


    We hope that our audiences across all venues will be inspired by our award-winning work. Also, local children from participating schools will have the opportunity to take part in our workshops and get to work one-on-one with our professional dancers.

  • Why Us?

    Why Us?

    In the fourteen years that the company has been running, Ballet Black has grown from a part time group into a full time professional ballet company. We have a proven track record of delivery world-class performances and workshops and have built up a wide audience and educational database in that time and have the necessary and unique skills to deliver this type of work.

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    Cassa Pancho MBE - Artistic Director And Founder

    Founder and Artistic Director of Ballet Black is the driving force behind the company. Her goal is to inspire a new generation of children in ballet.

    David Plater - Lighting Designer And Technical Manager

    David has had a career spanning 20 years in the West End and on Broadway. He is responsible for all aspects of the technical production of our tour.

    Clare Cody-Richardson - Education Coordinator & Tour Booker

    Clare is responsible for identifying tour venues and local schools/educational institutions that are most suitable for our workshops