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Zero tree extinctions

No tree species goes extinct on our watch! As part of the Global Trees Campaign, a joint programme with Fauna & Flora International, BGCI and our network of 500 botanic gardens in 96 countries will conserve threatened trees around the world, ensuring that none of them become extinct.

December 2015 - December 2020

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  • Need


    More than 9600 trees are threatened with extinction worldwide. Despite the huge economic, ecological and cultural value of trees, very few conservation programmes deliver targeted action for threatened tree species. GTC seeks to fill that void, occupying a unique niche. Using a rational and cost-effective approach we identify the world’s unprotected tree species and then work with our global network of botanic gardens and local communities to ensure they are protected in their natural ranges.


    BGCI has developed the most comprehensive list of tree species in the world, with some 70,000 different tree species included. A comparison with threatened plant lists, indicates that nearly 10,000 tree species are threatened with extinction. In many cases, conservation action is already underway but where this is not the case, we take direct on-the-ground conservation action with local partners to conserve and manage threatened tree populations.

  • Aims

    Aim 1

    Prioritisation of tree species in need of conservation action to guide GTC future projects


    » Assessing the gaps in in situ and ex situ protection of the world’s threatened trees

    Create a priority list of species in need of our help

    Aim 2

    Conserve threatened tree species on-the-ground


    » Ex situ/in situ protection of threatened tree species across the world. £20000 will allow us to protect seeds of ten species in a seed bank.
    » Influencing policy to protect these species
    » Focused research into best practice for propagation of threatened tree species

    Measure positive impact on threatened tree populations

    Aim 3

    Build capacity of project partners and wider groups to implement effective tree conservation


    » Running training workshops in seed collection, propagation, threat assessments etc.
    » Produce resources including videos in multiple languages to build capacity

    500 people trained at our workshops and 20 downloadable resources produced

    Aim 4

    Raise awareness of the need for threatened tree conservation and mobilize increased action


    » Working with other sectors (e.g. forestry, agriculture, horticulture etc.)
    » Sharing expertise and knowledge with network and conservation community
    » Outreach materials to involve the general public (e.g. signs in botanic gardens about threatened trees)

    Forming new partnerships with botanic gardens and conservation organisations. Increasing our public profile.

  • Impact


    We will prevent the extinction of tree species by conserving them in their natural habitats, restoring populations and training local institutions and communities to value and care for their trees. The key measures of success are increased numbers of trees, improved conservation status and benefits to people.


    1. Our on-the-ground projects rely on cooperation with local communities; without their help and co-operation, achieving tree conservation is much more difficult. We minimise this risk by involving local people from the start. We have a wealth of experience working in this way.
    2. Trees may be technically difficult to propagate or manage. However our strong worldwide network of plant science partners has the expertise and knowledge to solve these technical impediments.


    1. Formal conservation assessments of threatened trees
    2. Regular updates to the Global Trees Campaign website and social media detailing ongoing and prospective activities.
    3. Large donors will receive annual reports on our progress to protect threatened trees

  • Budget

    Budget - Project Cost: £5,000,000

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      Amount Heading Description
      £800,000 Prioritisation & gap analysis Identifying priority species from list of 10000 threatened species and necessary conservation action
      £900,000 Capacity building Running training workshops, creating resources and raising public awareness
      £2,700,000 On the ground conservation Interventions include population reinforcement, habitat restoration, increasing public awareness
      £600,000 Project management/overhead staff time, coordination

    Current Funding / Pledges

    Source Amount
    Private foundation £2,500,000 Guaranteed
  • Background


    BGCI currently works in 7 countries on tree conservation programmes conserving 57 highly threatened tree species. We want to significantly grow this activity. Threatened trees are found in over 100 countries across the world so there is scope for extending our work into many other countries with further funding. Our worldwide network comprises around 500 botanic gardens and conservation organisations in 96 countries.


    The Global Trees Campaign aims to work with local communities to reduce the threats to target tree species and ensure sustainable livelihoods. Protecting the world’s trees has a positive wider impact with the provision of ecosystem services, climate change mitigation and provisioning services, such as timber, fuelwood, food, medicines and fibre.

  • Why Us?

    Why Us?

    There is a lack of coordinated action to conserve the world’s threatened trees. BGCI has a great track record of delivering successful conservation actions around the world to protect threatened plants. BGCI has an extensive network of over 500 botanic garden members in 96 countries who bring technical expertise in growing, conserving and managing trees. BGCI also hosts a panel of tree experts from across the world who regularly contribute to our tree projects.

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    Joachim Gratzfeld

    Director of Regional Programmes (BGCI). Directing GTC projects since 2006 with current focus on China, Georgia and Pakistan

    Kirsty Shaw

    Conservation Manager (BGCI). Managing GTC projects focussing on East Africa, including Ethiopia and Kenya and the Middle East.

    Xiangying Wen

    Executive Director, BGCI China Programme Office

Global Trees Campaign

Global Trees Campaign